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English Victorian Period


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Between what years did Queen Victoria reign?
What is the era is the greatest change in British history?
Victoria Era
What consisted were some elements of the Industrial Revolution?
railways, factories, midlands
What are the midlands?
Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester
What is the paradox of the Industrial Revolution?
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Who stated the paradox of the Industrial Revolution?
Charles Dickens
Name one of the essay righter in favor of the Industrial Revolution.
Thomas Babbington Macaulay
Which essay writer had the idea of laissez faire?
Thomas Babbington Macaulay
What is the idea of laissez-faire?
if manufacturing were left alone and factories and industry develop, Britain would become happier and wealthier
Name the two essay writers against the Industrial Revolution.
1. Robert Southey
2. Thomas Carlyle
What is Robert Southey's idea of regarding the welfare of England?
a simpler, non-industrial age had been happier
What is Thomas Carlyle's view on the the Industrial Revolution?
-attacks economy based on mechanization and profit
-thundered against materialism
-distressed by the suffering in the slum, child labor, mines, factories
-growing urban povery and squalor contrasted with increasing noational wealth
-sponsored legislation to curb abuses of child labor
What are the two basic views of the writers toward their world?
1. strong belief still held in God and country-- "The sun never sets on the British Empire"
2. crisis of fatih -- disturbed by new ideas about religon and science
What three things foster the crisis of faith?
1. Origin of Species - Charles Darwin
2. Principles of Geology - Charles Lylell
3. Freidrich Wilhelm Nietzche's "superman" theory
What did Friedrich Wilhelm Neitzche propose?
-God is dead
- Superman theory - ubermensch
What famous leader followed Friedrich Wilhelm Neitzche's teachings?
When was the Origin of the Species written?
When was the Principles of Geology written?
When did Friedrich Wilhelm Neitzche live?
Who was the main waverer?
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Alfred Lord Tennyson (fact)
raised in religion, but disturbed by Darwin and how science seemed to contradict religion.
Name 3 works by Tennyson.
1. In Memoriam
2. Ulysses
3. The Lady of Shalott
Who is "In Memoriam" about?
a close friend, Arthur Henry Hallam
What is about "In Memoriam" about?
a series of poems lamenting the death of close friend and at times strugglin to believe in a benevolent God.
How would "In Memoriam" be characterized as?
by amood of sad-sweet contemplation
What is Ulysess about?
the necessity of heroic action
What is a the Lady of Shalott about?
a fair lady and medival knight but there is no chivalric action
Who are the the main waverers?
1. Matthew Arnold
2. Thomas Hardy
Name one work of writing by Matthew Arnold.
Dover Beach
What is Dover Beach about?
the speaker sits on the shore of the ocean and hears an eternal not of sadness and there is no certainty in the world.
What did Thomas Hardy write?
The Darkling Thrush
What is the Darkling Thrush about?
-contrasts the happy song of the thrush with the realities of life as he knows it
-works drips with irony
- sees the world as always changing and sometimes meaningless
Who were the major believers?
1. Robert Browning
2. Gerard Manley Hopkins
3. Rudyard Kipling
4. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Who spent much of his life in Italy studing the Renaissance?
Robert Browning
Who was the inventor of the dramatic monologue?
Robert Browning
What is a dramatic monologue?
a poem in the form of a character's solilquy about himself
Who wrote Pippa Passes?
Robert Browning
What is the idea of Pippa Passes?
"God's in his heaven; all's right with the world"
Who was a Victorian Wordsworth?
Gerard Manley Hopkins
How is Gerard Manley Hopkins a Victorian Wordsworth?
he finds evidence of God's handiwork in the keenest observations of nature
Who wrote God's Grandeur?
Gerard Manley Hopkins
What is the idea behind God's Grandeur?
God's grandeur does exist but our perception of it has dulled
Who wrote the Jungle Book?
Rudyard Kipling
Who thought the British empire so great and was a testament to the marvelous works of the British government?
Rudyard Kipling
What did Bishop Usher do?
counteracted Darwin and Lyell. and by studying the Bible, he concluded the earth was only a couple of thousand years old.
Who alway reminded the reader of his moral duty not to become drunk with power but to act with humitlity and moral responsiblity in imperial affairs?
Rudyard Kipling
What were the two voice of from the Victorian England?
1. voice of faith, progress, and optimism
2. voice of criticism, doubt, and pessimism
What problems did Victorian England face?
-rapid mechanization
-claims of science
-disturbing social change
-intellectual and social discontent
-immoral behavior

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