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JLPT Level 4 Vocabulary


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ああ [(感動詞)]
(int) Ah! Oh! Alas!
会う [あう]
(v5u) to meet to interview (P)
青い [あおい]
(adj) blue pale green unripe inexperienced (P)
赤い [あかい]
(adj) red (P)
明い [あかるい]
(adj) bright cheerful
秋 [あき]
(n-adv) autumn fall (P)
開く [あく]
(v5k) to open (e.g. a festival) (P)
開ける [あける]
(v1) to become civilized to become opened up be up-to-date (P)
上げる [あげる]
(v1) to give to raise to elevate to fly (kites) to praise to increase to advance to promote to vomit to usher in to admit to send (to school) to offer to present to leave with to finish to arrange (expenses) to observe to perform to quote to mention to bear (a child) to improve (talents) to do up (the hair) to arrest to engage to fry (rains) to stop (P)
朝 [あさ]
(n-adv n-t) morning (P)
朝御飯 [あさごはん]
(n) breakfast (P)
(n-adv n-t) day after tomorrow (P)
足 [あし]
(n) foot pace gait leg (P)
(n-t) tomorrow (P)
(n) (1) (uk) there over there that place yonder (2) (X) (col) genitals (P)
遊ぶ [あそぶ]
(v5b) (1) to play to make a visit (esp. for pleasure) (2) to be idle to do nothing (P)
暖かい [あたたかい]
(adj) warm mild genial (P)
頭 [あたま]
新しい [あたらしい]
(adj) new (P)
(n) (1) there yonder that (P)
暑い [あつい]
(adj) hot warm (P)
熱い [あつい]
(adj) hot (thing) (P)
厚い [あつい]
(adj) cordial kind warm(hearted) thick deep (P)
後 [あと]
(adj-no n) afterwards since then in the future (P)
(gn) you
兄 [あに]
(n) (hum) older brother (P)
姉 [あね]
(n) (hum) older sister (P)
あの [(指示詞)]
(adj-pn) (uk) that over there (P)
あの [(感動詞)]
(adj-pn) (uk) that over there (P)
(n adv) (1) apartment (abbr) (2) apartment building (abbr) (3) apart (P)
(v1) to bathe to bask in the sun to shower (P)
危ない [あぶない]
(adj) dangerous critical grave uncertain unreliable limping narrow close watch out! (P)
甘い [あまい]
(gadj) generous easy-going sweet?
あまり [(副詞)]
(adj-na adv n n-suf) (uk) not very (this form only used as adverb) not much remainder rest remnant surplus balance excess remains scraps residue fullness other too much (P)
雨 [あめ]
(n) rain (P)
洗う [あらう]
(v5u) to wash (P)
(v5r-i) (uk) to be to have (P)
歩く [あるく]
(v5k) to walk (P)
(gn) that that thing
(adj) (col) (uk) good (P)
(adj) good nice pleasant ok (P)
(int n) (uk) no nay yes well (P)
言う [いう]
(v5u) to say (P)
家 [いえ]
(suf) house family (P)
行く [いく]
(v5k-s) to go (P)
行く [ゆく]
(v5k-s) to go (P)
(n) how many? how old? (P)
(adv n) how much? how many? (P)
池 [いけ]
(n) pond (P)
医者 [いしゃ]
(n) doctor (medical) (P)
(n) chair (P)
忙しい [いそがしい]
(adj) busy irritated
痛い [いたい]
(adj) painful (P)
一 [いち]
(num) one (P)
一日 [いちにち]
(n) (1) first of month (P)
(n-adv) (1) best first number one (2) a game a round a bout a fall an event (in a meet) (P)
(gn-adv) when
五日 [いつか]
(n) five days the fifth day (of the month) (P)
一緒 [いっしょ]
(adv n) together meeting company (P)
五つ [いつつ]
(n) five (P)
(adv n) always usually every time never (with neg. verb) (P)
今 [いま]
this now
意味 [いみ]
(n vs) meaning significance (P)
妹 [いもうと]
(n) (hum) younger sister (P)
嫌 [いや]
(adj-na n) disagreeable detestable unpleasant reluctant (P)
入口 [いりぐち]
(n) entrance gate approach mouth
居る [いる]
(v5r) (uk) (hum) to be (animate) to be to exist (P)
要る [いる]
(v5r) to need (P)
入れる [いれる]
(v1) to put in to take in to bring in
色 [いろ]
(n) (1) colour (2) sensuality lust (P)
