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General Trivia


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The alphabetically last of the U.S. national parks.
What is Zion?
The alphabetically last of the Ivy League Universities.
What is Yale?
In 1707, this prominent Japanese landmark erupts.
What is Mount Fuji?
The alphabetically last of the U.S. Presidents by first name.
Who is Zachary Taylor?
The alphabetically last of the 7 nations of Central America
What is Panama?
Romania has a 100 mile coastline on this \"dark\" body of water.
What is the Black Sea?
This Scottish engineer coined the term \"horsepower\" and a unit of energy is named for him.
Who is James Watt?
He was the last U.S. president not sworn in by the Chief Justice.
Who is Lyndon B. Johnson?
This kind of liquid is defined as one that conducts current.
What is electrolytic?
As the birthplace of this company, Fremont, Michigan calls itself the \"baby food capital of the world\"
What is Gerber?
A harpoon rope around his neck took this fictional 1851 seafarer from us too soon.
Who was Captain Ahab?
With a pair of dice, the chances of throwing one of these 2 numerical sums are one in 36.
What is a 2 or a 12?
The U.N. estimates there are about 8.4 million of these, including 1.9 million from Afghanistan.
What are refugees?
Future Michigan governor George Romney headed this merger-created car company from 1954 to 1962.
What is American Motors?
When Sumerians used these in war, they had 4 wheels & were drawn by big-eared equines called onagers.
What are chariots?
This branch of the U.S. Government did not get its own building until 1935.
What is the Supreme Court?
In 1932 Churchill said, \"That\'s the highest I\'ve ever been up\" when he viewed NYC from the top of this building.
What is the Empire State Building?
This disease was once known as consumption.
What is tuberculosis?
Canneries of this are the largest private-sector employers in American Samoa.
What is tuna?
Also called the second cranial nerves, you need them to read.
What are the optic nerves?
This Athenian philosopher who died in 399 B.C. was highly regarded for his self-control & moral outlook.
Who is Socrates?
Something that\'s described as \"deltoid\", including your deltoid muscle, is shaped like this.
What is triangular?
Hochdeutsch is the modern standard form of this language.
What is German?
It is the only state physically & politically formed directly because of the Civil War.
What is West Virginia?
The star on Nevada\'s flag is this metallic color because it represents Nevada\'s state mineral.
What is silver?
The traditional symbol for this sign of the zodiac resembles a \"mane\"
What is Leo?
Bjarni Herjolfsson sold his ship to this man who used it to explore Vinland around 1000.
Who is Leif Erickson?
Injured on the Austro-Italian front of July 8, 1918, he also crossed the English Channel with U.S. forces on D-Day.
Who is Hemmingway?
Euphrase Kezilahabi of Tanzania wrote his novel \"Rosa Mistika\" in this African language.
What is Swahilli?
This projectile\'s name comes from the Late Latin for \"pomegranate\"
What is a grenade?
This lumberjack\'s tales appeared in a 1914 booklet published by the Red River Lumber Company of Minneapolis.
Who is Paul Bunyan?

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