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Chemistry exam 1 2


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Who was Antoine Lavoisier?
Proposed the law of conservation of mass (energy is neither created nor destroyed
Who was Proust?
Proposed the Law of Definite Proportions (in a sample of a pure compound, the compound is at the same percentages of the elements by mass)
Who was John Dalton?
Proposed Law of Multiple Proportions (ratio of mass ratios in a molecule is a whole number or fraction).

Elements are made of atoms, atoms of the same element have the same mass, atoms combine in whole number ratios to form compounds, and chemical reactions do not change atoms, only the way that atoms are combined.
Who was Thomson?
Cathode ray guy!!! Found out that cathode rays were made up of negatively charged particles. Proposed the 'plum pudding' model.
Who was Robert Millikan?
Oil drop experiment guy. Found out the charge of electrons.
Who was Goldstein?
Observed the first positive particles and 'knocked out' electrons of gas molecules.
Who was Rutherford?
Did the gold foil experiment. Found out that positive particles existed and were in a hard nucleus. Also, atoms were mostly empty space.
Who was Chadwick?
Found neutrons...enough said.
Who was Dimitri Mendeleev?
Organized elements into a periodic table.
Who was G.N. Lewis?
Proposed that electrons inside atoms reside inside 'shells'.
Who was Rydberg?
Discovered the formula to calculate hydrogen emission
Who was Neils Bohr?
Discovered that electrons orbit the nucleus.
Who was DeBroglie?
Some dead french guy who found that electrons act as waves and not particles.
Who was Heisenberg?
Found the uncertainty principle for electrons and found.
Who was Schrodinger?
He was the guy with the big equation. He found the equation for finding an electron in 3 dimensions.

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