(adj-na adj-no adv n) various
上 [うえ]
(gno-adj gn-adv gn gn-suf) above over on top of up
後 [うしろ]
(gn) back behind rear
薄い [うすい]
(adj) thin weak watery diluted (P)
歌 [うた]
(n) song poetry (P)
歌う [うたう]
(v5u) to sing (P)
うち [(わたしのうち)]
(n) inside
生まれる [うまれる]
(v1) to be born (P)
海 [うみ]
(n) sea beach (P)
売る [うる]
(v5r) to sell (P)
上着 [うわぎ]
(n) coat tunic jacket outer garment (P)
絵 [え]
(n n-suf) picture drawing painting sketch
映画 [えいが]
(n) movie film (P)
映画館 [えいがかん]
(n) movie theatre (theater) cinema (P)
英語 [えいご]
(n) the English language (P)
(conj int n) yes (P)
駅 [えき]
(n) station (P)
(n) elevator (P)
円 [えん]
(gn) (1) Yen money (2) circle
鉛筆 [えんぴつ]
(n) pencil (P)
お~ [(接頭語)]
(adj) delicious tasty (P)
大きい [おおきい]
(adj) big large great (P)
大勢 [おおぜい]
(n) great number of people
お母さん [おかあさん]
(n) (hon) mother (P)
お菓子 [おかし]
(n) confections sweets candy (P)
お金 [おかね]
(n) money (P)
起きる [おきる]
(v1) to get up to rise (P)
置く [おく]
(v5k) to put to place (P)
奥さん [おくさん]
(n) (hon) wife your wife his wife married lady madam (P)
お酒 [おさけ]
(n) alcohol sake (rice wine)
お皿 [おさら]
(n) plate dish
伯父 [おじ]
(n) (hum) uncle (older than one's parent)
叔父 [おじ]
(n) uncle (younger than one's parent) (P)
(n) grandfather male senior-citizen
教える [おしえる]
(v1) to teach to inform to instruct (P)
押す [おす]
(v5s vt) to push to press to stamp (i.e. a passport) (P)
遅い [おそい]
(adj) late slow (P)
お茶 [おちゃ]
(n) tea (green) (P)
お手洗い [おてあらい]
toilet restroom lavatory bathroom (US) (P)
お父さん [おとうさん]
(n) (hon) father (P)
弟 [おとうと]
(n) younger brother faithful service to those older brotherly affection
男 [おとこ]
(n) man (P)
男の子 [おとこのこ]
(n) boy (P)
(n-adv n-t) day before yesterday (P)
(n-adv n-t) year before last (P)
大人 [おとな]
(n) adult
(n) stomach
同じ [おなじ]
(adj-na n) same identical equal uniform equivalent similar common (origin) changeless (P)
お兄さん [おにいさん]
(n) (hon) older brother "(vocative) ""Mister?""" (P)
お姉さん [おねえさん]
(n) (hon) older sister "(vocative) ""Miss?""" (P)
伯母 [おば]
(n) (hum) aunt (older than one's parent)
叔母 [おば]
(n) aunt (younger than one's parent) (P)
(n) grandmother female senior-citizen
お弁当 [おべんとう]
(n) boxed lunch
覚える [おぼえる]
(v1) to remember to memorize (P)
重い [おもい]
(adj) (1) heavy massive (2) serious important severe oppressed (P)
(adj) interesting amusing (P)
泳ぐ [およぐ]
(v5g) to swim (P)
降りる [おりる]
(v1) to alight (e.g. from bus) to get off to descend (e.g. a mountain) (P)
終る [おわる]
(io) (v5r) to finish to close
音楽 [おんがく]
(n) music musical movement (P)
女 [おんな]
(n) woman girl daughter
女の子 [おんなのこ]
(n) girl (P)
~回 [~かい]
(n) counter for occurrences
~階 [~かい]
Number of floors storeys
外国 [がいこく]
(n) foreign country (P)
外国人 [がいこくじん]
(n) foreigner (P)
会社 [かいしゃ]
(n) company corporation (P)
階段 [かいだん]
(n) stairs (P)
買い物 [かいもの]
(n) shopping (P)
返す [かえす]
(v5s vt) to return something (P)
帰る [かえる]
(v5r) to go back to go home to come home to return (P)
顔 [かお]
(n) face (person) (P)
かかる [(時間がかかる)]
(intrans-verb) to take (e.g. time money etc)
(n) key (P)
書く [かく]
(v5k) to write (P)
学生 [がくせい]
(n) student (P)
~か月 [~かげつ]
(suf) (number of) months
かける [(眼鏡をかける)]
(v5r) to soar to fly
かける [(電話をかける)]
(ru-v) to turn on to dial (e.g. phone)
傘 [かさ]
(n) umbrella parasol (P)
貸す [かす]
(v5s) to lend (P)
風 [かぜ]
(n) wind breeze
家族 [かぞく]
(n) family members of a family (P)
かた [(この方)]
(n) way (to do smth)
