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Event Words A - Z


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copy deck
Editing that is done with two or more rolls of film or video, conforming and matching with alternate scenes which permits single or double exposures, multiple exposure, and hands-on reediting by the frame.
A and B Roll editing
English Style
ì l' anglaise
Cooked on a skewer
ì la Broche
A menu with a separate price for each item as opposed to a fixed price for an entire meal
ì la carte
Prepared Greek style with tomatoes, garlic, black olives, and parsley.
ì la grecque
Cooked in white cream sauce with vegetables.
ì la king
Specialty of the house or a featured item on the menu.
À la maitre d’hotel
1. In the style of. 2. Ice cream on pie. 3. Mashed potatoes on beef.
ì la mode
With garlic and olive oil.
ì la Provencale
A method of food service in which each guest is served a plate completely set up; Also known as plated.
ì la russse
term for steamed food.
ì la vapeur
the First-Class condition.
The designated international pitch to which pianos are tuned.
Sometimes called media advertising; relates to traditional commission-paying media: press, TV, radio, cinema, outdoor; media handled by full-service agencies.
Above-the-line advertising
1. A written summary of a presentation or paper, generally 200 to 500 words; see summary/brief or call for papers.
Abstract (1) (summary/brief, call for papers)
2. In laser presentations, graphic designs or patterns that are not representational of concrete objects; often waveform of lissajous patterns, which are abstract electronic patterns that appear organic in view.
Abstract (2)
A brief statement of content.
Abstract (3)
An informal participatory discussion, usually of an academic or research nature, held irregularly to identify areas of mutual interest through the exchange of ideas; also known as colloquium
Academic conference/seminar
A time draft (or bill of exchange) that the "drawee" (the payer) has accepted and is unconditionally obligated to pay at maturity. The draft must be written on the face of the draft.
Acceptance (2)
The drawee's act in receiving a draft and thus entering into the obligation to pay its value at maturity.
Acceptance (3)
A removable panel, equipment, or section of an exhibit to permit access to lamps, projector mechanisms, etc.
access Panel
1. A log that records chronological documentation and includes date, time, location, parties involved, and nature or description of previous incidents.
Accident report (1)
2. A log that is obtained from police to scope a venue location and assess the risk feasibility
Accident report (2)
A person who attends an event with a participant or delegate; see significant other or spouse
accompanying person
A number system given to specific categories of income or expense; also known as code of accounts
Account code (code of accounts)
An individual who represents an organization and the client in servicing in a business arrangement.
Account executive
1. An official recognition or authorization by an independent accrediting organization.
Accreditation (1)
2. The process required for receiving credentials for access to an event or a certain area of an event.
Accreditation (2)
An identifying tag used for official authorization
Accreditation badge
A document for official authorization
accreditation form
An established principle or mode of action to be followed in order to obtain accreditation
accreditation rules
The committee who supervises the matters associated with receiving the official authorization to cover an event.
accreditation supervising
The expenses that are incurred before the balance sheet date but that are not due until after the balance sheet date.
accrued expenses
A film positive or negative from which silk screens are produced.
Acetate (1)
A family of plastics for light transmission and surface protection.
Acetate (2)
3. A sheet used on overhead projectors
Acetate (3)
1. A solvent and/or adhesive agent for bonding many plastic materials.
Acetone (1)
2. A solvent used as a remover.
Acetone (2)
A technique for chopping or colorizing laser images in which primary laser color (red, green, blue) passes through an acousto-optical (AO) crystal, electrically modulated to transmit color. These beams converge into a single beam that proceeds to the XY
Acousto-optic modulation
OT (2)
acronym for overtime.
The family of clear, color, and translucent thermoplastic resins such as Plexiglas or Lucite.
A water-based latex made of acrylic polymer and used for coatings and/or impregnations.
Acrylic emulsion
An accident or event resulting from natural causes that is not preventable by reasonable foresight or care, for example, flood, hurricane, earthquake, and war; see force majeure clause.
Act of God*
A type of station at receptions and buffet meals, at which food is prepared by chefs to order and served to guests; also knows as exhibition cooking or food station.
