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History Test Part 1


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property owners and businessmen as a class, as contrasted with the working class or proletariat
the period in European history between ancient and modern times, from about A.D. 500 to A.D. 1450
Middle Ages
When was the Middle Ages
A.D. 500 to A.D. 1450
what was availabe at the Manor
tannery, dyes blacksmith
The clergy took care of the serfs'
spiritual life
The nobles
managed the manor
The determination of the European Christians to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims resulted in
The Muslim religion originated
The Muslims first conquered blank then moved into blank
North Africa, Southern Spain
The generally accepted church in western Europe during the medieval period
Catholic Church
The group of people who conquered the Arab Muslims and provoked the Crusaders
Saracen Turks
During the period of the Crusades, warfare between Christians and Muslims lasted
200 years
T or F Because the Crusades opened travel to the Near East and brought back new goods, trade to western Europe grew.
T or F The revival of trade developed a new class of society made up of merchants and artisans called the bourgeoisie
the amount of money or property that a company or a person uses in carrying on a business
T or F Marco Polo's trip to the Far East introduced Europe to new products.
T or F Interest in learning was centered chiefly among the common people
Prior to the Renaissance, most books were written in
The Renaissance began in the country of
The Renaissance encouraged people to:
read and write
Prior to the Renaissance, learning was reserved for the
Which of the following was the most important invention during the Renaissance?
printing press
New political structures grew as kings relied less on the nobility and more on
wealth and Mercenaries
Commercial centers grew wealthy because of
T or F Exploration and voyages were financed by kings, merchants, and bankers who hoped to become wealthy.
T or F Mercantilism would favor a balance of imports over exports
Which fact below is not true of the mercantile theory?
Converted gold and silver into goods
Two men mentioned in this section who broke with the Catholic Church
Matin Luther and John Calvin
Martin Luther discovered the truth of God's grace and forgiveness from the book of
Which fact below was not a complaint about the Catholic Church?
clegy was not educated
T or False Marco Traveled from North africa to the far east
The man who traveled the Far East and returned with tales of great riches and many fine articles was
Marco Polo
The printing press was invented c.1440 by
Exploration and voyages were financed by kings, merchants, and bankers who hoped to become wealthy.
Countries began to establish blank and trading posts to help provide raw materials and foodstuffs they would otherwise have to blank from other countries.
colonies ,import

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