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1785 - 1830 focused on nature and the individual
5 great Romantic writers
1. Wordsworth 2. Colleridge 3. Shelley 4. Byron 5. Keats
best seller. "A summer evenings meditation" Nature contains wisdom through symbolism
language of poetry = everyday language of men. Subject of poetry = common people. Poetry = spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions "Strange fits of passion i have known - hoping bloved is ok lived in lake district
Lord Byron
- athelete - oxford grad - very wealthy - villa diodati edge of lake geneva -wrote Manfred, play
Byronic Hero
- defender of faithful and weak - strong, independent and silent - has unforgivable sin in past - chills with unfavorable characters
- the opposite of expectation - creates tension
- Written in 1816 by mary Shelley at villa diodati - published in 1818
Gothic Novel
- takes place in castle/mansion - villain pursuing virgin - blasted landscape - bad weather -villain foreigner -hero is weak so virgin savevs herself -sex driving engine/first feminist novels.
-science fiction -Dr. F student of chem -substitute sexuality, man creates life artificially instead of w/ woman -literture, power influences monster
McGuffins in Frankenstein
-how monster is created -how the monster gets clothes -monster living in woodshed
Themes of Frankenstein
-lonliness is enemy of mankind -science -leads into victorianism
Climax of Novel
When monster find books in the shed -Paradise lost -The Sorrow of Young . . .
Sartor Resartus
-written by Thomas Carlyle -published 1837 -individualism -nationalism
Percy Shelley's Ozymandias
-ozymandias pharoh of the exodus
-Reign of Queen Victoria 1830-1901 -science -technology -anesthetics - dentistry -steam engine -Darwin evolution -nationalism, england expanding
Elizabeth Barret Browning 1806-1861
-sonnets from the portugeuse, love sonnets.
english sonnet
-14 lines -iambic pentameter -ababcdcdefefgg -shakespeare
italian sonnet
-14 lines -abba abba (varied)
Alfred Lord Tennyson 1809-1892
-poet laureate, 1850 -"Break break break" 1834 - lamenting loss of friend
single mythology that defines a nation -King Arthur
Epic poem
-hero -tragedy -long/tells a story -recited allowed -Beowolf, Paradise Lost, Illiad, Odyssey
Robert Browning 1812-1889
-invented dramatic monologue -reveals speaker and minds of other present people -"My Last Duchess" -"Porphyria's Lover" -"The Bishop Orders his tomb at saint Praxed's church"
Oscar Wilde 1854-1900
-transition from victorianism to modernism -graduated Oxford -known for conversation, wit, plays. - "Importance of Being Earnest" "salame" "Lady Windemere's Fan" -The critic as artist, criticised art for art's sake.
Importance of Being Earnest
-1895 -about power of language -name earnest has "Vibrations"
MODERNISM 1901-present
-art exists for itself,so it can be about anything -emphasis on education -"make it new" -started in Ireland, developed for political reasons -wanted english out
Modern artists
-William Butler Yates -James Joyce 1882-1941 -Ireland has two enemies: 1)alcohol 2)church
Araby James Joyce
Young boy going through puberty, wants his friends older sister. -Theme, moral blindness
The Dead James Joyce
Greta lamenting loss of her lover Michael to her husband Gabriel
D.H. Lawrence
Discusses sex frankly -"Sons and Lovers", "Women in Love", "The Rainbow" -"Snake" -characters always serious -struggling for self awareness -frank, honest -hammer point into you
T.S. Eliot "The Wasteland"
-5 parts -structured like MTV -Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity -epigraph of Greek and Latin in order to invoke the muse

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