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Jazz Final


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John McLaughlin
  • fusion guitarist, bandleader, and composer
  • rock > jazz
  • phenomenal speed
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra considered greatest fusion band
Clifford Brown and Max Roach
  • Brown: trumpet, composer, epitomized mainstream hard bop trumpet, fat warm sound(refined), next Dizzy
  • Roach: developed the hard bop drum style
Cannoball Adderley 
  • alto sax, composer
  • Parker's successor
  • hardest swinging horn; warm glowing tone
Sonny Rollins
  • tenor sax
  • used Parker's alto style on tenor
  • master of rearrangement techniques
Horace Silver 
  • piano, composer, bandleader
  • most prolific hard bop composer
  • elaborate arrangement with Latin feel
  • mae small band sound bigger then they were
Lennie Tristano
  • piano, composer, bandleader
  • created modern alternative to bebop(just as complicated)
  • created own style: smooth, less jumpy
  • Tatum+Young+Bach
Lee Konitz
  • alto sax
  • most talented of Tristano's students
  • speed and agility
Pat Metheny 
  • guitarist, composer, bandleader
  • balanc, graceful flow + country twang
  • worked with Ornette
John Coltrane
  • "Classic Quartet": McCoy Tyner- Piano, Jimmy Garrison- bass, Elvis Jones- Drum
  • Giant Steps: Two beats per chord, change frequency, known as "Coltrane's Matrix&q
Chicago Avant Garde
  • stressed the continuity between composition and improvisation
  • unusual and varied instrumentation
  • often abolition of traditional rules regarding soloist and accompaniment
  • acoustic, rarely are elect
Ornette Coleman
  • alto sax/composer
  • legato, very bluesy, often out-of-tune
Sun Ra
  • keyboards/composer/bandleader
  • unusual instrumentation
  • electric
Cecil Taylor
  • piano/composer
  • nontraditional jazz style
  • aggressive and turbulent
  • dense tone clusters
Art Ensemble of Chicago
  • multi-instrumentalists, especially percussion
  • free, collective improvisation
  • costume and makeup
Charles Mingus
  • bass virtuoso innovator
  • bandleader-composer
  • combined composition and improv.
Weather Report
  • Greatest innovators of fusion
  • Standard instrumentation in new creative ways
  • Collective improvisation of textures
  • Funk band emphasis
  • Joe Zawinul: piano, synthesizer; founding member,wrote hits for Cannonball, played
Joe Zawinul
  • piano, synthesizer
  • founding member of Weather Report
Dave Brubeck
  • piano, composer
  • led best known cool jazz group, Paul Desmond on alto
  • classic sound; simple and tuneful
  • Time Out explored odd meter compositions
Miles Davis
  • Style: original, little vibrato, "cool", harmon mute, timing and dramatic construction of melody
  • Kind of Blue: less complex, mode based
  • Birth of the Cool
Herbie Hancock
  • piano, composer, bandleader
  • most sought-after band pianist of the 1960s

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