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Ch 31 - History

From Brianna's study guide, not yet edited by me


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Big-stick diplomacy
The enactment of TR's saying: "walk softly but carry a big stick" or something; basically known as cowboy diplomacy, using brawn
Great White Fleet
White battleships started from VA waters that received tumultuous welcomes in Latin America, HI, NZ, & AU
Island that JP wanted after Port Arthur conflict
Senator who delivered passionate speech in favor of Panama route
Port Arthur
Manchurian port that RU wanted to capture when it bumped heads w/ JP & was dealt a really embarrassing blow
Banana republics
Reference to Latin gov'ts propped up by US & usually the leader being backed will be autocratic; certain countries w/ crops that serve interest of US [e.g. bananas]
San Francisco Board of Education
School board that est. "special schools" for JP children after the SF earthquake in early 1900
Open Door Policy
Hay's way of elbowing US into trade: urged leaders in EU (e.g. GB, FR, GE, RU) to respect ideal of fair competition; wasn't widely accepted by EU countries
Fatty who headed the Philippine Commission in its 2nd yr who called Filipinos his "little brown brothers."
Cowboy diplomacy
Pejorative name for the time of foreign affairs Roosevelt liked, alluding to his Western, house-riding, gun-shooting image
Hay-Pauncefote Treaty
Treaty btwn US and GB that replaced Clayton-Bulwer & allowed US to build the canal as well as fortify so GB wouldnt get angry that US was in sth america
Water cure
Torturous method employed by US soldiers to simulate drowning by forcing water down one's throat in order to gain information from Filipino combatants
Ugly American
Latin American sentiment towards US's domineering presence; idea that still perpetuates today
Democratically elected socialist president of Chile who sees copper as being an important industry & decides to nat'lize it; ousted in coup w/ CIA help to serve copper interests of US
United Fruit Co.
US company controlling the processing and sale of cash crops
French Canal Company
Canal building company that had a stake in building it in Panama
Latin American country in possession of Panama who refused to permanently lease it to US gov't
City in NH where Roosevelt sponsored peace negotiations, gave JP the southern half of Sakhalin & RU admitted defeat
William Jennings Bryan
Demo candidate for 1900 election; had free silver on platform again, but focused more on anti-imperialism; ended up being beaten more decisively than before because of economics
Theodore Roosevelt
Strong personality'd Repub who became gov of NY & was "kicked upstairs" to relatively harmless position of McKinley's VP; became prez after McK's assassination;
Dominican Republic
County where US intervened under Roosevelt Corollary to take over customs houses and pay off debt
Roosevelt Corollary
An add-on to Monroe Doctrine that stipulated the US was to intervene to prevent EU pwrs from intervening in Latin American affairs
Tennis cabinet
TR's tennis playing cronies were dubbed this
Anaconda Copper
US company who dominated copper mining in the 1970s and would be greatly hurt by Allende's policies
Big brother policy
Bullying counterpart to big sister policy, identified after the Panama incident
Location of alternative canal route to Panama
John Hay
US Sec of State who issued a proclamation to help US elbow its way into Chinese trade
Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
Treaty w/ Panamanian gov't that gave US a 10mi buffer zone around the canal for the same price as the original offer to Colombia for 6mi
Leader of Panama in 70s and 80s who was able to stay in pwr because of the Us's influence, used his country's links to facilitate drug trafficking and was later convicted in US cts and imprisoned in FL
Yellow peril
What CA feared from the influx of JP laborers: being drowned into an Asian sea
Boxer Rebellion
Superpatriotic Chinese, upset w/ all of these countries carving spheres of influence into it, rebelled & murdered 200+ missionaries/whites; were suppressed by a multinat'l force of 18000
US battleship stationed on Pacific coast that had to travel to the tip of S. America to get to the fighting grounds during SP-American War
Root-Takahira Agreement
Agreement made between JP & US in 1908 where the countries agreed to respect each other's territorial possessions & to uphold the Open Door in China
Let Well Enough Alone
McKinley's campaign slogan that urged citizens to vote for him because the economy was doing well
Military dictator who rules Chile w/ iron fist for 20 yrs & is backed fully by US because he opposes communism; made ppl disappear
US militaryman who made the Canal Zone healthy by eliminating yellow fever
Engineer representing the New Panama Canal Company that suddenly dropped holdings from $109->$40 million
Algeciras, Spain
Location of int'l conference to mediate N. African disputes; TR's help in arranging this helped him win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906
Gentlemen's Agreement
Secret understanding; JP stopped the flow of laborers to US by withholding passports
Philippine Commission
Commissioned by McKinley to solve the problem of how gov't in the Philippines should be handled

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