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Enlightenment People


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Moliere enlightened ideas
questioned society, authorities, and ideas, church, completely reformed french government
Molière birth, location, and job
French, born 1622, playwright and actor
Moliere published works
Le Misanthrope
Haydn birth, place, job
Austria 1732, composer
Haydn enlightened ideas
music was revolutionary, developed string quartet, father of symphonies
Moliere quotes
"Speak to be understood."
Haydn occupations
choirboy in Vienna chapel until 17, wrote symphonies, court musician for wealthy
Haydn personality
modest, good humored, honest, Catholic
Hume birth, place, job
1711, Scotland, philosopher
Hume published works
Essays, Moral and Political; Treatise of Human Nature; History of England
Hume beliefs
knowledge comes from experience, knowledge leads to happiness
Hume occupations
studied literature and philosophy, author, tutor, office of secretary to General St. Clair, secretary in Paris for embassy
Hume enlightened beliefs
naturalistic philosophy, atheist, free will, published some work anonymously
Will Harvey birth, place, job
1578, England, doctor
Harvey occupation
physician, physician of King James I
Harvey Enlightened Ideas
proved that all blood flows in one direction through heart valves, no blood consumed in body, blood not sucked but pumped
Harvey published works
2 books about blood flow
Kepler birth, place, job
1571, Germany, mathematician, astronomer and astrologer
Kepler published works
Astronomia nova, Harmonices Mundi, and Epitome of Copernican Astrononomy
Kepler enlightened ideas
inherited Taco Brehe's data, made laws of planetary motion, using eyes for depth perception, derived birth year of Christ, religious
Dalton birth, place, job
1766, England, chemist, meteorologist, physicist
Dalton published works
Essays on gases
Dalton enlightened beliefs
atomic theory, gas laws, color blindness
Bach birth, place, job
1684, German, musician
Bach occupations
joined choir at 8, chamber orchestra, organist all over, Greatest German Organist, worked as teacher
Bach enlightened beliefs
mostly religious music (Lutheran), never wealthy but kings treated him as equal, beginning of Baroque era, developed 12 tone scale, strayed away from facts of religion
Rousseau birth, place, job
1712, Switzerland, philosopher
Rousseau occupations
musical talents (2 operas)
Rousseau enlightened ideas
man is best when left at a natural state, enabled education and social order, all men should have same education, social contract, sent daughters to live in wilderness, inspired french revolution, against private property
Montesquieu birth, place, job
1689, France, philosopher
Voltaire birth, place, job
1694, France, Enlightenment writer
Montesquieu enlightened beliefs
Separation of state powers, adventurers do great things, religious and political freedom
Voltaire occupations
jailperson for offending people in high places, wrote about science and history
Voltaire enlightened beliefs
defender of freedom of speech, influenced by pope, attacked oppressive religion, wrote about God, atheist, one religion
Holbach birth, place, job
1723, France, author, philosopher, translator
Holbach occupation
helped french enlightenment, salon in mainstream, helped create Encyclopedie
Holbach quotes
"If ignorance of Nature gave birth to gods, then knowledge of Nature is calculated to destroy them."
Holbach enlightened ideas
atheist and against religion
Descartes birth, place, job
1596, France, philosopher/scientist
Descartes beliefs
angle of instance=angle of reflection, only learned math, only certainty is the basis of knowledge
Descartes publications and quotes
I think, therefore I am.
Vasalius birth, place, death
1514, Brussels, medicine
Vasalius publications
De humani corporis fabrica
Vasalius enlightened ideas
accurate drawings of human anatomy in book, triggered interest in dissections
Newton birth, place, job
1642, England, physicist
Newton occupation
read and experimented, published Principia
Newton enlightened beliefs
discovered calculus, laws of motion, prisms, made first reflecting telescope
Locke birth, place, job
1622 England philosopher
Locke enlightened belifs
tabula rasa, "government with the consent of the governed"; state of nature; rights of life, liberty and property, men are equal
Mozart birth, place, job
1756, Salzburg, composer
Mozart enlightenment
35 concertos, ranged in mood, influenced all classical music
Hobbes birth, place, job
1588, England, philosopher
Hobbes enlightened beliefs
determinism, deductive reasoning, wrote Social Contract, ruler has absolute power, universe is corporeal, don't believe until you see, power of speech important
Smith birth, place, job
1723 Scotland, philosopher/economist
Smith enlightened ideas
Theory of Moral sentiment, mankind's ability to form moral judgement, self-interest, freedom of trade, self-interest boosts economy, laissez-faire
Condorcet birth, place, job
1743, Aisne, philosopher/scientist
Condorcet enlightened ideas
philosopher, constitutionalism, liberal economy, active in human rights, essays, jury theory, more people, more chance of being right, inalienable rights, sentenced to death
Galileo birth, place, job
1564 Tuscany, astronomer
Galileo enlightened ideas
Catholic, studied math, invented telescope, saw sun spots and moons around Jupiter, said he was wrong
Bernini birth, place, job
1598, Naples, architect
Bernini enlightened beliefs
worked on St. Peter's basilica, many palaces, embellished pre-existing structures
Handel birth, place, job
1685 Germany, musician
Handel enlightened beliefs
Took organ lessons, wrote Habanera, wrote operas and oratorias, brought italian style of opera to England
David birth, place, job
1748, French, painter
David enlightened beliefs
learned neoclassicism, hostile towards paintings, propaganda for New Republic, aligned himself with political regimes
Frederick the Great birth, place, job
1712, Prussia, king
Frederick the Great
interested in music, forbidden to play, went to war, argued w/ Voltaire, uniter of people, enlightened absolutism
Wollstonecraft birth, place, job
1759, London, writer/philosopher
Wollstonecraft enlightened beliefs
set up school (abandoned), governess, frustrated with limited power of poor women, decided to write, Vindication for the Rights of Women
Swift birth, place, job
1667, Ireland, satirist
Swift enlightened ideas
became priest, editor of Tory newspapers, believed in learning and looking for more knowledge
Tipola birth, place, job
1696, Italy, art
Tipola enlightened beliefs
spiritual but not Christian, celebrated art, painted ceilings for gentlemen, sought out despite being poor, painted frescoes
Franklin birth, place, job
1706 Boston, publisher
Franklin enlightened beliefs
published farmer's almanac, discovered electricity, bifocals, Franklin stove, improved style of living for people, ambassador
Vermeer birth, place, jobs
1642 Netherlands, painter
Vermeer enlightened beliefs
converted to Catholisism, reflected political climate and religious conflicts, GIRL WITH THE pEARL EARRING
Spinoza birth, place, job
1632 Amsterdam, philosopher
Spinoza enlightened beliefs
founder of modern criticalism, refused to believe sould was immortal, pursuit for virtue, set to be rabbi, began 18th century enlightenment

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