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history 6 final


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thirteenth amendment
ends slavery
fourteenth amendment
full citizenship rights to all Americans born in the US
fifteenth amendment
right to vote is not denied by race, color or previous condition of servitude
black codes
concern of white south that blacks would take over the labor
pendleton act
civil service exams for congress, merit vs. the spoils system
robber barons
rich men accused of unfair business practices
social darwinism
the belief that the most fit to survive are the wealthy in society
manifest destiny
America should expand and spread its democracy
roosevelt corollary
US is the policemen of western hemisphere
populist party
western farmers, opposition to the gold standard
omaha platform
adopted at the convention of populist party
william jennings bryan
moralistic pacifism, frowned upon use of force and US should set example for other countries
cross of gold speech
standardize the dollar to silver and gold
battle of the standards
debate over whether to use gold of silver as standard of money
robert lafollete
opponent of league of nations, opposed to growing dominance of corporations over government
new freedom
progressive congress, included income tax, underwood tariff, federal reserve act, and federal trade commision
morgan loans
wealthy men loaned money to france and britain, problematic for US neutrality
zimmerman telegram
brought US into WW, to Mexico that if they enter war they will get back the land they lost to US
fourteen points
if the world followed these, there would be no more world wars, no secret alliances
washington's naval conference
return to american isolationsim, american businessmen didn't want more money spent to back up the navy
national women's party
fought for women's rights to vote, bring purity back to government
nineteenth amendment
gave women right to vote
scopes monkey trial
against teaching evolution, out of touch with technology
national origins act
nativism, keep european immigrants from non-northern countries out
dust bowl
economy was ruined, dust storm that ruined the land.
place in middle class urban america that was hit by dust bowl, bread and soup lines
bonus army
ww1 veterans demanded pensions early, us sent troops, americans sided with the veterans
fireside chats
roosevelt talked to americans, restored their confidence, people started trusting him
hundred days
series of acts-- emergency banking act, economy act, fdic, aaa, nira, pwa, ccc, tva
keynesisan economics
federal government needs to put money into the system to get it started
work relief program, built airports, bridges, 1/3 of population put to work
social security
rejects notion of self help, people have something to fall back on
wagner act
collective bargaining, recognized unions but prohibit company unions
kellogg-briand pact
outlaw militarism, anti war agreement
neutrality act
cash and carry basis, no interaction with belligerent nations
quarantine speech
fascism needs to be quarantined
pearl harbor
attack by japan, after roosevelt stopped shipping them oil
japanese american internment
relocation and internment of japanese americans and nationals
potsdam conference
truman and the atomic bomb, don't need stalin
unconditional surrender or ruin, later was nagaski
communism cannot be allowed to spread or expand its influence
truman doctrine
failure to step in with europe will endanger US
marshall plan
economic recovery plan for europe
berlin airlift
blockade city in hopes that it will fall to communism
not containment anymore, building up american forces and work on h-bomb, want to wipe out communism
korean war
north and south korea
brown vs. board
segregation unequal, schools must integrate
montgomery bus boycott
rosa parks, nonviolent tactics
martin luther king jr.
march on washington, led southern christian leadership conference
civil disobedience
protesting peacefully, nonviolence
student nonviolent coordinating committee
great society
welfare system, johnson's idea
civil rights act
no public discrimination
malcolm x
led black rights activists
viet minh
wanted sovereignty for vietnam, ho chi minh modeled after declaration of independence
viet cong
civilians in south that fought for north vietnam, confused with innocent
gulf of tonkin
president got license to do whatever he wanted with the war in vietnam
port huron statment
declaration of activism, from u of m
students for democratic society, open protesting, anti war marches
3 days of peace and music
kent state
protesting students got shot by national guard
tet offensive
brought middle class america into anti war effort, thought they were being lied to
suez canal
nasser to revenue from here to pay for aswan dam
eisenhower doctrine
us will intervene miliarily if communism tries to take power
started embargo of oil, led to energy crisis, realized had power to raise money of oil
war powers act
president can send us forces, 48 notification, 60 days to remove
gamal adbal nasser
pres of egypt, middle east into era of determinism

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