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US History 2

second semester us history exam terms


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Push/Pull Factors
events and conditions that either force people to move elsewhere or strongly attract them to do so
Transcontinental Railroad
railway extending from coast to coast
Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
the area extending from Manchuria to the Dutch East Indie in which Japan would expand its influence
WWI - Russia, France, Serbia, GB WWII - GB, US, Soviets
Fourteen Points
Wilson's proposal in 1918 for a postwar European peace
group of unarmed ships surrounded by a ring of armed naval vessels
Pearl Harbor
japan bombed
repair the damage to the South caused by the Civil War and restore the southern states to the Union
Price Controls
system of pricing determined by government
german for living room, Germanys goal
Immigrant experiences
Battle of Britain
biggest air raid of all time by German
Immigrant patterns
getting work
John D. Rockefeller
oil. horizontal
farmer tends some portion of planter's land and receives a share of the crop at harvest time as a payment
Nuremberg Trials
former Nazi leaders were charged with crimes against peace, humanity, and war crimes
first site of atomic bomb
13th amendment
abolish slavery
Joseph Stalin
USSR, communist
"Final Solution"
Hitler's idea for getting rid of Jews
American Expeditionary Force
name given to American troops in Europe in WWI
second atomic bombing site
William Hearst
published New York Journal. one of the original yellow journalists; constantly competed with pulitzer for circulation of newspaper; runs the story of the USS Maine, starting the Span-Amer war
Adolf Hitler
Nazi Germany
Treaty of Versailles
ended WWI, set up WWII by messing up terms
a license that gives an inventor the exclusive right to make, use, or sell an invention for a set period of time
Lincoln's reconstruction
10 percent plan
complete control of a product or service
Resistance in France
movement in france that opposed German occupation during WWII
information intended to sway public opinion
Mein Kampf
Hitlers autobiography, "my struggle"
close cooperation
Samuel F. B. Morse
morse code, telegraph
Panama Canal
a canal
hostility or discrimination towards Jews
Liberty Ships
large sturdy merchant ships built in WWII
Bataan Death March
march of American and Filipino prisoners by Japanese soldiers
Tojo Hideki
Spanish-American War
fighting against spanish over territory, rio grande river
Tenant Farmer
person rents land to farm from a planter
V-J Day
Victory Japan Day
Business Boom
extreme form of facism in created by Hitler and his ideas about German nationalism and superiority
Dollar Diplomacy
Taft, throw money at the problem
Central Powers
WWi - Germany and Austria Hungary
what got sunk by the Germans
Manhattan Project
US secret research for atomic bomb
Jazz Age
Land Speculators
person who buys up large areas of land in the hope of selling them later for profit
14th amendment
citizens equal protection under the law
Rosie the Riveter
symbol for women participation in the WWII
Neville Chamberlin
appeased hitler and gave him sudatenland
Settlement Movement
settling down
Zimmerman Note
telegraph sent by Germany's foreign secretary to Mexican officials proposing an alliance with Mexico and promising the US territory if Mexico declared war on the US
Island hopping
a military strategy used during WWII that involved selectively attacking specific enemy-held islands and bypassing others
devotion to one's nation
Manchurian Incident
Japanese troops, claiming that Chinese had tried to blow up a railway, captured several Manchurian cities and continuing to take over country after Chinese troops withdrew
Andrew Carnegie
steel, vertical
Johnson Impeachment
fired someone who was on tenure, only republican, democrats looking for reason to get rid of him
Joseph Pulitzer
low-cost apartment building that often has poor standards of sanitation, safety, and comfort, and is designed to house as many families as possible
Selective Service Act of 1917
authorizing a draft of young men for military service in WWI
Economies of Scale
as a production increases, the cost of each item produced is often lowered
Moral Diplomacy
Wilson. spread democracy, fight for what he thought was right
Neutrality Acts
laws designed to keep the US out of future wars
emphasizes the importance of the nation or an ethnic group, and the supreme authority of the leader over that of the individual
Mass Media
print and broadcast methods of communicating information to large numbers of people
an official forgiveness of a crime
code name for the allied invasion of France on June 6, 1944
Axis Powers
WWII, Germany, Italy, and Japan
Cash and Carry
WWII policy requiring nations at war to pay cash for all nonmilitary goods and to be responsible for transporting the goods from the US
1920s new type of young woman; rebellious, energetic, and bold
War Bonds
bonds bought to support the war
George Westinghouse
Homestead Act
law that gave 160 acres of land to citizens who met certain conditions
Arguments for US expansion
restore the american spirit, humanitarian reasons, military bases, new markets
Arguments against US expansion
wasn't helping anyone, just doing it for money
Ku Klux Klan's goal for Reconstruction
get rid of blacks and terrorize them
Winston Churchill
Great Britain
stronger nation to attempt to create an empire by dominating the weaker nations economically, politically, culturally, or militarilly
