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Verbal Communication


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confusing of one word or phrase for another that sounds similar
describing/evaluating what you observe in extremes
Word Picture
short statement or story that illustrates or describes emotion
Linguistic Determination
theory that describes new use of language determines or influences thoughts and perceptions
Specialized terms/abbreviation restricted code
Sapir Whorf Hypothesis
language shapes our thoughts/culture, thoughts/culture shapes our language
Linguistic Relativity
The theory that each language includes some unique features that are not found in other languages
World View
culturally acquired perspective for interpreting experiences
tendency to make unqualified often untrue generalizations
Denotive Meaning
literal/restrictive meaning
Restricted Code
Set of words that have particular meaning to person/culture/group
Static Evaluation
pronouncement that does not take possibility of change into consideration
Elaborated Code
conversation that uses many words+various ways of describing an idea or concept to communicate its meaning
Connotative Meaning
personal/subjective meaning
avoid generalizations by using statements that seperate the situation

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