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gre vocabulary e2


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clean; remove. If you behave, I will expunge this notiation from your record
clean; remove offensive parts of a book. The editors felt that certain passages in the book had to be expurgated before it could be used in the classroom
take possession of. He questioned the government's right to expropriate his land to create a wildlife preserve.
risk, particularly of being exposed to disease or to the elements; unmasking; act of laying something open. Exposure to sun and wind had dried out her hair and weather her face.
protest; remonstrance. Despite the teacher's scoldings and expotulations, the class remained unruly
explanatory; serving to explain. The manual that came with my VCR was no materpiece of expository prose; its explanations were so garbled that I coudln't even figure out how to rewind a tape.
deed or action, particularly a brave deed. Raoul Wallenberg was noted for his exploits in rescuing Jews from Hitler's forces
totally clear; definite; outspoken. Don't just hint around that you're dissatisfied; be explicit about what's bugging you
explain; interpret; clarify. Harry Levin explicated James Joyce's novels with such clarity that even Finnegan's Wake seemed comprehensible to his students
interjection; profane oath, additional words. The sergeant's remarks were filled with expletives that offended the new recruits
make amends for (a sin). Jean Vaijean tried to expiate his crimes by performing acts of charity
specialized knowledge; expert skill. Although she was knwoledgeable in a number of fields, she was hired for her particular experitise in computer programming
payment or expense; output. When you are operating on an expense account, you must keep receipts for all your expenditures.
hasten. Because we are on a tight schedule, we hope you will beable to expedite the delivery of our order. The more expeditious your response is, the happier we will be
suitable; practical; politic. A pragmatic politician, she was guided by what was expedient rather than by what was ethical. expediency N
exile; someone who has withdrawn from his native land. Henry James was an American expatriate who settled in England.
talk at length. Chiou would not stop talking. He can expatiate for hours
outgoing and sociable; broad and extensive, be able to increase in size. Mr. James was in an expansive humor, cheerfully urgin his guests to join in the christmas feast
not native; strange. Because of his exotic headdress, he was followed in the streets by small children who laughed at his strange appearance
drive out evil spirits. By incantation and prayer, the medicine man sought to exorcise the evil spirits that had taken possession of the young warrior
excessive. The peopel grubled at his exorbitatn prices but paid them because he had a monopoly
acquit; exculpate, exemplary, to show a person is innocent
. The defense team feverishly sought fresh evidence that m ight exonerate their client
departure. The exodus from the hot and stuffy city was particularly noticeable on Firday evenings.
pertaining to existence; pertaining to the philosophy of existentialism. To the existential philosopher, human reason is inadequate to explain an irrationa, meaningless universe
small; minute. Grass grew here and there, an exiguous outcropping among the rocks
urgent situation; pressing needs of demands, state of requiring immediate attention. The exigencies of war gave impetus and funding to computer research in general and in particular to the deveopment of code breaking machines
dig out of the ground; remove from the grave. Could evidence that might identify the serial killer have been buried with his victim? To answer this question, the police asked the authorities for permission to exhume the victim's body
urge. The evangelist exhorted all the sinners int he audience to repent. exhortation N
invigorating and refreshing; cheering. Though some of the hikders found tramping through the snow tiring, Jeffrey found the walk on the cold,c rips day exhilarating. His exhilarationw as so great that, at the hike's end, he wanted to walk another five miles
effort; expenditure of much physical work. The exertion invovlved in unscrewing the rusty bolt left her exhausted
ont subject to a duty or obligation. Because of his flat feet, Foster was exempt from serving in the armed forces.
show by exxample; furnish an example. Three-time winner of the SUper BOwl, Joe Montana exemplifies the idea quarterback
serving as a mode; outstanding. At commencement the dean praised Ellen for her exemplary behavior as class president.
explanation, especially of biblican passages. The minister basd her sermon on her exegesis of a difficult passage from the book of Job.
put into effect; carry out. The choreographer wanted to see how well she could execute a pirouette. (secondary meaning) execution N
curse; express abhorrence for. The world execrates the memory of Hitler and hopes that genocide will never again be the policy of any nation
very bad. The anecdote was in such execrable taste that the audience was revolted
clear from blame. She was exculpated of the crime when the real criminal confessed.
scold with biting harshness; strip the skin off. Seeing the rips in Bill's new pants, his mother furiotusly excoriated him for ruining his good clothes.
cry out suddenly. "watson! Behind you! Holmes exclaimed, seeing the assain hurl himself on his friend. exclamation. N exclamatory adj
cut away; cut out. When you excise the dead and dying libs of a tree, you not only improve his appearance but also enhance its chances of bearing fruits. excision N
selected passage (written or musical). The cinematic equivalnt of an excerpt from a novel is a clip from a film
objectionable. Do you find the punk rock band Green day a highly exceptionable, thoroughtly distasteful group, or do you think they are exceptionally talented performers?