片仮名 [かたかな]
(n) katakana (P)
~月 [~がつ]
(suf) month of year
学校 [がっこう]
(n) school (P)
角 [かど]
(n) corner (e.g. desk pavement)
家内 [かない]
(n) (hum) wife (P)
(n) bag satchel briefcase basket (P)
花瓶 [かびん]
(n) (flower) vase (P)
(v5r) to wear to put on (head) to pour or dash water (on oneself) (P)
紙 [かみ]
(n) paper (P)
(n) camera (P)
火曜日 [かようび]
(n-adv n) Tuesday (P)
辛い [からい]
hot (spicy) salty
体 [からだ]
(n) (1) body (2) health
軽い [かるい]
(adj) light non-serious minor (P)
(n) calendar (P)
川 [かわ]
(n) river (P)
河 [かわ]
(n) river stream (P)
~側 [~がわ]
side (eg. of street)
(adj) (sl) pretty cute lovely charming dear darling pet (P)
漢字 [かんじ]
(n) Chinese characters kanji (P)
木 [き]
(n) tree wood timber (P)
黄色い [きいろい]
(adj) yellow (P)
消える [きえる]
(v1) to go out to vanish to disappear (P)
聞く [きく]
(v5k) to hear to listen to ask (P)
北 [きた]
(n) guitar (P)
汚い [きたない]
(adj) dirty unclean filthy (P)
喫茶店 [きっさてん]
(n) coffee lounge (P)
切手 [きって]
(n) stamp (eg. postage)
切符 [きっぷ]
(n) ticket (P)
昨日 [きのう]
(n-adv n-t) yesterday (P)
九 [きゅう]
(num) nine (P)
牛肉 [ぎゅうにく]
(n) beef (P)
今日 [きょう]
(n-t) today this day (P)
教室 [きょうしつ]
(n) classroom (P)
兄弟 [きょうだい]
(n) (hum) siblings (P)
去年 [きょねん]
(n-adv n-t) last year
嫌い [きらい]
(adj-na n) dislike hate (P)
切る [きる]
(suf v5r) to cut to chop
着る [きる]
(v1) to wear to put on (from shoulders down) (P)
(oK) (adj-na) (uk) pretty clean nice tidy beautiful fair
キロ [(キログラム
???????] "(n pref) (abbr) kilo-" kilogram kilometre 10^3 (P)
銀行 [ぎんこう]
(n) bank (P)
金曜日 [きんようび]
(n-adv n) Friday (P)
工 [く]
薬 [くすり]
(n) medicine (P)
please (kana only) (with te-form verb) please do for me
果物 [くだもの]
(n) fruit (P)
口 [くち]
(n) mouth orifice opening (P)
靴 [くつ]
(n) shoes footwear (P)
靴下 [くつした]
(n) socks (P)
国 [くに]
(n) country (P)
曇る [くもる]
(v5r) to become cloudy to become dim (P)
暗い [くらい]
(adj) (uk) dark gloomy (P)
(suf) approximate (quantity)
(suf) approximate (quantity)
(n) class (P)
(n) gram gramme (P)
来る [くる]
(vk) to come
車 [くるま]
(n) car vehicle wheel (P)
黒い [くろい]
(adj) (1) black (2) dark (P)
今朝 [けさ]
(ik) (n-t) this morning (P)
消す [けす]
(v5s) to erase to delete to turn off power (P)
結構 [けっこう]
(adj-na n-adv n) (1) (uk) splendid nice wonderful delicious sweet (2) (arch) construction architecture (3) well enough tolerably (P)
結婚 [けっこん]
(adj-no n vs) marriage (P)
月曜日 [げつようび]
(n-adv n) Monday (P)
玄関 [げんかん]
(n) entranceway entry hall (P)
元気 [げんき]
(adj-na n) health(y) robust vigor energy vitality vim stamina spirit courage pep (P)
~個 [~こ]
(suf) counter for mil. units
五 [ご]
(num) five (P)
~語 [~ご]
(n-suf) language word
公園 [こうえん]
(n) (public) park (P)
交番 [こうばん]
(n) police box (P)
声 [こえ]
(n) voice (P)
(n) coat tennis court (P)
(n) here this place
午後 [ごご]
(n-adv n-t) afternoon p.m. pm (P)
九日 [ここのか]
nine days the ninth day (of the month) (P)
九つ [ここのつ]
(n) nine (P)
御主人 [ごしゅじん]
(n) (hon) your husband her husband
午前 [ごぜん]
(n-adv n-t) morning A.M. am (P)
答える [こたえる]
(v1) to answer to reply
(n) (1) (uk) this person (2) this direction (3) this side (4) thereafter (P)
(n) (a) glass (nl: Kop) (P)
今年 [ことし]
(n-adv n-t) this year
言葉 [ことば]
(n) word(s) language speech (P)
子供 [こども]
(n) child children (P)
(adj-pn int) (uk) this (P)
御飯 [ごはん]
(n) rice (cooked) meal (P)
困る [こまる]
(v5r) to be worried to be bothered (P)
(int n) (uk) this

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