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grade 6 history test 8 chap 1-8


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"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country", was said by
Nathan Hale
"Give me liberty or give me death", was said by the Virginian ______.
Patrick Henry
Name the document that is the plan for government that is still followed today.
The Constitution
Who was the first modern explorer to discover the New World?
Christopher Columbus
What young missionary who preached using his interpreter Tattamy before he died at 29?
David Brainerd
What was the first written agreement of self government in America?
Mayflower Compact
Name the Virginian who had a reputation for being both brave and wise.
George Washington
Who defeated General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn?
Sitting Bull
his converts were called,"Praying Indians"
Jonn Eliot
Which American patriot said," I have not yet begun to fight"?
John Paul Jones
Name the first modern explorer to reach the mainland of North America.
John Cabot
Who was first to sign the Declaration of Independance?
John Hancock
Who founded Rhode Island as well as the first Baptist church in America?
Roger Williams
Who developed a written language for the Cherokee called a syllabary?
What is the name of a long hooded jacket made of different types of fur?
What is a plain or hilly region within the temperate zone sometimes called a "sea of grass"?
Name the highest waterfall in North America.
Yosemite Falls
The study of the earth is ____.
_____ is the record of what has happened to mankind.
ground that is permanently frozen
Name a one-man boat stretched over with seal skin.
What is the movement of a group of people or animals?
setting in which certain types of plants and animals thrive
The way of life for a group of people is ____.
Which Indians were invited to the first Thanksgiving?
Name of the group of people who wanted to separate from the church of England.
What was the most important animal to the Indians of the plains?
This tribe's name means "Southerner".
This religious group's actual name was Society of Friends.
Name the Indians that were known for their burial mounds.
Hopewell Indians
Which Indians lived in long houses?
Iroquois Indians
Indians that kept a pictorial chronicle
Which animal has done the most to change the landscape of North America?
the world's largest bay
Hudson Bay
most prominant land form in eastern North America
Appalachian Mountains
some of the workd's highest tides
Bay of Fundy
Canada's highest peak
Mt. Logan
world's largest inland seaway
St. Lawrence Seaway
the hottest driest part of North America
Death Valley
largest freshwater lake in the world
Lake Superior
longest river in the United States
Mississippi River
deepest lake in North America
Crater lake
world's largest gulf
Gulf of Mexico
Name the three branches of US government and tell each's main function.
judicial--interprets the laws
legislative--makes the laws
executive--enforces the laws
Be able to explain how Canada has two official languages.
See Chapter 3

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