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ISS 315 Prehistoric Americans


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Who is Michael Collins?
the lead archeologist at the Gault site in Texas
What does he believe?
That they had just as many tool as modern people and were master engineers
What was the belief of many people about the prehistoric americans?
that they were all big game hunters that followed herds around and ate mainly meat
Who is James Adovasio?
modern archeologist that believes ancient americans were more sophisticated than normally seen
Who were the Windover people?
group of prehistoric americans that were found to have clothing and tools used for growing crops
Who was Silvia Gonzales?
A geologist that while working in Mexico believes to have found human footprints
Who is Terry Jones?
he tested the pacific rim kelp forest theory
Who was Jon Erlandson?
the person who proposed the pacific rim kelp forest theory
Who is Dennis Stanford?
Archealologist that looked at the technology the prehistoric people had
Who was Doug Owsley?
Used craniometic measurements to classify ancient people
Who was the Kennewick man?
oldest remains of humans found in the americas
How was the Kennewick man killed suggesting what?
By a spear wound to the hip suggesting that maybe the prehistoric people were violent
What's important of the year 13500 BP?
the time that was believed to be when man came over to the americas
What's important about the year 16000 BP?
At Meadowcroft Rockshelter artifacts were found and dated back to 16000
What is important about the year 17000 BP?
In Cactus Hill Va artifacts were found to be 17000 years old
What is important about 20000 BP?
This is the time frame at which Dennis Stanford believes the solutrean people travel to the americas from europe
What was the name of the people Stanford suggest came over form europe to the americas?
the solutrean people
What is important about 40000 BP?
The footprints that Gonzales found were supposedly this old
What is the peice of land that many people believe prehistoric people travel across during the ice age?
The bearing land bridge
How were they able to cross the land bridge?
during the ice age most of earth's water was sucked into the glaciers causing ocean levels to drop exposing once hidden land
What was the name of the passage way of ice on the north american continent that prehistoric people travel through?
The ice free corridor
What was significant about the Gault site in Texas?
Found tools not once known to be used by prehistoric americans like a spear thrower and a scythe
What was special about the Windover site?
it was a huge cemeatory site and all the people that were buried were covered in shrouds that were hand woven. It also counters the argument that people moved around a lot these people stayed here long enough to bury their dead in the same place
What was found in the Valsequillo Basin of Mexico?
human footprints hundreds of then encased in ash
What was the name of the place that had multplie layers of earth that were excavated to find artifacts older than what was the accepted time frame?
Meadowcratf Rockshelter PA
What was the name of the site that found similar artifacts as Meadowcraft?
Cactus Hill VA
How does Australia play apart in this prehistoric americans story?
they have signs of people dating 50000 years back but it was only accessible by water suggesting prehistoric people made water crafts
What is important about 50000 BP?
This is the when the earliest sign of people on Australia
What is the Pacific Rim Kelp Forest theory?
there is a kelp forest that runs along the coast of Japan to the Americas that provide smooth water ways and food. Suggests that ancient people may have taken this route to get to the new world
Where was the skull of a child and man found that is said to be one of the earliest fossils of humans on the Americas?
Horn shelter #2
Where was the Kennewick man found?
Kennewick Washington
What is experimental archaeology?
the best guess on how something was used
What was special about the laurel shape spear?
it was made of good quality chipped stone and some of the finest stone tools ever made. Suggesting that prehistoric people were master engineers
What is use-wear analysis?
when a tool is repeatedly used it leaves a special polish. This was used on the scythes that they found to show that they were used on plant matter
What was used to discover the date of the footprints found in Mexico?
Radiocarbon dating
How is OSL dating used?
When you unearth dirt a certain type of energy is emitted giving you a date
How is most ancestors determined?
by how well your mitochondrial DNA matches up
What did Owsley's craniometric results find?
that the prehistoric people were more closly related to the Ainu or people pf the southern pacific rim
Who were the Ainu?
ancient ancestors of modern Japanese people
How may people were found at the Windover site?
Why is Dennis Stanford known as the lunatic?
He believes that people from europe travels across to the Americas following seals and other wildlife during the ice age because that is where the laurel shaped spear head is found
Who came over after the prehistoric americans?
the Inuits
Based on linguistic evidence how many migrations were there and how many could there have been?
3 and possibly 6
How many migrations can we identify today?
only 2

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