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Romeo and Juliet Test 2


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Where and when was William Shakespeare born?
Stratford, April 23, 1564
Who was the ruler of England during most of Shakespeare's lifetime?
Elizabeth I
Who was the ruler of England during the latter days of Shakespeare's life?
James I
What were four events of historical importance which occurred during Shakespeare's lifetime?
Jamestown was founded
Founding of the New World
Defeat of Spanish armada
What was the name of the historical age in which Shakespeare lived? (two names)
Elizabethan Age and the Jacobean Age
Whats is a comedy?
A drama that is characterized by happy endings, love and renewal, nature, and magic
What are some examples of comedies?
Midsummer's Night Dream
Comedy of Errors
What is a tragedy?
A drama that is characterized by unhappy endings, seriousness, downfall of the hero and society, and a tragic flaw in the hero
What is a history?
A drama of actual events with bias.
What are some examples of tragedies?
Romeo and Juliet
What are some examples of histories?
Richard III
Henry V
In what form are Shakespeare's plays written?
Blank verse
List four characteristics of the theater of Shakespeare's time which are not ncessarily representative of the theater of today.
Held outside in mid day
Audience was up close
Used very few seats
No women were allowed to act
Who were groundlings?
People who paid 1 cent to be able to stand up right near the stage
Who were courtiers?
People who paid more than the groundlings who got to sit a bit farther from the stages
What behavior might one expect from the audience, especially if they did not like a play?
Booing, throwing things, yelling
Who was James Burbage?
The builder of the first permanent theater in London
Which theater did Shakespeare build?
The Globe Theater
For whom did Shakespeare write his plays?
What does "Bard of Avon" mean?
A nickname for Shakespeare meaning "poem"
In what year did Shakespeare die?
Why have his plays remained popular for nearly 400 years?
The dialogue, action, and the whole story of the play
What is blank verse?
Unrhymed lines of 10 syllables each in pattern
How many plays did Shakespeare write?
What is catharsis?
Purging of emotions, empathy
What is schadenfreude?
Joy in other people's pain
Why did people go to watch tragedies?
Catharsis and schadenfreude
What is a simile?
A comparision of two things using like or as
What is a metaphor?
A comparision of two things not using like or as
What is a pun?
A figure of speech which consists of deliberate confusion of similar words or phrases, often containing homophones
What is personification?
Giving human qualities to animals or objects
What is an allusion?
A brief reference to a person, event, book, place, work of art, etc
What is an oxymoron?
Putting two contradictory words together
What is verbal irony?
When someone says something that is opposite of what you might expect them to say, or opposite of what they expected would occur
What is situational irony?
Events that are purposely contrary to what was expected or intended
What is dramatic irony?
When the audience knows something that the characters do not
What is foreshadowing?
The use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later
What is a monologue?
A speech by a single character without a response from another character
What is a soliloquy?
A speech by a single character that is meant to be heard only by the audience and represents the character thinking aloud.
What is a couplet?
A pair of lines of verse that rhyme
What is a sonnet?
Verse of fourteen lines that has a rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg
What is comic relief?
An interruption to a succession of intensely tragic dramatic moments that offers the audience something to laugh at
What is prose?
Writing that does not have a regular meter, does not rhyme, and is more similar to everyday speech
What is iambic pentameter?
A meter of poetry with five pairs of unstressed-stressed syllables per line
Who as the inventor of the sonnet?
Petrach, an italian
How is a sonnet divided?
3 quatrains, 1 couplet

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