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History Test Part 2


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used for defense of frontier forts
a member of the lower house of the colonial legislature in Virginia
low-lying land along a seacoast through which tides flow
founded by or belonging to the king or queen
royal charter
part b/w the tidewarter and piedmont
fall line
declared not guilty
a fixed rent paid in money, instead of services rendered
The idea of colonization caught on in England because of the arguments of
A blank got its money from stockholders
joint- stock COmpany
discovered America for England
John Cabot
ordered the Spanish Armada
Phillip II
escaped the Spanish by sailing around the world
Francis Drake
encouraged English colonization
founded the Roanoke Island colony
the first white child born in America
Virginia Dare
T or F The people of England were satisfied with Elizabeth I as queen; they had little interest in exploration at that time.
T or F Most English people belonged to the Church of England, a Catholic Church.
T or F In order to finance their trip to the New World, the Pilgrims had to form a joint-stock company
T or FThe Mayflower Compact was the first written attempt at self-government in the New World
T or F The Pilgrims were fortunate in that their first winter was mild and not many people died.
A colony run by a governor who was directly responsible to the crown was called:
royal colony
The House of Burgesses was part of the first democratic government of the colony of:
The colony established by Roger Williams in which religious freedom for all was permitted was:
Rhode Island
John Rolfe and John Smith were associated with the colony of:
The period in Europe when life was uncomplicated and quite hard was the
Middle Ages
The Mayflower Compact was:
an agreement to obey all laws made by the Pilgrim government
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut was:
a model of a constitution for the colonies
The first Englishman to attempt to colonize the New World was
The first English child born in the New World was
Virginia Dare
The man who is credited with saving the settlement at Jamestown is
John Smith
The first Englishman to grow tobacco in the New World was
John Rolfe
A colonist who agreed to work for another in return for passage to America was called a(n)
indentured servant
The first Englishman to sail around the world was
Francis Drake
opposed Martin Luther
Henry VII
signed law, making Church of England official
also called Pilgrims
governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony
John Winthrop
governor of the Plymouth Colony
William Bradford
founded Connecticut
Thomas Hooker
established settlements in Maine and New Hampshire
Gorges andMason
unpopular governor of the Dominion of New England
Edmund Andros
wanted to purify the Church of England

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