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ss michael lesson 1 & 2


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describes the air at a certain time and place. When you say, It's really hot today or It's raining outside. you are describing the weather.
is a measure of how hot or cold a place is. polar bear club went swimming when the air temperature was 6 f. and the water 35 f. That is pretty cold.
is the weather that falls to Earth. Rain, snow, sleet and hail are types of percipitation.
is the pattern of weather in region over a long period of time. It is the kind of weather an area has year after year.
is an imaginary line that divides Earth into North divides Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Heat enery from the sun is the strongest at the equator. As you move farther from the equator the temperatures lower.
A storm with strong wind and heavy snow is called.
is a powerful storm with very strong wind and heavy rain. Hurricanes form over the ocean and sometimes strike coastal areas.
is made up of all the things that surround us. such as land, water, air and trees.
Natural resources
are materials found in nature that people can use. (trees, water soil,minerals)
is something that comes from the earth, but is neither a plant nor an animal. ( oil and iron )
Renewable resources
are resources that can be renewed, or replaced, after they are used. (trees- they provides wood to build homes)
is the careful use of natural resources. (such as trees will be available in the future.)
Nonrenewable resources
Minerals such as clay and stone are nonrenwable resources. Clay is used to make bricks. and stone used to make pavement for roads.
is something that makes our water, air or soil dirty. (some factories have caused water pollution by dumping harmful chemicals into the river.
Acid rain
is when pollution mixes with moisture in the air it falls to the ground. Acid rain collects in lakes and kills fish and plants. It also eats away at buildings and statues.
something means to use it more than once. It protects resources. It also saves space in landfills or where trash is buried.

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