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Geography of Africa-Mr. Fentin


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What are the physical obstacles to development of Africa?
The wide range of landforms such as the Sahara Desert, the Atlas mountains, the Nile River have created barriers between areas decreasing chance of development.
Also, frequent droughts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and little fertile land
What is the only indigenous African religion to survive the Trans-Atlantic slave trade?
Approximately how many Africans were kidnapped into slavery?
30-200 million..(usually states that about 8 million came to US)
What were the two factors that contributed to the partnership between Africans and Europeans in securing slaves?
??? Wealth for African tribal leaders and Economic importance (cheap labor) for Europeans.
Three diseases that threatened the lives of Europeans giving Africa the nickname "White Man's Grave"
yellow fever, malaria, typhoid, and dysentery
What was the African view of private property?
Early Africans had no concept or belief in private property
What was Le Rodeur?
A French slave ship where everyone was inflicted with opthalmia except one crew member in 1819
term for African Holocaust meaning "disaster" or "terrible occurrence" referring to the slave trade of Africans
Middle Passage
The Atlantic crossing of slaves on ships was called the Middle Passage
Small Pox
a highly contagious disease that killed many particularly on slave ships. People who were thought to have it were thrown overboard alive
groups of slaves chained together and traveling to a point for sale or etc.
traded for slaves
triangular trade
trade route between New England, the West Indies an Africa. First was fish and lumber carried to West Indies, then sold. Then rum and molasses to Africa and traded for slaves and then slaves back to West Indies and then to US for sale.
5 factors that encouraged enslavement of Africans
?? endless labor supply
?? readily identifiable to prevent
escape because of their color
?? had skills for planting and growing
rice and tobacco
?? economically "cheap labor"
?? perception of Africans being "brutal,
cannibals, uncivilized" was excuse
for taking them and "taming" them
?? racism-superiority of whites over
In what way is the diet an obstacle to development?
Little fertile land does not provide a wide range of food for the people or even enough food which has caused large spread malnutrition or starvation.
The population has presented what obstacles to development?
The rapid growth of population as well as the early death rate (45-47) of adults has
The economic obstacles to development are what?
Although Africa is a treasure house of mineral resources, other more powerful countries export the wealth and Africa is left without anything
What are the political obstacles limiting development?
The constant fighting over rule and boundaries has fragmented Africa leaving too many small countries, frequent civil wars, and no unity of the African continent
What are the communication obstacles limiting development?
Because of the wide range of countries, the limited income, the physical country problems, as well as political issues, the communication is poor throughout most of Africa
Diseases also present obstacles to development. What are they?
The high rate of AIDs and HIV in Africa, along with the other diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis and sleeping sickness create an obstacle to development
Colonialism is another obstacle. How?
The many European countries that colonized Africa helped in dividing it and limiting the unity of the country.

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