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mass murder of Jews in prison camps during World War II
Harry S. Truman
Vice President under Roosevelt that became president and made the decision to drop 2 atomice bombs on Japan and ended World War II
civil rights movement
movement to end segregation and win rights for African Americans
Homestead Act
passed in 1862 to attract settlers to the Midwest by giving 160 acres of land to any adult willing to farm it and live on it for five years
Jacob Riis
a reformer angry with poverty and wrote the book, How the Other Half Lives
Woodrow Wilson
President that declared war and joined the Allied Force after Germans started sinking American ships
end of segregation
What gain in equality did African AMericans make after World War II?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
President that created the New Deal to combat the Great depression with government programs to help people get jobs and to restore the economy
Cold War
s period of great tension between the US and Soviet Union that lasted more than 40 years; US feared that the Soviets woudl try to spread comminism throughout the world
Martin Luther King, Jr.
led the Civil Rights Movement
settlement house
community center for for poor immigrants
Korean War and Vietnam War
wars that grew out of the Cold War tension
bought Alaska, took control of Hawaii, fought and won the Spanish-American War
List 3 events that helped make the US a world power
form of government where the state owns all property, such as farms and factories on behalf of its citizens
labor force
supply of workers
Jane Addams
set up a settlement house for poor immigrants

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