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Cold War


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Korean War (N. cont.)
When alarmed, Meo Zedong sent Chinese trooops to N. Korea who began to take back some Southern land
The Marshall Plan
After WWII, this document was said that the US would provide food and economic assistance to any European country that needed helpto recover from WWII. Truman offered it to the Soviet Union but Stalin didn't accept it. It greatly improved many western European countries.
In vietnam war, N. was communist, S. was not. US sent troops to help S, and began to bomb N. Socviet union and China helped N. .
End of Vietnam
The Americans weren't doing dso well, so Nixon arranged a cease-fire and pulled out American troops. The north won the war!
Korean War (cont.)
South's troops were led by American General MacArthur.....drove troops past the 38th parallel and pushed to the Yalu River along China to try to gain back territory.
The conflict was....
The Soviet Union wanted to spread communism throughout the world, but the US wanted to contain it.
Truman Doctrine
Signed on March 12th, stated that the US must resisit communism and Soviet was rooted in the idea of also saidthat the US would send aid to countries to help them avoid a communist threat.
Another main issue that causes tension. The Soviet Union wanted Germany to remain dividedso they couldnt reestablish them selvesas a superpower......The US, France, and Britain believed that Germans should be allowed to rebuild. The result was a communist EastGermany and a democratic West.
Conditions in N. Korea
Communist country led by Kim II Sung. Output increased....growth slowed and self-reliance kept them isolated, and stuck to extreme communism.....propaganda, and when kim died, his son Kim Jong II took over and faced difficult problems....many natural disasters occured bringing huinger. They tried creating nuclear weapons.
Vietnam (cont.)
When N. allies sent guerilla forces to attack American & S. forces at Tet Offensive, many people changed their opinion on the US.....and showed that N. would fight at any cost
The Cuban Missile Crisis
When Kruchev tried to build nuclear bases in Cuba, the two superpowers were brought to the brink of war. This base was just 90 miles away from Florida and was a threat to the US. In 1962, President Kennedy declared a naval blockade of Cuba. In the end, Kruchev agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba.
Berlin airlift
Berlin was the capital of Germany and during the Cold War, it was in the Soviet zone. All 4 allied powers occupied Berlin but Stalin didn't like this....He tried to force the Allies out by sealing off all entrances to the city....the allies responded by having a 24/7 airlift where they brought food into the city for over 1 year. This forces Doviets to end blockade, but made tensions higher.
Korean War
Both Rhee (noncommunist S. Korea) and Sung (communist N. Korea) wanted to end the division between the two Koreas. Sung thought the best way to do this was to make the whole country communist so he pushed down into S. Korea....the US sided witht the south and Rhee, along with the UN to try to gain land back for the noncommunists.
End to Korean War
Finallt both sides sined an armastice holding 50 yrs, but no peace treaty was signed. Korea is again divided at 38th parallel. After Koreans rebuild economies, USA helps S. Korea, and USSR helps N. Korea
Conditions in S. Korea
Economy leaped goign from exporting higher-priced automobilesand electronics. Better pay and higher standard of living...later, financial crisis brought high unemployment....but again, rebuilt economyand backed by military...they were forced to hold elections and since then moved to democracy...Asian Tiger.
Ho Chi Minh...
North leader who was considered a hero but Southern leader Diem wasnt popular
Origins: During the Cold War, the two main superpowers were...
the US and USSR
American objectives
to contain communism
Soviet objectives.
Stalin wanted tp spread communism...and wanted to create a buffer zone of friendly governments as a defense against Germany, which had invaded Russian in WW1 and 1941.

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