Action station
Conduct that can be the subject of a lawsuit or legal action. Not everything that is unfair is illegal, however.
The language being used by the speaker.
Active language*
Actors Equity Association (AEA)
A professional union that represents performers, stage managers, and others who appear in live theater; also applicable in Canada and Great Britain with a few slight variations in rules.
Actors Equity Association (AEA)
Replacement cost of lost or damaged property less depreciation.
Actual cash value
A solenoid-type device, usually two-position, used in laser light shows and activated by an electric closure. It is sometimes used for shutters, as well as beam-positioning.
A committee that is formed on a temporary basis to conduct a specific task(s); also known as special committee
Ad hoc committee
A tour group in existence prior to the tour, the members of which share a common bond, interest, or organization affiliation. Also referred to as an affinity group. Examples of preformed groups include civic clubs, senior citizen groups, special interest
Ad hoc group
According to value; example: taxes imposed on imports by the customs authority of a country are generally based on the value of the goods. This is referred to as ___________ duties.
ad valorem (duty)
ADA; Americans with Disabilities Act
An individual or organization listed as covered by a primary insurance agreement.
Additional insured
A number of places set for a food event in addition to the guaranteed amount; also known as Overset
additional seating (Overset)
Any component of a package tour that is not included in the package price, but may be purchased as an added feature or to extend the length of the package. Purchased at additional cost; also known as tour option or enhancement.
A room sharing a common wall with another room but without a connecting door.
adjoining rooms
The suspension of the meeting either indefinitely or until a later date
Adjournment of the meeting
A vertical support that allows a shelf bracket to be affixed at any point in the support.
Adjustable standard
The settlement of a dispute regarding a debt obligation by compromise and adjustment; also known as Debt Adjustment.
Adjustment of debts
A black-and-white photo transparency; also known as negative
The group that determines budget, staffing required (organization chart), and flow of communications, as well as develops the timetable and production schedule for an event.
The ticket price charged by a facility for entrance. Admission can be full price, discounted, or complimentary.
A card confirming a booking and registration to an event; also know as entrance card, congress card, or ticket.
Admission card – See congress card
A product or service ordered before move-in date or commencement date.
advance order
An enrollment to an event made prior to opening date.
advance registration
Advanced life support
A term used in South Africa for medical service; Hint: This is a level of first-aid provided by a first-aid provider.
Advanced life support
The colors found on the left side of the standard color wheel, such as red, orange, and yellow.
Advancing colors
A tour designed around an adventurous activity such as rafting, hiking, or ballooning.
adventure tour
A published, planned travel program with assigned inclusive tour number usually at special airfare and requiring prepayment.
advertised air tour
The published price of broadcast time in television or radio.
Advertised price – (in television or radio)
A message that media (newspaper, magazine, television, for example) is paid to distribute. The sponsor controls the message.
An organization that creates general consumer advertising and assists marketers in planning and implementing advertising campaigns.
Advertising agency
Promotional items with an organization's name and/or advertising message; also known as advertising specialties.
Advertising merchandise
Promotional items with an organization's name and/or advertising message; also known as advertising merchandise.
Advertising specialties
Advertising Stadards Authority
A national association of advertising agencies in South Africa
Advertising Standards Authority
clean bill of lading
advice note (clean bill of lading)
An individual appointed to give specialist or expert information on a particular event; also known as counselor
A term indicating that a shipper's agent or representative is not empowered to make definite decisions or adjustment without the approval of the group or individual represented.
advisory capacity
Consultative committee
Advisory committee
Different types of advertising in the sky. Forms include skywriting with smoke; trailed banners; illuminated messages on wings of night-flying aircraft; advertisements projected onto clouds; two or three aircrafts linked together with banners; tethered b
Aerial advertising
A term used to describe a lighting effect created by laser light projected through the air, often enhanced with theatrical fog; also known as aerial beams.
Aerial beams (atmospheric)
The union of a society or political party with another without loss of identity.
