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He says that his profit from learning language is that he knows how to curse. He describes his home in Act III, saying “The isle is full of noises, / Sounds, and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not.” Trinculo calls him a “mooncalf”, but he
The source of the play was probably Barnabe Rich’s Apolonius and Silla. Although Will Kemp was supposed to play the fool, the part of Feste was rewritten for Robert Armin, and he is given three of Shakespeare’s best songs. FTP, name this play, whose
Twelfth Night
Characters in this play include the almost indistinguishable companions Salerio and Solanio and the servant Launcelot Gobbo. According to the terms of her father's will, the protagonist can only marry the suitor who correctly chooses a casket containing
The Merchant of Venice
He was defeated and killed at Lumphanan in 1057, after an invasion from England made possible by the assistance of Earl Siward of Northumbria. Probably the grandson of Kenneth II, he took power after killing the king in 1040, and defeated a revolt led by
Composed of 100 cantos written in terza rima, it begins with the poet lost in the Wood of Error on Good Friday, 1300. It then follows the poet's travels through the afterlife, led by Vergil and Beatrice. FTP, identify this epic poem by Dante Alighieri.
The Divine Comedy
It features the largest part by any non-title character in all of Shakespeare, and its probable source was a short story by Italian G.B. Giraldi Cinthio. Minor characters in this drama include the previous governor of Cyprus, Montano, and the Clown who a
Othello, The Moor of Venice
the preface to this novel, its author assumes the role of a finder of a package, left by Johnathan Pue in the attic of the Salems Customs House. He then claims merely to transcribe the story based on the manuscript found in the package. For 10 points, id
The Scarlet Letter
Adam and Dennis are servants, Audrey is a country wench. Corin and Silvius are shepherds, while Sir Oliver Martext is a vicar. Lilllian Helman used the location of Act 3, Scene 5 to title one of her most famous plays. Other characters include Celia, Pheb
As You Like It
Sometimes, you have to resort to desperate measures to survive a siege. In this 1759 satire, "The Old Woman" had to lose a buttock to feed the defenders of a fort. She survived the attack, however, and, despite being the daughter of Urban X, en
Candide, or Optimism
Balthasar and Peter are servants. Escalus is a Duke of Verona. Friar John is a friend of Friar Laurance. These characters--along with Benvolio, Paris, Mercutio, and The Nurse all appear in--for 10 points--what 1595 play.
Romeo and Juliet
Sir Thopas, Melibee, the Franklin, the Shipman, the Man of Law, the Manciple, the Prioress, the Summoner, the Pardoner, and the Miller are some of the pilgrims who tell their tales on their way to Thomas a Becket's shrine in Canterbury in what unfinished
The Canterbury Tales
Events in this novel include a visit to Bald Hills to arrange a marriage between Marya and Anatol, which is dashed after an apparent tryst with Madam Bourienne. Nikolai arrives at Olmutz to receive a letter from Boris, Schmidt’s death in battle leads t
War and Peace [or Voyna i mir]
In this novel, an outcast youth, feeling a "damp, drizzly November" in his soul, goes to New Bedford to become a sailor, where he becomes roommates and friends with a Polynesian prince. After a symbolic sermon by Father Mapple, they go to Nantu
Moby Dick
T.S. Eliot said that it would be a landmark because it destroys our civilization. First published in Paris in 1922, it records the events that took place on June 16, 1904, focusing on the lives of three main characters. FTP, identify this novel, which fo
The Hindu word 'shantih,' repeated three times, closes this poem. A curious end to a rather curious poem. Allusions to Sanskrit mythology as well as to characters from Greek myth such as Tiresias, abound. It is divided into five sections ; The Burial of
The Waste Land
This novel contains two of its author's most famous minor characters, Mr. Collins and Lady Catherine de Bourgh. In the novel, Darcy interfers with his friend Bingley's courtship of Jane, whose sister Jane Darcy himself wishes to court. FTP, name this wor
Pride and Prejudice
John the Bastard frames the heroine of this play and fools her husband-to-be into thinking that she is cheating on him. All is discovered, however, with the capture of Borachio by the constable Dogberry. FTP, name this Shakespeare play that features the
Much Ado About Nothing
In this novel ,the narrator becomes suspicious of the business practices of the titular character after meeting his associate Mr. Wolfsheim, but he soon forgets his concerns after falling for his cousin's friend Jordan Baker. The climax occurs when the n
The Great Gatsby
The author asked for parts of this novel to be printed in eight different colors to represent different layers of the narrators’ memories. Although the request was not granted, this novel is still a radical experiment in form and technique. Three of th
The Sound and the Fury
He slays Mezentius, Lausas, and Turnus in battle. The son of Aphrodite and Anchises, his son Ascanius founds the city Alba Longa, and his departure from Carthage causes the lovesick Dido to commit suicide. FTP, name this hero of Vergil's _Aeneid_.