vex. angry
. Johnny often exasperates his mothers with his pranks
raise in rank or dignity; praise. The actor Sean Connery was exalted to the rank of knighthood by the Queen, he now is known as Sir Sean Connery
extremely demanding. Cleaning the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was an exacting task, one that demanded extremely meticulous care on the part of the restorers. exaction N
require or demand, often forcibly; take. In fedual times, landowners exacted heavy payements from their peasants in both goods and labor. Asa Philip Randolph proclaimed, "Freedom is never granted; it is won. Justice is never givenl it si exacted." The war in Algeria exacted a heavy toll in casualities
worsen; embitter. The latest bombing exacerbated England's already existing bitterness against the IRA, causing the Prime Minister to break off the peace talks abruptly.
female sheep. The flock of sheep was made up of dozens of ewes, together with only a handful of rams
call forth. He evoked much criticism y his hostile manner, evocation N
tending to call up (emotions, memories). Scent can be remarkably evocative. The aroma of pipe tobacco evokes the memory of my father; a whiff of talcum powder calsl up images of my daughter as a child
impartial; fair. Do men and women receive evenhanded treatment from their teachers, or, asrecent studeis suggest, do teachers pay more attention to male students than to females?
show clearly. When he tried to answer the questions, he evinced his ignorance of the subject matter
not frank; eluding. Your evasive answers convinced the judge that you were withholding important evidence. evade V
fleeting; vanishing. For a brief moment, the entire skyline was bathed in an organe-red hue in the evanescent rays of the sunset
mercy killing. Many people support euthanasia for terminally ill patients who wish to die
feeling of exaggerated (or unfounded) well-being. "Jill's been on cloud nine ever since Jack asked her out." said Betty, dismiins her friends' euphoria
sweet sound. Noted for its euphony even when it is spoken, the Italian language is particuarly pleasing to the ear when sung. euphonious adj
mild expression in place of an unpleasant one. The expression, 'he passed away' is a euphemism for 'he died'
expression of praise, often on the occasion of someone's death. Instead of delivering a spoken eulogy at Genny's memorial service, Jeff sang a song he had written in her honor. eulogize V
praising. To everyone's surprise, the speech was eulogistic rather than critical in tone
pertaining to the improvement of race. IT is easier to apply eugenic principles to the raising of race horses or prize cattle than to the development of human beings
study of word parts. A knowledge of etymology can help you on many English tests: If you know what the roots and prefixes mean, you can determine the meanings of unfamiliar words
underlying charafcter of a culture, groups. Seeing how tenderly Spaniards treated her small daughter made author Barbara Kingsolver aware of how greatly chidren were valued in the Spanih ethos
study of humankind. Sociology is one aspect of the science of ethoology
relating to races. Intolerance between thnic groups is deplorable and usually is based on lack of information
light; heavenly; unusally refined. In Shakespear's the Tempest, the spirit Ariel is an ethereal creature, too airy and unearthly for our mortal world.
separated; alienated. The estranged wife sought a divorce estrangement N
worthy of esteem; admirable. Tennis star Andrew Agassi survived a near loss in the semifinals to win the seventh Grand Siam tournament title of his uneven yet estimable career
respect,, value
make an attempt at; test. In an effort to enrich the contemporary operatic repertorire, the Santa Fe Opera commissioned three new operas by America composes who had not previously essayed the form
adopt; support. She was always ready to espouse a worthy cause
spying. In order to maintain its power, the government developed a system of espionage that penetrated every household
hard to understand; known only to the chosen few. New Yorker short stories often include esoteric allusions to obscure people and events
avoid. Hoping to present himself to his gf as a totally reformed character, he tried to eschew all the vices, especially chewing tobacco and drinking bathtub gin
prank; flightly conduct. The headmaster could not regard this latest escapade as a boyish joke and expelled the young man
learned; scholarly. Unlike much shcolarly writing. Huizinga's prose was entertaining as well as erudite, lively as well as learned. erudition N
mistaken; wrong. I thought my answer was correct, but it was erroneous.
odd; unpredictable. Investors become anxious when the stock market appears erratic
wandering. many a carming tale has been written about the knights errant who helped the weak and punished the guilty during the age of chivalry
films with significant erotic content are rated R; pornographic films are rated X
eat away. The limestone was eroded by the dripping water until only a thin shell remained.
lie; mislead; attempt to conceal the truth. No matter how bad the news is, give it to us straight. Above all, don't equivocate
ambigious; intentionally misleading. Rejectin the candidate's equivocalcomments on tax reform, the reporters pressed him to state clearly where he stood on the issue.
fairness; justice. Our couts guaratee equity to all
fair; impartial. I am seeking an equitable solution to this dispute, one that will be fair and acceptable to both sides
balance; balancing force; equilibrium. The hihg-wire acrobat used his pole as an equiposie to overcome the swaying caused by the wind
period of equal days and nights; the beginning of spring and autumn. The vernal equinox is usually marked by heavy rainstorms
resembling a horse. Her long, bony face had an equine look to it.
