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Oral report test questions


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When did both of Chinese Puppet and Figurines appear (Which Dynasty and year)?
Chinese Puppet – Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 AD)
Figurines – Three Kingdom (220 – 260 AD)
What were Chinese Puppets’ faces color represented? List three.
Black – careless
Red – honest
Green - Evil
During three different periods, people used Flour and Glutinous – Rice Figurines as different purposes. What were those periods and what did people used Flour and Glutinous – Rice Figurine for?
Tang Dynasty – People used Flour and Glutinous – Rice Figures made fake flowers, fake food and fake fruits as the sacrificial offering.
Sung Dynasty – People used Flour and Glutinous – Rice Figures made some birds, animals to showed guests as entertainments before the fest started.
Ch’ing Dynasty – In the market places, there will be people holding the big long boxes, and was making the Flour and Glutinous Rice Figures.
Who was Hadrian’s Wall named for?
a. The designer of the wall’s girlfriend, Ms. Hadrian Anne Johnson
b. >>> The Roman Emperor Hadrian
c. The town Hadrian that was near the wall
What is the wall of space that divides North and South Korea called?
a. >>? The Demilitarized Zone
b. The Korean Sanctuary
c. The Korean Wall
.) Does the Berlin Wall still exist today?
No, it was torn down in November of 1989 and none of it exists today.
b. Yes, it is still standing and it still divides Germany physically.
c. Yes, while the Berlin Wall does not stand physically, it still exists in the German mindset for even 15+ years later, Germany is mentally divided
What is a geocentric model of the universe?
: puts earth at the center of the universe, usually motionless
In Pythagoras’ view of the universe, what is the center? (hint: neither the sun nor the earth is at the center of the universe)
The Central Fire is the center of the universe
What did the Greek community think of the Heliocentric view of the Universe?
They did not accept it
1. There are two animals which wanted to be a human. Which animal were these?
A tiger and a bear.
2. What can we learn from this myth? (at least 2)
Korean emphasized Totemism which is harmony between animals and humans.

The society was developing.

Korean people think that they are from the God. This belief made Korean
people confidence in the history.

There was just one person who was dealing with religious and
3. What is the meaning of the humanitarian ideal?
Devotion to the welfare of mankind
Learn as much as possible and help the people as much as you can.

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