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history ch. 19


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as a result of the panic of 1893, who suffered the most?
average middle class workers and families
a soup kitchen was known as
cleveland's cafe
what was the wilson-gorman tariff?
lowered copper, wool, and lumber tarriffs.personal income tax
why did clevland call specialsession of congress?
repeal sherman silver act
Pullman Strike occured after George did what?
laid off workers, cut salaries
how did management benefit from Pullman strike?
injunctions, jail leaders, break up strikes
Eugene V. Debs
manager of union railway, boycott pullman cars
Richard Olney
attorney general of cleveland. stopped the pullman strike
1894 election was a significant political adjustment because?
democrats were divided and demoralized
in 1894 election, rebulicans did waht
describe depression of 1890s
people sleep in parks, export prices cut in half, nojobs
what did the depression cause?
bankrupt businesses
what did Ida Wells Barnett concentrate movements on
lynchings and unfair executions
majority of reform movements centered in?
substantive due process provided a way for judges to..
block legislature of regulating economics
philosophy of pragmatism relied on
truth, self reliance
organization regulates saloons with protestant churches
antisaloon league
writers found literary inspiration in
natural world and realism
leading voice of women, women seek economic independence
Charlotte P. Gillman
governer of NY because of spanish american war adventures
Theodore Roosevelt
what ruled that income tax provisions of wilsongorman tarriff were wrong?
Pollock V. Farmers loan and trust co.
in Plessy V. Ferguson, supreme court said what
segregation is legal
what did Plessy V. Ferguson declare was legal?
seperate races
native americans and gov. policy was
during yellow journalism, published where..
NY city
document that gave US preeminent matters in all things concerning western hemisphere
monroe doctrine
General Valeireno Wyler of Cuba was known as
The Butcher
who spoke the cross of gold speech
Williams Jennings Bryan
who ran for president by giving speeches on his porch
one of Mckinley's greatest successes was
victory over spanish american war and gaining territory
what happened to the USS Maine
exploded in Havana from a coal banker
during cuban revolution, spain's policy for controlling cubans was?
mean, reconcentration camps
how was US a contributer to the Cuban Revolution
offer to help with a peaceful solution
document that said US had no desire to annex or control cuba
Teller Amendment
majority of spanish american war was fought where?
richard olney's statement that US was pracitally sovereign resulted in what
rejection by britain
the Open Door referred to americas interest in what country?
what could be said about the election of 1900
mckinley reelected by repub. vs bryan
what supreme court ruled that phillippines and puerto rico were possessions of the US?
insular cases

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