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Latin Exam 3 Vocab


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amicitia, -ae
f. friendship
Italia, -ae
f. Italy
sententia, -ae f.
feeling ,thought, opinion
consilium, -ii
n. counsel, plan, advice
aetas, aetatis
f. period of life, age, time
ars, artis
f. art, skill
arx, arcis
f. citadel, stronghold
Cicero, Ciceronis
m. Cicero
civis, civis
m/f citizen
civitas, civitatis
f. citizenship, state
corpus, corporis
n. body
dens, dentis
m. tooth
genus, generis
n. type, kind; origin
hostis, hostis
m. enemy (of the state)
ignis, ignis
m. fire
ius, iuris
n. wealth, riches
mare, maris
n. sea
mors, mortis
f. death
navis, navis
f. ship
nomen, nominis
n. name
nox, noctis
f. night
nubes, nubis
f. cloud
pas, partis
f. part, share
pater, patris
m. father
urbs, urbis
f. city
veritas, veritatis
f. truth
vis, vis/ vires, virium
f. force, power, violence

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