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Chapters 4-7

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Is it ture that M.L.K. used a form of unconventional particiation called direct action is the first civil rights movement?
Is it true that grass routs lobbieing is done by green groups intersted in the enviornment?
False, can be done on behalf of any cause and involves an interests groups rank and file members and may also include people outside of the group.
Is it true that freedom of the press has never been limited in anyway by the supreme court?
False the SC has limited freedom of the press in times of crisis.
Is it true that voting is concidered a high effort activity?
False, not high effort
Is it true that contemporary politics are marked by a gender gap?
Is it true that the actions of interest groups do not benifit our poli system.
False, by giving citizens a means to make their voices heard.
Is it true that income is the stongest single factor in explaining most types of conven. political part?
False, education is the strongest sinlge factor.
Why do we know less about unconventional particicpation then conventional participation?
We know less about uncon. part. because it is harder to collect data on it and scientists are bias toward conventional politics.
Is it true that progressivism was a political reform philosophy that trusted the goodness and wisdom of ind.cit?
What is the FCC and what purpose does it serve?
The FCC is the federal Communications Commission which was created by the Federal Communications Act of 1934. It regulates TV Radio Telle Telegraph and sat industries.
Is it true that in a 1996 poll voters identified liberals and cons. as essentially the same thing?
False, voters identified liberals and generous and conservatives ad cautious
Is it true that political opinion rarely changes over time?
False, political opinions change as people grow older.
Is it true that an int. group entrepreneur is an individual who lobbies for the interest of small business owners?
False, interest group entrepreneurs are group leaders who organize individuals with a common interest.
Is it true that supportive and influencing behav. are ex of unconv. part.?
False, supportive and influencing behaviors.
Why do Americans often find it hard to lable themselves as libs or conserves?
Voters often find it hard to identify with one political ideology because they act as liberals on some issues but conservatives on others.
Do gatekeepers decide which events to report and which elements in those events and stories to emphasize?
Is it true that middle income ppl are more likely to join interest groups than low income people?
Is it true that ppl with higher degrees tend to favor equality over freedom?
False trends show that when confronted with a choice between personal freedom and equality collage educated people tend to choose freedom.
Is it true that unconventional participation never works?
False it does work
Compare American uncon. part. to thatin other contries.
American uncon. part. is equal to or greater than that of citizens of euro democracies.
How do ppl aquire their political values?
People get there value through political socialization which is awareness of politics facts and forming political values.
Is it true that ppl form their opinions of gov. activities based on unwavering one dimentional ideological standards?
What do scholars believe is the medias greatest impact on politics?
Scholars believe that the media's greatest impact on politics is their ability to set the political agenda.
Is it tue that in 1965 Ceaser Chavez led a successful strike against grape growers by simply organizing hundreds of crop pickers into a union?
False, it failed until he adopted the tactics of the civil rights movement and untill he appealed to people outside of the agricultural community.
Surveys say that 80% of americans read or hear the news each day. is this true?
What is the self interest principle?
It is defined as ppl will choose what benefits them personally when making decision in politics.
What are 2 voting mechanisms that allow citizens to ex direct democracy?
Referendum and by initiative.
Explain particularised political part.
"Particularized" political part. is the idea that gov. exists to serve ones particular interest.
Is it true that a PAC is a political action committee?
Do elections guarantee a democratic gov?
How have the media advanced equality in the US?
The media has advanced woman's rights and the rights of other disadvantaged groups.
Is is true that many external factors influence a persons political opinions?
Why is the equal opps rule important?
The equal opps rule is important because it ensures all candidates will have an opp to get media time.
Is the underground railroad the first example of unconstitutional participation?
False, the Boston Tee Party
Is it true that interest groups are prohibited from monitoring gov programs that relate to their goals.
False, a major responsibility of an interest group is monitoring gov programs related to their goals.
Is it true that political socialization is a simple process by which ppl aquire their political values?
False political socialization is complicated
Is it true that in 1869 wyoming was the 1st terr. to grant women the right to vote?
Why is low voter turnout rate in america surprising?
Low voter turn out rate in the U.S. is a paradox because Americans are highly involved in Conven and unconven politics.
Why are the terms pro life and pro choice inadequate to characterize many ppls opinions about abortion?
The terms do not accurately describe opinions such as the belief that abortion should be permited only in certain conditions such as rape and incest or when the woman life is in danger.
