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NCLEX - culture


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When can minors give own consent?
birth control
outpatient psychiatric
What is self-determination act?
facilities provide written information to patients about right to make decisions
What is act regarding restraints?
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation
What is it called if you restrain without informed consent?
false imprisonment
Definition of negligence?
unintentional failure to perform act that another would
What is required?
professional negligence

breach of duty
when a person puts another person in fear of a harmful act
intentional touching of another's body without consent
what defines reasonable care in each state?
nurse practice act
tarasoff act?
duty to warn of threatened suicide or harm to others
Managed care?
reduced health care costs
focus on client outcomes
critical pathways
risk management?
problem focused
identifies risks -- harm
comprehensive coverage for hospital and physician service for fixed, prepaid fee
Delegating tasks?
Use I statements
How to determine who to delegate to?
lowest person on hierarchy that has required skills and abilities who is able to legally do it
What determines what aspects of care can be delegated and what has to be performed by nurse?
Nurse Practice Act
What is chain of command?
Nurse -- nurse manager -- nurse supervisor --
What is functional nursing?
task approach to client care
Delegation from charge nurse
productivity with lowest cost
lowest skill level possible
Team Nursing?
Team lead by Registered nurse
Each team member responsible for their assignment
communication key
Primary Nursing?
focus is on client outcomes instead of nursing tasks -- keep nurse at bedside
Autocratic Leadership?
leader in control
input from everyone
passive approach
Assignments taken on by group or not at all
Situational leadership
combination of styles depending on situation
When do you write up an incident report?
unplanned occurrence that affects or could affect client, family member, staff
How soon does incident report need to be submitted?
24 hours
Reasons for incident report?
family area?
family voices dissatisfaction and it hasn't been resolved
client/family refuses treatment -- won't sign consent

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