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Chapter 3 2nd set


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religious order
a brotherhood or sisterhood of monks,nuns or friars
Describe Fransis of Assi
Lived simple life. 2. loved nature 3. believed that all living things should be treated with respect.
What was natural law about
1. order built into nature that could guide people's thinking about right and wrong
Where does the word holiday come from
holy day
tell about Christmas
1. Birth of Christ 2.lasted 12 days 3.everyone attended church 4. great fiest from lords of manor to everyone 4. everyone decorated with evergreens, hollyberries and mistletoes
A famous example of medicant
Francis of Assi
the study of God and religious truths
How did many people express their faith
Going on pligrimages or fighting in the crusades
tell about Easter
1. Christ rise from dead 2. day of church services 3. feasting and games
Who is Thomas Aquinas
Italian scholar of philosphy and theology
a member of a certain religious order devoted to teaching and works of charity
describe what cloister looked like
North side- Church South side- kitchen and dining hall 3rd side- sleeping quarters & dormatory 4th side- scriptorium
What marked all the most important occasions of life
The church's sacraments
What did students study in the universities
latin,grammer,rhetoric,logic,geometry,astronomy,and music
lived almost same life as monks and nuns except they did not follow monastic orders. 2. did not live in monasteries 3. had to beg for feeld for themselves and poor
a way of life in which men and women withdraw from the rest of the world in order to devote themselves to their faith
Almost every day of the year was dedicated to what
a christian saint
illuminated manuscript
a hand written book decorated with bright colors and precious metals
1200's cathedral school became
Describe books in medieval times
1.very rare so teachers read to students. 2.hand copied 3. greatly respected
natural law
the concept that here is a unversal order built into nature that can guide moral thinking
where can the church's influence also be seen
in art, architecture,education,holidays,and the founding of religious orders
What are the responsiblities of Monks and nuns
follow benedict rules, spend lives in prayer, study and work
What did Thomas Aquinas do
Tried to bridge gap btn reason and faith 2. wrote logical arguments in support his faith 3. religious belief and reason work together
a school of advanced learning
What was the benedict vows
1. poverty (own no property) 2. chasity ( never to marry) 3. obedience ( to obey their leaders)
a covered walkway surrrounding an open square
What were other favorite holiday entertainments
bonfires, acrobats,jugglers, dancing bears and plays
the study of persuasive writing and speaking
What does egg symbolize
What were part of the Medieval holidays
Music,dancing and food
What are the two greatest medieval holidays
Christmas and Easter

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