A group sharing common interests, usually people who are members of an organization; Example: A tour group in existence prior to the tour, the members of which share a common bond, interest, or organization affiliation. Also referred to as an ad hoc grou
Affinity Group
The written document that implements affirmative action
Affirmative action plan
The practice of recruiting, hiring, and promoting certain groups that otherwise whould be underrepresented in the workforce; also known as equal opportunities
Affirmative action; equal opportunities
An exhibitor's or client's products fixed to a display
Affixed merchandise
An agreement between a steamship line (or similar carrier) and an importer or exporter in which cargo space is reserved on a vessel for a specified time and at a specified price. The importer or exporter is obligated to make payment whether or not the sh
affreightment (contract of)
After Date; Assistant Director; Associate director
A phrase indicating that payment of a draft or other negotiable instrument is due a specified number of days after presentation of the draft to the drawee or payee.
After sight
Charges (restaurant, telephone, or similar) that do not appear on the guest's account at checkout;
after-departure charge; late charge
An illusory visual image remaining with a spectator after the actual image is no longer available; also known as ghost image in South Africa.
After a product or service has been sold, all those means of satisfying the customer, maintaining goodwill, encouraging recommendations, and achieving repeat or renewal sales, including sales of accessories.
Legislation that prohibits discrimination against people over 40
Age discrimination in Employment Act
A written schedule of an event, providing pertinent information, including time, sequence of topics and sessions, location, and presenters' names
agenda; running order; schedule
1. An individual empowered to act on the behalf of entertainers, speakers, or other contracted people, for a fee, and who has no legal or financial responsibility other than for areas of professional liability resulting from those acts. 2. An individual
1. An individual empowered to act on the behalf of entertainers, speakers, or other contracted people, for a fee, and who has no legal or financial responsibility other than for areas of professional leability resulting from those acts.
Agent (1)
2. An individual who negotiates the buying and selling of goods or services without taking title to such products or services.
agent (2)
The greatest amount of coverage possible that is stated on an insurance policy. Anything beyond this amount must be covered by an excess policy.
Aggregate limit
AH&MA (American Hotel & Motel Association)
AIA (Australian Incentive Association)
The space between air walls that separate event rooms.
air space
Air Traffic Conference of America (ATC)
The division of the Air Transport Association (ATA) that establishes industry standards and methods of operation.
Air Traffic Conference of America (ATC)
Air Transport Association of America (ATA)
An organization for members who are connected with airlines' operation
Air Transport Association of America (ATA)
A moveable, sound-resistant barrier that partitions event areas
air walls; moveable wall; partition; divider; diving walls.
A bill of lading (B/L) that covers both domestic and international flights transporting goods to a specified destination.
air waybill
The system that controls the temperature and humidity of the air in a room.
A high-intensity lamp creating laser like beams and operating on a standard 115 VAC, cooled by air; used for indoor presentations. An air-cooled laser is primarily safe for an audience scan effect
Air-cooled laser
Materials shipped via airplane.
A floor covering installed in passageways.
aisle carpet
A notice of aisle numbers or letters, indicating locations of participant booths or stands.
aisle sign
A passageway between rows of tables, chairs, booths, or stands. The width is determined by local fire regulations; also known as a Bridge way or gangway.
Aisle; Bridgeway; Gangway
A passageway between rows of tables, chairs, booths, or stands. The width is determined by local fire regulations
aisle; bridgeway; gangway.
Policies and procedures that are put into effect to assure the safety of the individuals when a function supplies any alcoholic beverages or condiments.
Alcohol risk management
The united States state-level organization responsible for licensing and regulating the sale of alcohol.
Alcohole Beverage Commission (ABC)
1. A list that consists of a catering department's steady, extra employees. They are the first ones called to work when temporary help is needed.
A-list (1)
2. In Australia, known as pertaining to society's
A-list (2)
A tour covering all or most services (Transportation, lodging, meals, portage, sightseeing, taxes, gratuities, etc.) for one price.
all-expense tour/all-inclusive tour
The time given to a particular speaker to make his presentation.
allocation of speaking time
Include expenses, rebates, refunds, and overcharges of revenue.
Another term for dead time
allowed time
Property insurance covering losses arising from any fortuitous cause except those that are specifically excluded.
All-risk coverage
A term that indicates all facility space that is reserved for one client.
all-space hold
A phrase referring to the side of a ship. Products to be delivered "alongside" are to be placed on the dock or within reach of the transport ship's tackle so that they can be loaded aboard the ship.
