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history ch 24-25


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price support
mantain price at certain level through gov.
black tuesday
oct. 29,1929. stock prices fell sharply
great depression
1929-1940. us economy was in severe decline & millions unemployed
hawley-smoot tariff act
established highest protective tariff in US history, worsening the depression
neighborhood where people live in makeshift shacks
soup kitchen
free or low cost food served to needy
bread line
line of people waiting for free food
dust bowl
texas,OK,kansas,CO,NM. worthless for farming with drought and dust storms
direct relief
give money or food to needy by gov
federal home loan bank act
lowered home mortgage and allow farmers to refinance
bonus army
WWI veterans and family who demand bonus from military service
civilian conservation corps
put young unemployed to work building roads parks and trees
new deal
f. roosevelts program to alleviate problems of GD. reform, relief, recovery
deficit spending
gov spending more money than it recieves
huey long
proposed share-our-wealth. wanted to be president but was assassinated
social security act
provide aid to retirees, unemployed, and those with disabled children
national youth admin.
provide youth with aid and employment
frances perkins
1st female cabinet member
mary mcleod bethune
educator who promoted opportunities for blacks
new deal coalition
alliance of diverse groups white blacks and union workers-in democratic party
orson wells
actor director writer and producer. created the war of the worlds
the grapes of wrath
by steinbeck. family of oklahomans leave dustbowl for cali
gov. supported level for price of agricultural products to keep famers incomes steady
tenessee valley authority
construct dams and power plants in tennessee valley
securities and exchange comission
monitor stock market and enforce laws regulating stocks and bonds

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