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history 8: trading peoples


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What did the Romans later call southern Canaan?
Palestine, meaning "land of the Philistines".
Which trade route did the Arameans gain control of?
The rich overland trade route between Egypt and Mesopotamia.
What is a confederation?
A loose union of independent city-states.
What did the many crossings of the Aramean caravans leave as an influence in the area?
Aramaic, the language of the Arameans.
Until AD 800's what language did the people of the Fertile Crescent speak?
How did they plot their voyages?
By navigation, with great accuracy by the sun and stars.
What was Carthage?
A colony set up by people from Tyre in 814 BC. It is on the coast of what is today Tunisia. It became the most powerful city in the western Mediterranean. From Carthage and other ports, Phoenicians manned supply depots, guarded sea lanes and expanded their trading empire
From what did the Phoenicians develop their alphabet?
From earlier more complicated systems from Canaan & Syria.
Where is Canaan?
Between Egypt and Syria.
What business practices did the Phoenicians introduce?
Bills of sale and contracts.
Why didn't the Phoenicians farm?
They lived on a narrow strip of land between the mountains of Syria and the Mediterranean Sea and the land was not good for farming.
What did the Lydians develop?
A wealthy and independent kingdom famous for its gold deposits.
What languages was Aramaic related to?
Hebrew & Arabic.
Where did the Phoenicians come from, when they migrated to Canaan?
The Arabian Peninsula.
When did the Phoenicians reach Spain and western Africa?
1000 BC
How did the Lydian money system influence other cultures?
Greek and Persian rulers began to stamp their own coins and the concept of money spread beyond Lydia.
Where did the Lydians live?
Asia Minor, the peninsula between the Mediterranean, Aegean & Black Seas. A good location for the regional trading.
Which city-state was the leader?
The civilizations of Mesopotamia & Egypt were influenced by which neiboring peoples in Fertile Crescent?
The Arameans & the Phoenicians.
Were the Arameans politically weak?
How did the Phoenicians build their boats?
They harvested wood from cedar forests to build fast ships.
How did the Phoenicians travel to trade ?
By boat on the seas.
What group were the Phoenicians part of?
They were one of the Semitic groups.
What did the Phoenicians build along their coast?
Cities and towns with ports.
What did the Phoenicians trade?
Cedar logs, dyed purple cloth, glass, jewelry.
When did the Arameans settle in central Asia?
1200 BC
Today, which countries make up Canaan?
Lebanon, Israel, Jordan.
Where did the Phoenicians sail?
Throughout the Mediterranean, Spain, Africa, maybe Britain,
What is an alphabet?
A series of written symbols that represent sounds.
What is barter?
Exchanging goods for other goods, with no exchange of currency. Most traders at this time used bartering.
What did the Phoenician alphabet become the foundation for?
The Greek alphabet which became the basis of all Western alphabets.
Some parts of the Bible are written in what language?
Name some Phoenician city-states?
Tyre, Byblos, Sidon, Berytus (modern day Beruit)
What are colonies?
Settlements of Phoenician emigrants.
Where did Aramean kings establish a capital?
Where did the Phoenicians settle?
The northern part of Canaan.
Where did the Arameans settle?
In central Asia.
What did the ports grow into?
Who were the Phoenician's neighbors in Canaan?
The Philistines, who came from the eastern Mediterranean.
How did these trading people travel?
On ships and by caravan.
When did the Lydians develop a wealthy kingdom in Asia Minor?
600's BC
Why was the Phoenician alphabet different?
It was concise - only 22 characters - each character represented a consonant sound, readers supplied vowel sounds.
Along with their trade goods what did traders of the Fertile Crescent bring to other cultures?
Languages, customs & ideas.
Why was the Phoenician alphabet useful?
It did not require years of study, so merchants no longer needed scribes to keep records.
How did the Phoenicians protect and resupply their ships?
By setting up trading posts and colonies along the Mediterranean coast.
How were the Lydians different in their trading practices?
They set prices and developed a money system using coins to exchange for goods.

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