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to accept his body, including genitals, be aware of physical sensations (lower back pain or congestion in bladder, abondons the idea that masculinity means he should ignore his bodys pains, endure stress and suffer in silence.
Sexually Healthy Man
ruled be a desire for thinness, conviction that bodies are to large, determintaion to sustain weight loss. History of abuse including incest or other sexual abuse. fearful of sex and that body is dirty and sinful.
episodes of uncontrolled, often secret, overeating, which the person tries to counter act by purging, vomiting, excessive excersing or dieting or using laxatives. History of abuse including incest or other sexual abuse. fearful of sex and that body is di
When women do not menstrate for reasons other than aging.
poverty and marginalization, access to health care, secrecy and moral conflict about sexuality
Social Factors related to the spread of STI's.
Consenual sexual intercourse with a person beneath a states age of consent- the age at which a person is legally deemed capabel of giving informed consent.
Statutory Rape
can be transmitted non sexually, the may fall into underware, sheets or towels. Thus, you can get this by sleeping in someones bed, wearing his/her clothes or sharing a towe.
Public Lice
any sexual behaviors between members of the other or the same sex that cannot result in procreation. (oral and anal sex)ect.
childhood sexual abuse is often a factor in both adolescent girls and boys, girls intorduced by pimps, state of mind negative, depressed, unhappy an insecure. males are introduced throught the influence of their peers.
Traits of adolescent prostitute, male/female adolescent prostitute.
most common sex act of street walker?
the products of male fantasies- being paid for having fun.
behavior that prostitues avoid?
reasons for trafficking
children being abducted, fleeing abusive homes... money
local or relief, massage in which there is only masturbation, masseuses.
Hand whore
most common form of rape is sexual inercourse with a dating partner that occurs agains the victims will, with force or the threat of force.
Date Rape
involves a chance meeting with a man who seems friendly and congenial. the woman relaxes her guard b/c the man seems nice and eve protective. he maneuvers her to an isolate place, alley park apt. or house the rape occurs
Stranger Rape
the emotional changes a women undergoes as a result of rape are collectvly known as?
Rape Trauma Syndrome
sexual intercourse between people too closely related to. father daughter, brother sister, mother son.
1995, law calls for schools, day care centers and youth groups to be notified about moderate sex offenders in the community.
Megans Law
a collection of ficticious memomories elicited by a therapist and believed by the client to be authentic and accurate.
False memory syndrome
depression, self destructive tendencies, somatic disturbances and disasociation, negative self concept, interpersonal relationship difficulties, revictimization, sexual problems
long term effects of sexual abuse
enjoy sexual sensations erotic arouses, source of intense pleasure, helps in masturbation, sexual info and knowledge, provide people the opportunity to rehearse sexual sexual activities, enhance fantasies mastubatory experiance reguarding safer sex.
reasons people are attracted to sexually orientated material.
largers consumer, react more positively to it, believe sexually material has more positive effects - sexual release and lowers inhibitions.
mens reactions to sexually explicit material
may have negative effects, dehumanization women and causing a loss of respect between men and women.
womens reactions to sexually explicit material
1. whether you have equal power,
2. whether you are approached appropriately,
3.whether you wish to continue contact
3 factors that determine if flirtation is sexual harassment
the abuse of power for sexual ends,
the creation of hostile enviroment
sexual harassment
persistent or recurrent gential pain, ranging from mild to severe, that is associated with intercourse and that causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty
date rape drug, can be slipped into a drink and cause severe mental incapacitation and amnesia in its victims
plans that date with intent of sex, if the date does not go as planned he becomes angry and takes what he thinks is his right, sex. the victim feels rape, but rapist thinks he did nothing wrong... may even ask for a 2nd date.
date rape, rapist attitude
refers to sexual activity performed against the persons will through the use of force argument pressure alcohol drugs authority.
sexual aggression
also ref to as heterosexual bias, involves the tendency to see th world in heterosexual terms and to ignore or devalue homosexuality.
hetero sexism
an irrational or phobic fear of gay, lesbian, and transgendered people.
focusing on touch and the giving and receiving of pleasure
sensate focus
limited info
specific suggestions
intence theapy
masters and johnsons four-phase model of sexaul response?
persistent or recurrent involuntary spasm of the muscles of the outer third of the vagina that interferes with sexual intercourse and causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulties.
persistent or recuttent gential pain, ranging from mild to severe that is associated with intercourse and that causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.
the persistent or recuttent delay in or absence of orgasm following a normal sexual excitement phase.
male orgasmic disorder
persistent and recurrent ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation, before or shortly after penetration, that causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.
premature ejaculation
persistent and recurrent aversion to and avoidance of gential contact with a partner that causes marked distress.
sexual aversion disorder
an enlargement of the prostate gland
prostatic hypertrophy
occurs when the government, private groups, or individuals impose their moral or political values on others by supressing words, ideas, or images they deem offensive.
disturbance in sexual desire and in the psychophysiological changes that charcterize the sexual response cycle and caused marked distress and interpersonal difficulty.
sexual dysfunction

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