A production change made by the client after work has begun, and may be billed as extra charges.
Served with thinly sliced almonds sauteed in butter.
Anyone whose work in or for the theater is without financial gain.
A level of illumination used to create a particular atmosphere using existing or additional lighting sources.
Ambient Light
1. A form of marketing in which a competitor attempts to grab media attention away from an official sponsor, which may cause consumer confusion and loss of negotiated coverage.
Ambush marketing
1. A complimentary item provided by facility management and found in a sleeping room, such as writing supplies, bathrobe, fruit basket, shower cap, shampoo, shoe-shine mitt, etc.
amenity (1)
2. A complimentary service or product provided by a host or sponsor of an event for the purpose of advertising and goodwill; also known as giveaway.
amenity (2)
A school based in Chicago, Illinois, that trains individuals in floral design.
American Academy of Florist (AAF)
A national association of advertising agencies based in Washington, D.C.
American Advertising Federation (AAF)
A united States national association of advertising agencies headquartered in New York City.
American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA)
A hotel term to designate a morning meal that consists of cereal, eggs, meat, bakery goods, fruits, juices, and beverages; also known as full breakfast
American breakfast; full breakfast
A hotel term to designate a morning meal that consists of cereal, eggs, meat, bakery goods, fruits, juices, and beverages
American breakfast; full breakfast
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
A labor union that represents performers on audiotape, radio, television, and videotape.
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)
American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA)
A labor union that represents performers who appear in nightclubs, circuses, touring attractions, and other special events.
American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA)
An organization whose members work in hotels and motels and provide service and products for the hotel and motel industry.
American Hotel & Motel Association (AH&MA)
American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)
An international organization that provides seminars and workshops to professional florrists who display their designs in shows and events.
American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)
American Marketing Association
A United States national Organization for the promotion of improved marketing practices that publishes the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Research.
American Marketing Association (AMA)
Overnight accommodation that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner; also known as full American plan (FAP)
American plan
Overnight accommodation that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner
American plan; full American plan (FAP)
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
A United States organization whose members are training specialists and those who provide services for the training industry, offering a myriad of educational opportunities and material for its members.
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
An organization providing information, resources, and education to its members, who are trade association executives and those who provide services and products for the association industry.
American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)
An organization protecting the rights to its members by licensing and paying royalties for the public performances of their copyrighted works.
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)
American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
An organization of travel agents throughout the world, whose members provide travel services and products; also provides information, resources, and education to its members.
American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)
The standard for the code numbers used by computers to represent all the uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, numbers, punctuation, etc.
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)
United States legislation passed in 1990 requiring public buildings (offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.) to make adjustments meeting minimum standards to make their facilities accessible to individuals with physical disabilities.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Americans with Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines
The accessibility standards that are referenced in the Americans with Disabilities Act and that apply to public and private sector buildings and facilities that come under its jurisdiction.
Americans with disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines
A special lens for projectors, used to eliminate distortion in abnormally wide throws.
Amorphic Lens
To extinguish the value of an asset or a loan gradually and evenly over a period of time.
1. Ampere; a standard unit measuring the strength of an electrical current.
Amp (1)
2. Amplifier; also know as power amplifier
Amp (2) (Power Amplifier)
The amount of electrical current transferred from one component to another. This specification is often important when considering the amplifier loudspeaker interface.
An oval or circular building with rising tiers of seats about an open space.
An electronic device that drives loudspeakers in audio systems
A method of conveying data electronically in relation to a television, radio, or telephone signal by varying its frequency or amplitude.
1. A wide-angle lens designed to produce a wide-screen image.
Anamorphic Lens
An auger-type device used to secure the guy-ropes of a tent to the ground, ranging in length from 30" to 48" with a helix of 4" to 8" in diameter. Anchors hold better than stakes do in bare earth and sand; also known as stakes.
An individual who invests money in a theatrical, film, or event production.
Baked bacon-wrapped oysters.
angels on horseback
A technique that creates an illusion of movement when used in rapid sequence; see cel animation, computer animation, and slide animation.
