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Diem refuses to hold elections 1956
NV attacks South to overthrow gov. SV civilians try to overthrow SV gov(Viet Cong
Eisenhower begins sending military aid to help SV
Domino Theory- if SV becomes communist so will surrounding countries (pres. Kennedy continues policy 1961)
1964 US ships shot at by NV on NV coast
Congress adopts Gulf of Tonkin Resolution-gives pres. Johnson permission to use military in Vietnam
Guerilla Warfare used by enemy in Vietnam
fight long to tired out opponent, NOT try to gain land, NO uniforms, ANY AGE or GENDER, success measured by body count
Limited Warfare
no nuclear weapons, not much fighting out of SV, allowed enemies to retreat to nearby countries
1968 Tet Offensive
Vietnamese Tet Holiday, massive attack against SV, stopped by US forces, caused many in US to doubt military policy in Vietnam
1969 Nixon reduces US role in Vietnam
1973 US pulls out of Vietnam completely
1975 NV conquers SV reunifies it as Communist country
Agent Orange-chemical US used to kill jungle to be able to see and kill enemy, caused health problems in everyone around it
1979 USSR invades Afghanistan
US supports rebels, USSR's "Vietnam" USSR pulls out in late 1980's
1980's Reagan begins spending a lot on military and runs up large national debt
Soviet Union tries to keep up and bankrupts country(cold war ends)
Persian Gulf War 1991
US sends troops to free Kuwait from Iraq invasion, fears Iraq will try to get Saudi Arabia to control oil, do not overthrow Saddam Hussein because of number of people it would kill, first use of Smart Bombs
Marshall plan? 1947
U.S. gives over $13 billion to help European countries hurt by WWII
Berlin airlift
1948 soviets cut off access to west berlin so us and britain parachute supplies for 327 days
NATO North-Atlantic Treaty Organization
US helps to create in 1949
Militaries from member countries train together to protect each other
McCarthy Era
Senator Joseph McCarthy accused many US Gov. People of being communist
Many feared being guilty until proven innocent
Japanese driven out of Korea by whom? 1945
Soviets from North, US from South, meet near 38th parallel
Korean Gov. 1948
Comm. in North, non-Comm. in South
N korea invade South 1950
US leads UN to stop NK, lasts 3 yrs, ends with 38th parallel agreement
Berlin Wall, 1961
east Germany builds wall around West Berlin to keep people from escaping
Bay of Pigs Invasion 1961
US trained and gave aid to group og Cuban refugees who tried to overthrow Castro but failed.
Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
US spy plane took pictures of Soviet missile Silos being built in Cuba
Pres. Kennedy orders US Navy blockade of Cuba
Soviet ships turn around and missiles are later removed
1945-freed of Japanese rule(after WWII)
Ho Chi Minh
led Vietnamese against Japan
declares Vietnam INDEPENDENT country
France fights to regain Vietnam against Ho Chi Minh 1946
1954 US pays France's expenses to prevent Communist takeover
Geneva Conference
sides in Vietnam- split at 17th parallel, Ho Chi Minh runs NV, Diem runs SV, country reunited in 1956 w/ free elections to select leader
Situation between communist and non-communist countries (1948-1991)
Cold War
Why did the cold war begin?
Soviets created their own nuclear bomb
Why is it called the Cold War
no actual fighting occured, MAD
Why MAD? Mutually assured destruction
nuclear weapons meant both sides would be wiped out
why war?
arms race
Truman Doctrine?
set goal to prevent communism

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