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Test #2 Review

Review certain terminology


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In Vitro
Out side the body, in a lab-dish or glass container
In Vivo
Alive, within the body cavity
Single cell, which has formed as the result of the merging of an egg cell and a sperm cell. A Fertilized egg, with a potential way of developing as a living organism.
Excessive amount of fluid built up w/in the peritoneal cavity. Both abdominal region.
Transvaginal oocyte aspiration
HCG Injections is give to force the body to ovulate in 36 HOURS
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Hormones produced during pregnancy
Intra Cytoplasmic sperm injection
Zygote intrafallopian transfer, fertilization occurs in lab, Fert. egg (zygote) is transfered to Ft. embryo rolls down the tube
Gamate intrafallopian transfer, fertilization egg/sperm gamate, transfered 2 the fallopiantubes where fert. takes place IN VIVO ectopic rate
Intrauterine insemination
Ovum donor
Donor of sperms
Louise Brown born
1978 she was the first TTB
Test Tube Baby
Preimplantatin Genetic Definition
Method of reproduction where women agree to become pregnant and carry the child to term for a contracted Party, for someone else who can't have babies
Holistic Medicine
Alternative medicine, wholeness integrity of an individual, considers mind, body, soul and spirit to be a whole
Allopathic Medicine
WESTERN, Medicine, conventional, alternative sometimes, complementary as well, or homeopathy as well as Science, meds, and surgery
Major disadvantage of surrogacy
Emotional attachment refusal of giving the baby at the last minute.After nurturing for 9 month
NCCAM 1998
National center of complementary and alternative medicine
Therapy are aimed at manipulating the human energy field.
inserting fine needles into various points on the body, Latin word for: Acus Pungere/ pain management and relief of emotional/physical discomfort or to normalized physiology function
Female Sheep
Dolly was created by
Nuclear Transfer
Controversies about cloning
Religions, legal, Ethical
Considered medically murder sanctioned in some groups.
Types of cloning
Nuclear Transferred, Cell Nuclear replacement: creating one or more genetically identical animals by transferring nucleus of a tissue cell into an egg where nucleus has been removed
Adult DNA
Not fertilization needed
Therapeutic Cloning
also known as bio medical cloning, similar to Nucleus Transfer. but are removed to produce tissue of an exact Donor match, perfect DNA
Errors of cloning
Naturally ova take years to mature, ripen in ovaries, during cloning process, egg is scientifically reprogrammed to ripen in minutes or hours, may produce random errors/defects
Alternative medicine
Holistic, complementary, traditional, EASTERN Chinese, Hindu, find source of the problem
Holistic healthcare
emphasizes fundamental wholeness
Individual responsible for their own well being TREAT YOURSELF AS A WHOLE
Holistic fields of practice
traditional, chinese, AYURHEDA NATIVE INDIA, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Environmental, Mind/body Meditation, etc..
Massage Therapy
Relaxation, may be prescribed to promote drainage of lymph, improve circulation relax/stimulate muscles, used as rehab, improve emotional statue
Modified mode of acupuncture that does not include needles
Placebo effect
Placebo respond REMARKABLE PHENOMENON patient's symptoms can be alleviated by inert form of treatment
Placebo are set to be the importance
of perception and the brain's in physical health
Placebo effect
can be found as a form of deception from scholars
Treat like as like.....Vital force....treat with the serum
Deep relaxation MANTRA
remaining peaceful aware of all sensations without consciously focusing on them
Heightened state of awareness
Integration of physical mental spiritual social energized promoting health and wellness SANSKRIT ORIGINALLY HINDU DISCIPLINE TRANQUILITY
Chinese eh'van form of exercise that combines physical and mental meditation and breathing
Bioelectromagnetic: interaction of LO electromagnetic fields current that is generated by living tissues
Involves the role of the Muscularskeleton system DO recognized and corrects structural healing by manly manipulating the body as well as assisting the body in self healing.
Chiropractic medicine
4th largest group of HC providers
Chiropractic medicine
Based on belief that most medical conditions are triggered by the miss-alignment of vertebrae
fixed the body by aligning vertebrae
Disadvantages of subluxations
Stroke, re aggravating of old injuries
Daniel Palmer
Palmer Method, Founder of Chiropractic
Chiropractic Treatment
Water therapy: 3 forms: STEAM, LIQUID AND ICE
Exploits the body's reaction to HOT/COLD STIMULI
Types of therapeutic application
Local hot/cold, sponging, tonic friction, bath/emerging, compress etc..
reduced body temperature
Tonic friction
promote invigorate blood flow
Desired effects
are the results awaiting to feel better: Analgesic Pain free, Anesthetic Reduce sensitivity, Anti endemic reduce swelling, antiphyrotic: fever reducer, antispasmodic pressure reducer, astrengent: contract tissue
increase urine production
causes vomiting drink warm water immunologic enhancement increases while blood cell production
loosen mucus
water indigestion
decrease sympathetic arose encourage sleep
ramps up
increases muscle tone
Low tech biotherapy
Leech therapy: Hirudo therapy, the saliva of certain leeches can carry bio active substances including HIRUDIN (a natural coagulant) by inhibiting the conversion of FIBRIN/FIBRINOGEN sucking blood
Little tiny bug that suck blood out of wounds
Leech saliva
Also contain bacteriostatic anesthetic properties; MP leeches, are used to treat Blood clots, or areas that are engorged with stagnant blood among the conditions
Maggot debridement therapy
Maggots used to live disinfected maggots fly larvae, for treatment of non healing wounds and 2-3 days
only consume dead/infected tissues, ALSO PROMOTE growth of new granulated tissues
Fly larvae
Fly eggs, Maggots
Believe that dz is caused by the body's own attempt to defend itself against pathogens, stressful situations and poor nutrition

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