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Science IIA- Invertebrates


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Examples of Porifera
what are sponges?
animals made of many cells but lack tissues
what kind of shape do sponges have?
asymetrical shape: not a definite shape
what were sponges classified as plants in the 1800s?
What kind of characteristics do sponges have?
What sex are sponges?
hermaphrodites: both male and female
sponges are ____ as an adult but swim freely as ____
sissle, larva
How do porifera reproduce?
sexually or asexually
Examples of the Phylum Cnidaria
jellyfish-like animals
what kind of intestine do Phylum cnidaria have?
marine hollow intestine
What kind of habitat do Cnidaria have?
marine habitat
What kind of symmetry do phylum cnidaria have?
radial symmetry
What is the body of phylum cnidaria composed of?
2 layers of cells plus jelly layer called mesoglea
What do some cnidaria possess?
stinging cells for obtaining food.
How do cnidaria reproduce?
sexually or asexually
More examples of Cnidaria?
jellyfish, anemone, portuguese monowar, hydra, coral
What does platyhelminthes mean?
platy- flat helminth- worm
What kind of symmetry do Platyhelminthes have?
bilateral symmetry: left and right halves are equal
What does the platyhelminthes body have?
3 layers of cells, NO mouth
What are the three classes of Platyhelminthes?
cestodia: tapeworms (parasite) trematoda: flukes (parasite) tubellaria: planaria (free living)
What are cestodia?
platyhelminthes, and parasitic tapeworms
What are trematoda?
platyhelminthes, and parasitic flukes
What are tubellaria?
platyhelminthes, and free living planaria
What are the simplest form of Platyhelminthes?
form that can see in the dark and light?
What are most flatworms?
parasites, needing a host
What sex are platyhelminthes?
hermaphrodite: male and female
What does hermaphrodite mean?
both male and female
Examples of Nematods
ascarasworm, heartworms, pinworms, vinegar worms, thrichina, ascarius, elephantiasis
What does nema mean?
What kind of symmetry do nematods have?
What percentage of humans are infected by nematods?
33% of humans
What are the three layers of nematods?
Cell layers: 1. ectoderm 2.mesoderm 3.endoderm
What kind of structures do nematods have?
mouth to anus structures.
What does annilids mean?
ring in latin
What kind of body do annilids have?
segmented body or sections
How complex are they?
most complex of worms
what is the average number of rings for adult worms?
What are the major organ locations?
brain: 4-5 rings crop: 15-16 rings clitulum: 30-32 rings gizzard: 18-20 rings
What kind of circulatory system do annilids have?
closed circulatory system: arteries, veins, and blood is enclosed.
What kind of arteries do annilids have?
top and both called dorsal and ventral artery
What is an earthworm's scientific name?
Lumbricus terrestrius
What are some examples of annilids?
earthworms, leeches, sandworms
What do Rotifers have on the top of their body?
what are rotifers called?
"wheel animals" -cilia on body in wheels
How large are rotifers normally?
1 millimeter
What kind of body do rotifers have?
segmented body
Sexes are ____ for rotifers?
what is a notable fact about rotifers?
can survive dry periods by forming protective coating around their body
How many species are there of Rotifers?
1,800 different species
What kind of body do mollusks have?
soft body
Where do mollusks live?
land or water
What is the 2nd largest phylum in the animal kingdom?
What do some mollusks produce?
an exoskeleton, or shell
What is the largest invertebrate at 60 feet?
the giant squid
what are some examples of mollusks?
snails, slugs, octopi
What does Echinoderms mean in latin?
spiny skin
What kind of symmetry do Echinoderms have?
penta-radial symmetry
What do echinoderms lack?
arteries and veins
What kind of habitat do echinoderms have?
marine habitat
how do echinoderms reproduce?
sexually and assexually
how do echinoderms move?
by their feet
what are some examples of Echinoderms?
starfish, sea urchins, sand dollars

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