Animation (Slides) See Cel (Correct spelling) animation, computer animation, and slide animation
A camera used for filming animation in which the camera drive meter allows the film to move forward one frame at a time.
Animation Camera
A precise, customized camera mount for animation usage, which is capable of accurate gradations of movement above the artwork, Peg-Board, or platen; also know as crane.
Animation Stand
A flat table with a circular rotary inset to allow the cel to be turned to any angle for observations, matching, inking, or painting.
Animation Table
The process of preserving metal by adding a protective oxide film by an electrolytic process.
The first positive print of a movie film made from the rough edited negative
Answer print
Lighting instruments hung in front of the proscenium
Anti prost
A law that protects individuals from job discrimination; includes any reference or demands made by the employer that do not directly relate to the job description and that are in violation of the law.
Antidiscrimination law
Italian appetizers that include olives, salami, peppers, marinated vegetable salads, sliced meats, cheeses, and other similar foods.
A spray that helps reduce static electricity in carpets.
antistat for carpets
A solution applied to plastics to minimize dust accumulation
antistat wax
United States legislation designed to promote competition and prevent unfair practices that may lead to monopolies or suppression of competition.
antitrust laws
The dimensions of a slide or film frame
Aperture width/height
A special fare at a lower rate for an airline.
APEX fare (advance purchase excursion fare)
The first course of a meal, such as salad, soup, or fruit cup.
A form requesting authorization to give a demonstration.
Application to Present a Demonstration
A form for submission of a film or video for presentation in a film program for assessment and screening by a selection committee.
Application to Present a Film
A form for submission of an article for assessment and screening by a selection committee.
application to present a paper
An application form to present a poster for assessment and screening by a selection committee.
application to present a poster
Any applied item to fabric or other surfaces for the purpose of décor.
An individual who works in the theater for the learning experience, usually not paid.
The part of a stage in front of the main curtain.
The process of buying foreign exchange, stocks, bonds, and other commodities in one market and immediately selling them in another market at higher prices.
A light source providing high-intensity light utilizing a positive and negative metal rod (instead of a light bulb) for large screens or long projection distances; also used in follow spotlights. Replaced by xenon lamps in the 1980’s
Arc light
An exhibit display that spans two points, such as a ceiling or entryway.
A service on the Internet for gathering, indexing, and displaying information (such as a list of files available through anonymous file retrieval and transfer services).
Menu items where food is stacked, such as endive boats filled with salad greens; also known as vertical cuisine.
architectural cuisine
An area that is loocated out of harm's way, providing protection from smoke, fire, and heat, where an individual can retreat until help arrives.
area of rescue assistance
An inert, colorless, odorless gas that creates a blue-green color inside a laser tube.
A term for plywood or lumber with a metal veneer.
Determines the shape-height, width, and breadth of décor for an event set or floral design.
Arrangement background
The center or heart of a floral design; also known as feature focal point of arrangement in Australia.
Arrangement focal point
The film industry designation for an Arriflex camera. The 16mm versions are used for news gathering, industrials, commercials and documentaries, whereas 35mm models are used for commercials, high-budget documentaries, industrials, and feature motion pict
The anticipated dates and times of arrival of group members.
arrival pattern
The anticipated time guests are expected to arrive at a facility.
arrival time
Any materials (Drawings, photographs, type) used in preparing camera-ready art; also known as Artwork.
An accepted principle encompassing line, form, color, texture, and pattern.
Art principles
Any materials (Drawings, photographs, type) used in preparing camera-ready art; also known as Art
A receptacle for tobacco ashes; an ashtray.
ash stand; Ash can
Another term for the Ash stand
ashcan; Ash stand
A dramatic device in which an actor speaks directly to the audience while other individuals onstage supposedly do not hear him or her.
The ratio of image width to height; pertaining to audiovisual, video, and slides.
Aspect Ratio
A general or formal meeting of an organization for the purpose of deciding legislative direction, approving policy, electing committee members, approving balance sheets, budgets, etc. Rules of procedure as prescribed in an organization's articles and by-
A trained dog that provides assistance to an individual who is blind, deaf, or mobility-impaired; also known as dog guide
assist animal; dog guide

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