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photo arts


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copy deck
combination printing
more than one negative on one substrate
social conscious photography
root of photo journalism - Dorothea Lange, Jacob Riis, Lewis W. Hine, Arthur Rothstein
f64 group
shot only at f64 used 8x10 view camera Ansel Adams
Farm Security Administration
Arthur Rawstein
The Victorialists
Robert Demachy
Motion Photography
Edward Muybridge
Photo Journalists
Robert Capa, Eddie Adams, UGINE SMITH
Civil war photography
Mathew Brady Timothy O'sellivan and Alexander Gardener
Auto Chrome
Kind of color process which utilizes potato starch
what are the steps of work flow?
concept, planning, capture, Ingestion, Edit, Optimization, Back-up
dynamic range
the extents of lights and darks that a specific camera can reach

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