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Chapter 3 MSN Legal Responsibilies


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civil wrong commited by a person against another person or property
wrong that results from a deliberate deception intended to produce unlawful gain
a legal document designating who may make health care decisions for a client when the client if a client is no longer capable of decision making.
Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
law developed by those persons who are appointed in governmental administrative agencies and who are entrusted with enforcing the statutary law passed by the legislature
Administrative Law
contract that recognizes a relationship between parties for services
Implied Contract
obligation one has occured or might incur through any act or failure to act
written instructions for health care that is recognized under state law and is related to the provision of such care when the individual is incapacitatd
Advance Directive
sittuation wherein a person is made to wrongfully believe that he cannot leave the place
False Imprisonment
negligent acts on the part of a professional; relates to the conduct of a person who is acting in an unprofessional capacity
statute that is enacted by the legislature of a state and that outlines the scope of nursing practice in that state
Nursing Practice Act
enforcement of duties and rights among the individuals and independent of contractural agreements
Tort Law
law that provides protection to health care providers by ensuring them immunity from civil when care is provided at the scene of an emergency and the caregiver does not intentionally or recklessly cause the client injury
Good Samaritin Law
enforcement of agreements among private individuals
Contract Law
threat to do something that may cause harm or be unpleasant to another person
written contract that cannot be changed legally by an oral agreement
Formal Contract
a competent client's ability to make health care decisions based on full disclosure of the benefits, risks, potential consequences of a recommended treatment plan, and alternate treatments, including not treatment, and the client's agreement to the treat
Informed Consent
risk management tool used to describe any unusual event that occurs to a client, visitor or staff member
Incident Report
law that deals with an individual's relationship to the state
Public Law
guidelines established to direct nursing care
Standards of Practice
unwanted or unauthorized touching of one person by another
law concerning acts of offense against the welfare on safety of the public
Criminal Law
crime of a serious nature that is usually punishable by imprisonment in a state or by death
conditions and terms of a contract given in writing by the concerned parties
Expressed Contract
law that deals with the relationships between individuals
Civil Law
offence that is less serious than a felony and may be punished by a fine or by sentence to a local prison for less than 1 year
words that are communicated verbally to a third party and that harm or injure the personal or professional reputation of another
law enacted by legislative bodies
Statutory Law
written words that harm or injure the personal or professional reputaion of another person
private or secret
nurse who has habitually intemperate or is addicted to the use of alcohol or habit forming drugs
Impaired Nurse
use of words to harm or injure the personal or professional reputation of another person
rehabilitation program that provides an impaired nurse with referrals, professional and peer counseling support groups, and assistance and monitoring back into nursing
Peer Assistance Program
that which is laid down or fixed
law that defines and limits the power of government
Constitutional Law
any device used to restrict movement
general term refering to the careless acts on the part of an individual who is not exercising reasonable or prudent judgement
legal document that allows a person to state preferences about the use of life sustaining measures should she be unable to make her wishes known
Living Will
the right to be left alone, to choose care based on personal beliefs, to govern body integrity, and to choose when and how sensitive information is shared
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
against medical advice
American Dietetic Association
Americans with Disabilities Act
cardiopulmonary resusciatation
do not resuscitate
durable power of attorney for health care
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations
National Coucil Licensure Exam
National Federation of Licenced Practical Nurses

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