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Japans 52


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daigakusei (大学生)
a university student, a college student
daidaiiro no (橙色の)
daiyon (第四)
No. 4, the fourth
daigaku (大学)
a university, a varsity, a multi-faculty university, a multiversity; a college
daidokoroshigoto (台所仕事)
kitchen work
daha suru (打破する)
to break down, to overtrhow, to abolish, to do away with
dai wa shō o kaneru (大は小を兼ねる)
the greater serves for the lesser
dageki (打撃)
a blow, a shock, [baseball] batting
dai (台)
a stand, a base, a rest, a support, a table; [胸像の] a pedestal, [宝石の] a mount
daichōkin (大腸菌)
a colon bacillus
sandaime no daitōryō (三代目の大統領)
the third President
daibensha (代弁者)
a spokesman, an agent
daichō (台帳)
a ledger, a register
daichōkataru (大腸カタル)
catarrh of the large intestine
daidōdanketsu (大同団結)
a union, a fusion, a federation
daidōmyaku (大動脈)
the main artery, the aorta
daidōshōi de aru (大同小異である)
to be much/practically/nearly the same, to be much alike; there is little to choose between
daidō (大道)
a street, a highway
daigakunyūshisentā (大学入試センター)
the National Center for University Entrance Examination
daichi (台地)
a plateau, a tableland, heights
dai nari shō nari (大なり小なり)
more or less
daigakubyōin (大学病院)
a university hospital
daigakuin (大学院)
a graduate school, a post-graduate school, a school of postgraduate studies
daifukumochi (大福餅)
a rice cake stuffed with bean jam
daiben o suru (大便をする)
to go to stool, to relieve nature/oneself
sen'endai o waru (千円台を割る)
to fall below the 1,000 yen mark
daibakari (台秤)
a platform scale
dai no (大の)
a confirmed, an inveterate
daiettochū de aru (ダイエット中である)
to be on a diet
daidōgei (大道芸)
a street performance
dai no otoko (大の男)
(It's a shame) for a man (to cry)
daidoku suru (代読する)
to read [a message] for/on behalf of
dai (代)
a price, a charge; an agem a period, a generation; the reign
daidai no (代々の)
jūdai (十代)
one's teens
daida suru (代打する)
to pinch-hit for
daichi (大地)
the earth, the ground
daibutsu (大仏)
a great image of Buddha
daian (代案)
an alternative (plan)
dageki o ataeru (打撃を与える)
to give a blow/shock to
daini (第二)
No. 2, the second
daigi ni tsugiki suru (台木につぎ木する)
to graft a tree on a stock
daga (だが)
but, however, (and) yet; still, nevertheless
daidai (代々)
from generation to generation, from father to son, for generations
daiichi (第一)
No. 1, the first
daiben suru (代弁する)
to speak/act for a person, to represent
daho suru (拿捕する)
to capture, to seize
dagakki (打楽器)
a percussion instrument
daidaiiro (橙色)
dai o tsukeru (題をつける)
to entitle
daidaitekini (大々的に)
on a large scale
daidasha (代打者)
a pinch-hitter
daidai (橙)
a bitter orange
daigeiko o suru (代稽古をする)
to teach/give a lesson in place of another
chichi no dai ni (父の代に)
in my father's lifetime/time
daigawari ni naru (代替りになる)
to change hands
daigiin (代議員)
a representative, a delegate
daisan (第三)
No. 3, the third
dai no ongakuzuki (大の音楽好き)
a passionate lover of music
daidōshōnin (大道商人)
a street vender, a stallkeeper
daibubun (大部分)
most of, the greater part of, the majority
dageki o ukeru (打撃を受ける)
to be (badly) hit by, to be shocked at/by
dagekiritsu (打撃率/打率)
a batting rate, a batting average
daibu (大分)
very, pretty, rather [cold], much [better], quite [a long time], badly [wounded], considerably,
dageki de aru (打撃である)
to be a blow/shock to
daigakusotsugyōsei (大学卒業生)
a university/college graduate
daidōgeinin (大道芸人)
a street performer
daiben (大便)
feces, stool
1960nendai ni (1960年代に)
in the 1960's
daichō (大腸)
the large intestine
daigakuinsei (大学院生)
a graduate/postgraduate student
dagashi (駄菓子)
cheap sweets, cheap candy
daietto (ダイエット)
a diet
daidokoro (台所)
a kitchen
senzodaidai no haka (先祖代々の墓)
a family tomb
daigakude (大学出)
a university man; a college-bred man
dai no tsuki (大の月)
a long(er) month
daidokorodōgu (台所道具)
kitchen utensils
daibubun wa (大部分は)
mostly, for the most part
sen'endai o kosu (千円台を越す)
to pass the 1,000 yen level
yonjūdai no hito (40代の人)
a person in his forties
dai (題)
a title, a heading, a theme, a subject,a topic, [couldn't answer three] questions

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