The mas medias only role as an intermediary between gov and the public is to tell the public what the gov is doing. True or False?
False, the media also let the gov know what ppl are thinking about the decisions being made and laws being enacted.
How is public opinion gathered today?
Polling is used to gather information on citizens collective attitude.
is it true that ppl with equal knowledge about public affairs and levels of conceptulization are as likely to call themeselves libs as conservs?
Do Americans believe the media exert a strong influence on public opinion?
Is gov action always consistant with public opinion on major issues like the death penalty?
False. the supreme court has denied the constitutionality of laws supported by the public.
How to political leaders journalists and policy mold public opinion on specific issues?
Politicians appeal to the public on the basis of shared political ideology. there ability to reach the public has been greatly enhanced by the growth of broadcast media.
Is it true that student unrest on campuses during vietnam war led congress to curtail voting rights for young americans?
False, congress proposed an amendment lowering the voting age to 18.
Is it true that the free writer problem reffers to a situation in which some illegaly gets something at anothers expense?
False, A situation in which people benefit from an organizations activities.
What forms of media are older americans likely to rely on? Younger amer.?
Old ppl are more likely to rely on news paper and TV and younger are more likely to listen to radio and internet.
Is it true that voter turnout in the us has declined over time?
What constitutes unconventional participation?
Those that challenge established institutions or the dominant culture.
Does religion play a role in political values?
Why do businesses mobalize?
To ensure that gov decisions and policies will favor their campaigns
Do gallup polls always accurately predict election results?
False, not perfect but accurate.
Is it true that elections institutionalize access to political power?
Is it true that brown vs b of ed is an ex of a class action lawsuit?
Is it true that resourcful and weathy ppl benefit most from a pluralist model of democ?
Is it true that regional effects on public opinion are weaker?
Is it true that letter writing campaigns and protests are grass roots lobbying tactics and are often used in conjunction with direct lobbying tactics?
Is it true that the most common direct lobbying tactic involves the lobbiests meeting with gov officials?
is it true that suffrage is the right to vote but franchize does not?
False, suffrage and franchise mean the write to vote.
Has the gallup poll ever been wrong? If so in what ways?
Yes, in 1948 the poll predicted republican candidate Thomas Dewey would defeat Harry Truman.
Is it true that both lib and con. value freedom, but niether is willing to trade freedom for anyother value?
False, Both groups do value freedom but liberals are more willing to trade freedom for equality.
Is it true that edu. is the factor that best predicts political knowledge?
How have the mass media contributed to democracy?
The media is the source for most of the knowledge of voters.
Is it true that newsworthiness is the degree to which a news story is important enough to be covered in the mass media?
Is it true that survey methodology did not develope into a powerful reasearch tool until the 1950s?
What can the us do to increase voter turnout rate?
The U.S. could make voting compulsory declare election days and holidays or provide a two day voting period.
True or False? The net effect of polls has been to generate more accurate knowledge of public opinion and to report that knowledge back to the public?
What effects did rosevelts new deal economic policies have on the role of nat. gov?
his policies expanded the interventionist roll of the national gov in order to promote >economic equality distinguishing liberals from conservatives.
Is it true that membership bias is the tendency of some sectors of society to organize more rapidly into interst groups?
Is it true that a rep of an interest group is called a lobbiest
Is it true that influencing behav. are used by citizens when they have exhausted all poss. means of part. in their gov?
False, influencing behaviors are a con form of part. in gov.
Is it true that in the U.S. each citizens ablilty to influence the gov is equal when measured by the concept of 1 person 1 vote?
Is it true that the internet as we know it today began in 1969 when computers at four universities were linked to form ARPANET?
Is voting the only legitimate way for citizins to participate in gov?
False besides voting ppl can participate by letter writing campaigns or displaying campaign posters.
Is it true that the primary task of lobbiest is to collect money from group members and donate funds to candidates?
False, are mainly responsible for convincing policy makers that their goals are worth supporting.
List ex. of conventional participation.
Voting, writing letters to officials, and displaying posters
Expalin the term horse race journalism.
Occurs when the media present news stories that have to do with who's winning in election.
Is it true that elections deminish the states power because they involve citizens in decision making?
False, elections bolster states power because they involve citizens.
Why has voter turnout rate declined dispite an increase in edu since 1968?
Because of the growing belief that gov is not responsive. A change in attitude in poly parties and a decline in the strength and extent in poly parties.

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