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Latin America


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Common Agricultural products of South America
coffee, bananas, sugar cane
The Conquistadors
literal translation is "conqueror"
What are some island NOT independent?
Puerto Rico, Aruba, Martinique
The Aztec
Called themselves the Mexica but the Spanish called them Aztecs; created flourishing empire with magnificent capital that is now Mexico's capital (Mexico City); influence is still strong today in food, art, language, and crafts; flag of Mexico honors Aztec civilization with Aztec symbol of eagle with snake in its beak
What is geography of Caribbean?
many islands are tops of underwater mountain ranges located in the tropics
The Inca
Powerful empire in area now Peru; skilled builders constructed complex cities in the Andes Mountains; Machu Picchu is most famous city; were defeated by the Spanish who took their gold and silver found in the Inca empire
Which of the 3 G's is the biggest?
narrow piece of land that links two larger areas of land
Name 7 countries of Central America
Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama
How did most Native Americans die?
European diseases
South America
diverse landscape rich in culture with lots of poverty
Why Gold?
to use the incredible resource in Latin America to get filthy rich
Where does Central America sit?
where two tectonic plates meet
What is climate of Central America?
First occupants of Latin America?
Native Americans
What was the big killer of Native Americans?
Why did European explorers swarm Latin America?
God, Gold, Glory
What are two major problems in Mexico today?
overpopulation and poverty; pollution
Another name for Caribbean Islands
West Indies
Major problems with South America
drugs, deforestation
The Maya
Lived in the Yucatan Peninsula; major focus was religion; made an accurate calendar with 365 days; built large stone temples in the shape of pyramids; created their own system of hieroglyphics; civilization declined around 900 AD but no one knows why (although some still exist today)
Countries in Latin America
Mexico, Central America, Caribbean Islands, South America
Where do most Mexicans live?
urban areas (75%)
What is economy of Caribbean Islands dependent upon?
farming and tourism
What is offical language of Mexico?
What happens when two tectonic plates meet?
many volcanoes and earthquakes occur
How did the Conquistadors treat the Native Americans?
stole their land, killed them, submitted them to slavery
Are all Caribbean Islands independent?
3 archipelagos of the Caribbean
Bahamas, Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles
chain of islands
Why is region called Latin America?
because most languages spoken here are based upon "dead" Latin language
Why God?
to spread Christianity to Pagan Natives
The Olmecs
First Civilization in the Americas around 1200 BC; known for their carvings of stone statues and jewelry (made of jade); were the first to grow maize (corn) to feed their people; built drainage systems to direct rainwater; lasted longer than any other Native American civilization
Name the Native American tribes than inhabited Latin AMerica
The Olmecs, The Maya, The Aztec, The Inca
What are some cultural traits of Europenas that stuck with Latin America?
languages, Roman Catholic faith, European form of government
Why Glory?
to get the fame of being first to conquer this "New World" for your country
How many countries in Central America?
7 countries form the isthmus

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