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Gr. 11 Rise of Europe Ch. 8 Quizz


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Europe is the__________continent. (smallest, second smallest, largest)
second smallest
Term for a tax the church required of Christians...
Define fief...
land granted to a vassal
Which group conquered the Roman province of Gaul?
the Franks
The Roman province of Gaul is now which European nation?
Which Frankish leader attempted to revive the Latin language?
Term for the code of conduct for Medieval knights...
In return for plots of land, vassals were obligated to provide....
military service for the lord
The main ingredients of the feudal economy....
farming and self-sufficiency
This document outlined the rights of a town....
The major contribution to improving life in the Middle Ages provided by nuns and monks....
caring for the sick and poverty-stricken
Define usury...
lending money with interest charged in its repayment
Which term in the chapter was used to mean "worldly"?
The main complaint of religious people about the Medieval Church...
the church had become corrupt
Name the reforms that addressed corruption in the church....
Cluniac reforms
A peasant who was bound to the land...
This group conquered the Roman province of Gaul
Lords granted land and housing to peasants in exchange for .....
working on the land and making repairs (to buildings for example)
New agricultural technologies led to what significant change?
increased food production (and population growth)
What replaced the wooden plow in the Middle Ages?
The iron plow
What "technology" allowed farmers to replace the ox with the horse for plowing purposes?
an improved harness
The most important economic activity in a medieval town
At which battle was the Muslim invasion of Europe stopped?
Battle of Tours
Chivalry regulated relationships between which 2 groups?
noblemen/noble women
Which group made up the largest segment of feudal society?
What was it about the church that allowed it to hold such power over people in the Middle
it claimed to decide which people would achieve slavation
Which reforms addressed church corruption?
Cluniac reforms
The ________field system helped bring about the agricultural revolution?
3 field system
The punishment for disobeying church law....
What was the main cause for the decline of the feudal system?
revival of trade in European cities
The difference between the soil around the Med. Sea and the soil further north in Europe
Soil near Med. Sea was thin, sandy;

soil further north in Europe was heavy and rich
The other name for Charlemagne....
Charles the Great
Of the groups invading Europe, the most destructive....
Define Missi Domenici....
Frankish officials sent out to inspect the kingdom
In addition to conquering much of North Africa, the Muslims conquered much of the southern half of this European country....
Iron was or was not a plentiful natural resource in Europe....
it was
Which of these is not correct...
Most Germanic people of the early Middle Ages were farmers, herders, hunters
Magyars were:

religious leaders



primitive toaster ovens
At what age did boys become squires?
This means to leave a field unplanted in hopes of regaining its fertility
How did the breakdown of central authority in Europe lead to the development of feudalism?
Feudalism offers protection, structure, order, safety that would otherwise be lacking in the absence of a central authority.
St. Patrick spread Christianity in.....
Which saint spread Christianity in England?
St. Augustine
This person wrote books about science, medicine, and philosophy and attracted attention of leaders because of her "visions"
Baptism, matrimony, and extreme unction are examples of ______in the Catholic Church
This time period was also known as the Age of Faith
Middle Ages
The first to use notations of AD and BC....
the Venerable Bede
Which pope forbade priests to marry
Pope Gregory VII
Which pope forbade the selling of positions (simony) in the church?
Pope Gregory VII
Franciscan order of monks named after this person....
Francis of Assisi
Giving 10 percent of earning is an example of this....
The term for the "excommunication" of an entire village or town...

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