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world hist. 12.3-12.4


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a military dictator of a Latin American country
a US policy of opposition to European interference in Latin America, announced by President James Monroe.
Monroe Doctrine
a writer who had been exiled from Cuba by the Spanish who returned to launch a second war for Cuban independence
Jose Marti
lasted about 4 months (US helped Cuba for their independence)
Spanish American War
connected the Atlantic and Pacifc oceans and opened in 1914
Panama Canal
extension of the Monroe Doctrine. it gave the US the right to be "an international police power" in the Western Hemisphere
Roosevelt Corollary
He fought against Spain in 1821. In 1829 he fought Spain again and became Mexico's president
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
1820s when Mexican encouraged American citizens to move to the Mexican territory. They didn't like the rules of slavery and religion so Stephen Austin held a revolt.
The Texas Revolt
came from a poor family. oppostite of Santa Anna. He worked primarily to serve his country.
Benito Juarez
Its major goals were reditribution of lands, seperation of church and state, and increased educational opportunities for the poor
La Reforma
came to power after Juiarez. was a noted general.
Porfirio Diaz
well educated. believed in democracy and wanted to strengthen its hold in Mexico
Fransisco Madero
he had a bold policy of taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor
"Pancho" Villa
He was determined to see that land was returned to peasants and small farmers
Emiliano Zapata

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