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US History from 1865


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The Munich Agreement of 1938
Britain, France, Italy, and Germany, met in Munich to settle the already decided Czechoslavokia fate. It gave Hitler what he was after, the Sudetenland, and basically control over the rest of Czechoslovakia.
Il Duce.
Phony War
Phase in early WWII marked by few military operations following the German invasion of Poland.
Winston Churchill
Prime Minister of Britain.
Joseph Stalin
Premier of the Soviet Union.
Casablanc Conference
Allies pledged to continue the war until the unconditional surrender of the axis.
Tehran Conference
Nov 28. -Dec.1 1943 FDR, Churchill, and Stalin hold conference in Tehran to strengthen the cooperation of the US, Britain, and USSR in the War.
Program of military and economic aid given by the US to nations warring against the Axis powers.
Marshall Plan
Plan of the U.S. to rebuild the allied European nations and repelling communism after the war. Econmic containment of the Soviets.
Trumand Doctrine
United States response to the Soviets aggression, or policy of containment. U.S. was offering assistance to any country who was fighting communism.
Military containment of Soviets.
Ho Chi Minh
Established communist control in vietnam.
Berlin Blockade
The Soviets blocked transportation to West Berlin.
Nitkita Khrushchev
After the death of Stalin assumed the position of Soviet leader.
Mao Zedong
Leader of the Communist party of China.
Korean War
Termed a police action by the US. The war was between North and South Korea. Or the allied powers and communism.
The Domino Theory
The idea that if one country fell to communism then more were likely to follow like a domino effect.
The Containment Policy
The policy of the US in the early years of the Cold war, its effert to stop the communism Domino effect.
House Committee on Un-American Activities
An investigating committee of the US House. It looked into the possiblity that the American Communist Pary had infiltrated the government.
Earl Warren
Chief Justice of the US. His rulings affected the legla status of racial segregation, civil rights, separationof church and state and police arrest procedure. Cases such as Brown v. Board of Education, Miranda v. Arizona.
Brown v. Board of Education
Outlawed the segregation of public schools. Seperate but equal was unconstitutional. Browns tried to enroll kid in school closest to them instead of having to walk to a bus stop and be bused to a black school.
Lee Harvey Oswald
Assassinated of John F. Kennedy.
Policy to push a dangerous situation to the brink of disaster. To threaten until on the threshold of nuclear force.
Dien Bien Phu
Battle fought between the Viet Minh and France. It ended French invovement in Indochina and led to the seperation of NOrth and South Vietnam.
Geneva Accords
A conference between many countries that agreed to end hostilities and restore peace in Indochina and Korea, producing a set of treaties. called for unification and free elections.
Ngo Dinh Diem
The first president of the Republic of Vietnam. He was anti-Communist but ruthless leader. His family was placed in postitions as they were the only ones he trusted.
Thurgood Marshall
The first Afriican American to serve on the Supreme court of the United States. Lawyer in Brown v. Board of Education.
Rosa Parks
African American civil rights activist who was dubbed the mother of the mondern-day civil rights movement. Refused to obey bus driver and give up her seat to a white passenger. Triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Minister who was the leader of the Civil rights movement.
James Earl Ray
Assassinated MLK Jr.
Southern Manfiesto
Document opposing racial integration in public places.
Little Rock Nine
Nine African-American students who were prevented from attending Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas. The governor Orval Faubus called in the National Guard. Then Eisenhower called in the 101st Airborne Division to protect the students.
Freedom Riders
Group of men and women from different backgrounds and ethnicities who boarded buses trains and planes headed for th edeep south to test the Supreme Court ruling oulawing racial segregation in all interstate public facilities.
Medgar Evers
African American civil rights activist. Applied to law school and was rejected on the grounds of race and became the pet project of the NAACP.
James Meredith
American civil rights movement figure. First African American student at University of Mississippi. Led March Against Fear.
Bay of Pigs
Bay in Cuba site of failed Bay of Pigs invasion to overthrow Fidel Castro. Driving force behind the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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