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SPanish Facts of the day 2


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Land locked countries of south america?
bolivia and paraguay
Smallest, moset populated, most industrialized nation of central america?
El Salvador
What is an afternoon nap?
_ houses the southern most town in the world called_
ushuaia, argentina
What river was dammed when the panama canl was built?
Chagres river
WHo was the bolivian mathematics educator was was on a feature film???? duh
Jaime Escalante
What is the southern tip of south america called?
the land of fire
WHat is venezuela's main export?
Oil Oil whoo whoo
What is the largest mountain range in the world found in SoAm?
What is the center of many mexican towns, a public place, called?
La plaza
what is the most popular sport in latin america?
What is a festive container at parties called?
Dora's ass. no a Pinata
What is the main ingredient of making guacamole?
Avocado, aguacate
What is the name given to colorful mexican blankets?
What day is celebratededededed on mnovember 1st and second?
The day of the dead El dia de los muertos
What is the heaviest species of snake in the world?
WHat does the world Chile mean?
not the country, [pepper]]]]] [][][][][][]
WHat is the world's longest water way?
the amazon rain forest!!!
WHat are green peppers are are a very common ingredient in mexican foods?
What is the name given to t a lace cloth worn on the head and shoulders of latin american women?

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