Roosevelt Corollary
extension of the Monroe Doctrine in which he asserted the right of the US to intervene in the affairs of Latin American nations
outlawing alcohol
Mining, Ranching, and Farming opportunities after the Civil War
sharecropping, tenant farms
a cease fire or truce
US Home Front (WWII)
victory gardens, industry all towards war efforts
Progressive Era
a variety of reforms were enacted at the local, state, and federal levels
Child Labor
urbanization, factories
Robber Barons
people who were wealthy and bad
V-E Day
Victory Europe Day
policy favoring native-born americans or immigrants
payment from an enemy for economic injury suffered during a war
Sphere of Influence
area of economic and political control exerted by one nation over another nation or other nations
New Deal
Roosevelt's relief, recovery, and reform to combat the Great Depression
Vertical Consolidation
process of gaining control of the many different businesses that make up all phases of a product's development
the readying of troops for war
part of the powder keg, triple entente, Triple Alliance, allies, central powers
Battle of Stalingrad
turing point, Germany trying to take over Stalingrad to get to sea for oil
removing enemies/competition
Sussex Pledge
pledge by Germans that its submarines would warn ships before attacking
Battle of the Bulge
WWII, German forces launched a final counterattack in the west
Mass production
production of goods in great amounts
charge a public official with wrongdoing in office
Victory Gardens
home vegetable gardens created to boost food production during WWII
Platt Amendment
gave the US the right to establish naval bases in Cuba and to intervene in Cuban affairs whenever necessary
aggressively building up a nation's armed forces in preparation of war, as well as giving the military more authority over the government and foreign policy
Social Darwinism
society should do as little as possible to interfere with people's pursuit of sucess
Bessemer Process
A process for making steel more efficiently
Open Door Policy
american approach so China around 1900, favoring open trade relations btw China and other nations
Japanese Internment
US put Japanese in internment camps
Great Depression
most severe economic downturn in the nation's history
negative nickname for a northern republican who moved to the south after the civil war
Collective Bargaining
process in which workers negotiate as a group with employers
Morrill Land-Grant Act
law distributed millions of acres of western lands to state governments in order to fund sate agriculture colleges
biggest rescue mission of all time, british troops getting run out of france, all boats came to get troops and took them across english channel
Carpet Bombing
Method of aerial bombing where a large number of bombs are dropped over a wide area
german submarine
strong national pride and a desire for an aggressive foreign policy
Liberty Bonds
special war bond sold by the government to support the allied cause during WWI
WWII Japanese suicidal plane
Alexander Graham Bell
Radical Republicans reconstruction
a total restructuring of society to guarantee blacks true equality
Seward's Folly
Jim Crow Laws
required segregation of public services by race
isolate from others, stay out of others business
Laissez Faire
doctrine stating that government generally should not interfere in private business
journalists who uncovers wrongdoing in politics or business
Kellogg-Briand Pact
agreement in which nations agreed not to pose the threat of war against one another
Temperance Movement
organized campaign to eliminate alcohol consumption
Henry Bessemer
Installment plans
plans to help pay off stuff
Horizontal consolidation
process of bringing together many firms in the same business to form one large company
distribution of goods to consumers in a fixed amounts
negative nickname for a white southern republican after the civil war
U.S.S. Maine
Thomas A. Edison
electricity, phonograph
Benito Mussolini
Italy, facism
Black Codes
laws that restricted freedmen's rights
Pacific Railway Acts
giving large land grands to the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railways
Lend-Lease Act
law that authorized the president to aid any nation whose defense he believed was vital to American security
Civil Rights
citizens' personal liberties guaranteed by law
Chinese Exclusion
Law passed that prohibited Chinese laborers from entering the country, but did not prevent entry of those who had previously established U.S. residence
Labor Unions
organizations for workers formed to protect the interest of its members
15th amendment
voting rights to all citizens
Yellow Journalism
sensational news coverage, emphasizing crime and scandal
Urban Growth
lighting warfare, used by Germany in WWII
Archduke Francis Ferdinand
Austria-Hungary, assassinated
League of Nations
international organization formed after WWI that aimed to ensure the security and peace for all its members
Freedman's Bureau
the first major relief agency in the US
Mussolini's people
Big Stick Diplomacy
Roosevelt, speak softly but use a big stick, use force
Code talkers
Navaho Indians who relayed messages for the US in WWII
Harlem Renaissance
African American literary awakening of the 1920s, centered in Harlem
policy of giving into a competitor's demands in order to preserve the peace
Office of War Mobilization
federal agency formed to coordinate issues related to war production during WWII

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