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Greece and Rome Test


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The Spartan city state can be described as
a militaristic society
The early Han emperors reformed the Legalist system by
incorporating Confucianism
Why was becoming Christian considered an act of disloyalty in the Roman Empire?
Christians could not worship the emperor as a deity.
The Greeks viewed the sea as
an important 'connector'
Cyrus and his father ruled their empire by following a practical approach of
especting local priests and native traditions.
The emperor responsible for the reorganization of the Roman government after 31 BCE was
Coins were significant in all of the following ways except
they were used to pay the professional soldiers
One key to the Romans' success in winning the loyalty of all of Italy was
granting Roman citizenship to conquered peoples.
In addition to agriculture, a fundamental resource of China was
human labor.
The Confucian view of proper female behavior was exemplified by the
three submissions.
one of the most enduring consquences of the Roman Empire has been the
Romanization of the western Mediterranean
When the Qin government abolished primogeniture, this meant that
the number of small landholders would grow.
Which of the following were not fundamental environmental factor(s) in Iran?
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
The Greek Dark Age was a period of
poverty, isolation, and depopulation.
The 3 social and occupational classes in ancient Iran were
warriors, priests, and peasants
On what factor do scholars agree was the reason behind why Rome and Han China flourished simultaneously?
Actually, no theory has won the support of most scholars.
How does the Peloponnesian War reveal an inherent flaw in the Greek society?
The independent polis fostered rivalry and mistrust among neighbors.
The Phoenician alphabetic writing system was a great gift to Greece because
it allowed for widespread literacy without years of study
The circumstance surrounding Jesus' ministry and acclamation by his followers as the messiah was
the Roman occupation of Judea
Which of the following is not a tenet of Zeoroastrianism?
belief in reincarnation of the dead
Which of the following is not amon ghte policies used by Alexander the Great to control his vast empire?
He promoted local militias
The Archaic Greek development of humanism, a lasting feature of Western Civilization, was
a valuing of the uniqueness, rights, and talents of individuals.
Although Greece is described as 'resource poor' in the chapter, it economically prosered
through access to foreign resources, markets, and ideas.
In order to supply administrators for the empire, the Han used officials from the gentry class and adopted
a version of Confucianism to guide government
The family was the basic unit of Roman society under the authority of
the paterfamilias
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the recovery of the Archaic Period
The cure of various infectious diseases
The conversion to Christianity of whcih Roman emperor ushered in a time o ftolerance, acceptance, and eventual dominance of Christianity?
The three Greek classical philosophers are
Socreates, Plato, and Aristotle
The Qin emperor was committed to standardization of coinage, weights and measures, the law code, and writing. This shows a commitment to
the creation of a unified Chinese civilization
A Greek population explosion led to
the colonization of North Africa, Sicily, southern Italy, and the Black Sea region
Roman technological expertise is evident in
engineering roads, aqueducts, concrete, and arches
Because of the influence of Confucian ethics, Chinese values emphasized
obedience and proper confuct.
The father of history in the western tradition is
Which of the following is not generally considered by scholars to be a factor helping to explain the fall of the Han empire?
the subversive ideas of Buddhism.
Which statement is true about Roman Women?
They exercised influence over husbands and sons.
King Darius, who was remembered as a lawgiver, created a central body of law. Under this system subject peoples in Persian territories were
still allowed to live under their own laws.
Two protracted and bloody wars against the Carthaginians were important because
Rome won control of the western Mediterranean
The Greek concept of democracy included political participation of
all free, native born, adult males
Though Greek sources depict Persian women as political pawns, recent findings suggest that Persian women of the elite class
owned property and had political influence
The Hellenistic Age refers to the
political and cultural influence of Greece over foreign subjects in North Africa and West Asia
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