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Ch. 28


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What was the plan to rebuild Western Europe after WWII?
Marshall Plan
What was Michael Harrington's book called?
The Other America
What Russian dictator died in 1953?
Joseph Stalin
What does HUAC stand for?
House Un-American Activities Committee
Who became dictator of China in 1949?
Mao Zedong
Who won the election of 1960?
Who did he defeat?
Kennedy won
Nixon was defeated
Who became the new Russian dictator after Stalin died?
North and South Korea were divided on the ______ parallel.
What is Containment?
American policy to stop the spread of communism.
How long did the Korean War last?
1950 to 1953
Who was the Cold War between?
United States and Soviet Union
In the Korean War, who was on South Korea's side and who was on North Korea's side?
United States was on South Korea's side
China was on North Korea's side
What new type of nuclear bomb came about in the 1950's?
Who won the election of 1952?
Name 3 members of the Warsaw Pact.
E. Germany
Who gave the famous Iron Curtain speech?
Winston Churchill
Who was the famous World War II general that was fired by Truman in 1951?
How long was Eisenhower President?
1953 to 1961
What was Sputnik?
The first Russian space satellite
What is the American spy network?
What two nations helped Israel defeat Egypt in the 1956 Arab-Israeli War?
Great Britain and France
What was the Fair Deal?
A deal that Harry Truman promised to the American people
What country blockaded the city of Berlin in 1948?
What was the Truman Doctrine?
An American Doctrine that promised aid to people struggling to resist threats to democratic freedom
In what port city did General MacArthur land troops?
What was the Arms Race?
A race between the U.S. and Soviet Union where both sides developed weapons with more destructive power.
What is the sunbelt?
the American southwest
Harry Truman was President of the United States from _______ to ______.
1945 to 1953
What famous American movie star committed suicide in 1962?
Marilyn Monroe
Name 3 Rock 'N Roll stars of the 1950's
Bill Haley
Chuck Berry
Little Richard
Fats Domino
Jerry Lee Lewis
What do the letters NATO stand for?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
What country is Berlin located in?
East Germany
What river divided North Korea and China?
Yalu River
What famous black baseball player left New York to play for the San Francisco Giants?
Willie Mays
What was the new music of the 1950's?
Rock 'N Roll

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