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hay bunau varilla treaty
resembles they hay herran treaty but the canal was widned to 10 miles
yellow journalism
exaggeration of news stories in order to sell them
monroe doctorine
james monroe's statement warning european nations not to colonize or interfere in the americas
john j pershing
was sent by wilson to capture pancho villa
william h. seward
purchased alaska
reason wilson rejected dollar diplomacy and imperialism
he believed the us had a moral obligation to promote democracy in latin america and did not like the idea of big business in foreign countries
dollar diplomacy
tried to influence latin american governments through economic, not military, intervention
venustiano carranza
led revolt against huerta and supported madero
philipine government control act
philippines would be ruled by an appointed govenor and two house legislatures
mckinley tariff
allowed all countries to ship sugar duty free to the us
reason the spanish american war started
spanish minister called mckinley a weak leader
boxer rebellion
chinese nationalists attacked foreigners in order to end china's involvement in china's affairs
hay herran treaty
us would pay $10 million and $250,000 a year for 99 years
panamca canal
opened on august 15, 1914 - cost $375 million
abc powers
argentina, brazil, and chile helped negotiate with wilson
emiliano zapata
revolutionary leader who fought against huerta in the south
reason for civil war in mexico
end to diaz' dictatorship
george dewey
sailed into Manila Bay and destroyed Spain's Pacific fleet
victoiano huerta
killed madero and took power as a mexican leader
spheres of influence
areas where foreign nations control trade and natural resources
roosevelt corollary
addition to monroe doctorine that declared the us would police foreign affairs in the western hemisphere to keep europeans from intervening in the region
clayton bulwer treaty
called for two treaties to jointly build a canal
philippe bunau varilla
engineer of the french canal complany
rough riders
group of soliders organized by roosevelt
meiji resoration
a period of modernization in Japan during which leaders invested heavily in industry and the military
francisco pancho villa
revolutionary leader who fought against huerta in the north
john hay
negotiated the hay pauncefote treaty with britain - they gave up their interest in the canal
avodinging involvement in affairs of other countries
the open door policy
declared by john hay that all nations should have equal access to trade with china
francisco madero
started mexican revolution
jones act
granted puerta ricans us citizenship
the practice of building an empire by founding colonies or conquering other nations
porfirio diaz
fought against madero in mexican war - president of mexico for 30 years
teller amendment
stated the us had no intention of taking control of cuba
platt amendment
limited cuba's rights to make treaties and allowed us to intervene in cuban affairs
anti imperialist league
group of americans who opposed the creation of us colonial empire
townsend harris
negotiated a treaty with japan allowing trade with the united states

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