balance. After the divorce, he needed some time to regain his equiblibrium
rider on horseback. These paths in the park are reserved for equestrians and their steeds
calmness of temperament; composure. Even the inevitable strains of caring for an ailing mother did not disturb Bea's equanimity
tranquil, steady, uniform. Afterthe hot summers and cold winters of New England, she found the climate of the West indies equable and pleasant
period of tiem. The glacial epoch lasted for thoussands of years
perfect example or embodiment. Singing "I am the very model of a modern Major General' in the PIrates of Penzane, Majoy General stanely proclaimed himself the epitome of an officer and a gentlemen, epitomize V
word or phrase characteristically used to describe a person or thing. So many kings of France were naemd Charles that modern students need epithets to tell them apart; Charles the wise, for exmaple, was someone far different from charles the fat
inscription in memory of a dead person. In his will, he dictated the pitaph he wanted placed on his tombstone
philosopher who studies the nature of knowledge. 'what is more improtant, a knowledge of nature of the nature of knowledge? ' the epistemologist asked the naturalist
loosely connected. Though he tried to follow the plot of Gravity's Rainboz, John found the novel too episodic
short speech at conclusion of dramatic work. The audience was so disappointed in the play that many did not remain to hear the epilogue
witty though or saying , usually short. Poor Richard's epigrams made Benjamin Franklin famous
connoisseur of food and drink. Epicures frequent this restaurant because it features exotic wines and dishes. epicurean adj
long heroic poem, novel, or similar work of art. Kurosawa's film Seven Samurai is an epic portaying the struggle of seven warriors to destroy a band of robbers
short-lived; fleeting. the mayfly is an ephermeral creatures; its adult lie lasts little more than a day
ornament worn on the shoulder (of a uniform) the shoulder loops on Sam Sapde's trench coat are the nomilitary counterparts of the fringed epaulets on George Washington's uniform.
long period of tiem; an age. it has taken eons for our civlization to develop
enclose; surround. In medieval days, Paris was environoed by a wall
utter or speak, especiallydistinctly. Stop Mubling! HOw will people understand you if you do not enuciate clearly?
list; mention one by one. Huck hung his head in shame as Miss Watson enumerated his many flaws
businessperson; contractor
entrace; a way in. Because of his wealth and social position, he had entree into te most exlcusive circles
plead; ask earnestly. She entreated her father to let her stay out till midnight.
put under a spell; caryr away with emotion. Shafts of sunlight on a wall could entrance her and leave her spellbound
study of insects. Kent found entol=mology the most annoying part of his biology course; study insects bugged him
rea; being. As soon as the charter was adopted, the United Nations became an entity and had to be considered as a factor in world diplomacy
lure; attract; tempt. Will Mayor Bloomberg's attempts to entice the members of the intentaionsl olympic committee to select NY as the site of the 2012 olympic games succed? only tiem will tell
capture; enslave. From the moment he saw her pictuer, he was enthralled by her beauty
full of initiative. By coming up with fresh ways to market the compan's products, Mike proved himself to be an enterprising businessman
require; necessitate; involve. Building a college level vocabulary will entail
follow as a consequence; result. what a holler would ensue if people had to pay the minister as much to marry them as they have to pay a lawyer to et them a divorce (Claire Trevor)
settle comfortably. now that their children were ensconced safely in the private school, the jetsetting parents decided to leave for Europe
please intensely. The audience was enraptured by the freshness of the voices and the excellent orchestration
hugeness (in a bad sense). He did not realize the enormity of his criem until he saw what suffering he had caused
boredom. The monotonoous routine of hospital life induced a feeling of ennnui that mde her moody and irritable. "Ts vacation is bor-ing!" complained Heather, tired of being stuck riding in the car with no way to relieve her growing ennui
ill will; hatred. At Camp David President Carter labored to bring an end to the enmity thta prevented Egypt and Israel from living in peace
command; order; forbid. The owners of the company asked the court to enjoin the union from picketing the plant
obscure; puzzling. many have sought to fathom the enigmatic smile of the Mona lisa
puzzle; mystery. 'What do women want?" asked Dr. Sigmund Freud. Their behavior was an enigma to him
increase; improve. You can enhance your chances of being admitted to the college of your choice by learning to write well; ane xcellent essay wil enhance any application
occupy fully. JOhnwas so engrossed in his studies that he did not hear his mother call
cause; produce. To receive praise for real accomplishments engenders self-confidence in a child
attract; hire; pledge oneself; confront. "Your case has engaged my insterst, my lord, ' said HOlmes. "You may engage my services'
admit to the rights of citizenship (Especially the right to vote). Although blacks were enfranchised shortly after the Civil War, women did not receive the right to vote until 1920

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