Billy Bud: Foretopman
Originally written as one paragraph on a 250-foot roll of paper, with no punctuation, Truman Capote said of it, "This isn't writing; this is typing." Characters include Carlo Marx, Sal Paradise, and Dean Moriarty, drifters on a hitchhiking trip
On the Road
The arrival of the gypsy writer Melquiades begins this novel’s bizarre sequence of events, starting with the discovery of ice by Aureliano and his father. Other characters include the lonely ghost of Prudencio Aguilar, who searches for water to clean a
One Hundred Years of Solitude or Cien años de soledad
The last English monarch to die in battle, he had his two nephews murdered in the Tower of London to insure his succession to the throne. FTP, name this subject of a Shakespearean history who ruled from 1483 to 1485 and was defeated by Henry Tudor &
Richard III
In this novel, you meet characters such as the convict Neil Sheldon, the secretary Laura Lyons, the neighbor with the telescope Mr. Frankland, Dr. James Mortimer, and Beryl. The story begins when Sir Charles dies and his nephew Sir Henry is about to move
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The measure of this poem is English Heroic Verse without rhyme, as that of Homer in Greek, and of Virgil in Latin, as rhyme is the "Invention of a barbarous age". So we are told in the introductory note to the 1668 edition of this work of twelv
Paradise Lost
This literary character's death is brought about by his loyalty to Cassy and Emmeline. An intensely Christian man, he had earlier been separated from his wife Chloe by Haley, and is horrified by the brutalities endured by his fellow passangers on a ship
Uncle Tom
This man visited the Acamedy of Projectors in Lagado, where scholars wasted their time trying to extract sunbeams from cucumbers and convert ice into gunpowder. FTP, who is this character who also visited Laputa, Brobdingnag, and Lilliput in a 1726 work
Lemuel Gulliver
Some scholar’s say the author based this work on Freud’s “The Case of Miss Lucy R.” Others, like Leon Edel, claim that it is a reflection of the author’s own family turmoil and movement out of London to Lamb House, which is represented by the e
The Turn of the Screw
Characters in this novel include Crooks, the colored stablehand; Slim, the jerkline skinner of the barley ranch; Candy, a swamper on the ranch; Curley, the son of the ranch owner; George Milton, a small and wiry man; and Lennie Small, a simple-minded man
Of Mice and Men
Chapter XIV of Biographia Literaria tells of the concep­tion of this volume as a way to defray the cost of two friends' walking trip. Its title is a misnomer, since a third of the poems do not fit the title's description ‑‑ "The Mad Mother"
Lyrical Ballads
He rides through the sky on a wooden horse called Clavileno and is named governor of the island of Barataria. Originally named Alonso Quijano, he changes his name, takes Aldonza Lorenzo as his lady love, and roams the countryside on his horse Rocinante.
Don Quixote
According to a Russian trader, this man should not be judged by normal rules of society because he has enlarged his mind. His greatest virtue is his eloquence, which he displays in an unfinished report for the International Society for the Suppression of
While dodging the proverbial draft on the island of Scyros, he met Deidameia, who bore him his son, Neoptolemus or Pyrrhus. Odysseus came to the island and discovered him despite his female disguise. In the Trojan War, he was a friend of Patroclus and th
The heroine of this novel marries the old German professor Dr. Bhaer, while her older sister marries the young tutor John Brooke and in a future novel gives birth to twins, Daisy and Demi. After failing to marry the heroine, next door neighbor Theodore L
Little Women, or Meg Jo, Beth, and Amy
It is the story of a publican in Chapelizod, near Dublin, his wife
Anna Livia Plurabelle, and their three children Kevin, Jerry, and Isabel. In homage to Vico's theory that history is cyclic, it begins by completing a sentence begun on the last page
Finnegan's Wake
A subplot in this work concerns the love of the young and impressionable Arkady for Katya Odintsova. Major roles are also played by Katya’s sister Anna, the love interest of the main character, and Arkady’s uncle Pavel, who is wounded in a duel with
Fathers and Sons or Fathers and Children; also accept Ottsy i deti
Subtitled "The Children's Crusade, a Duty-Dance with Death", this novel tells the story of a naive optometrist who, on the eve of his daughter's wedding, is kidnapped by aliens who teach him about the fourth dimension. Allowed to return to his
Slaughterhouse Five
The king visits the tournament disguised as Ashby de la Zouch, and helps the title character defeat the Templar Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert. Sir Brian goes to the Preceptory of Templestowe, taking Rebecca with him, and she is accused of witchcraft. FTP, i
Although both of his parents were Irish, his skin has been so thoroughly tanned by the climate of Lahore than none suspect his European ancestry. As an orphan, he is drawn to two surrogate fathers - the saintly Lama, who wanders in search of the holy Riv
Kim (Kimball O'Hara)
Ultimately buried at Pere-Lachaise, he once fled a convent by concealing himself within the coffin of a dead nun. A manufacturer of glass beads, he evaded a jail sentence by jumping overboard off the prison ship Orion. His most treasured possessions were
Jean Valjean
While ignorance and poverty persist on the earth, books such as this cannot fail to be of value." So said the author of this novel. It consists of 5 volumes subdivided into 48 books, the last of which, called "Supreme Shadow, Supreme Dawn,"
Les Miserables or The Outcasts or The Wretched
Set in Igboland, this book tells the story of Okonkwo, a Nigerian tribal native who inadvertently kills a clansman, then, after Okonkwo returns from his seven-year banishment, Okonkwo finds that Christianity and Colonialism have overtaken the tribal laws
Things Fall Apart
In this play two characters debate the mathematical odds of salvation based on the four gospels, and its longest speech is made by a character who cannot speak for the rest of the play. In a plot described as "Nothing at all happens - twice," t
Waiting For Godot or En Attendant Godot
The three acts of this play are entitled “Fun and Games”, “Walpurgisnacht”, and “The Exorcism”. It takes place after a party of the faculty of New Carthage University in the house of a history professor who is married to the daughter of New C
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
The second part of his work was published in 1832, twenty four years after the first part, and depicts the title character trying to create a Utopian society by reclaiming land from the sea. In Part One, the protagonist seduces a young girl, who gives bi
It was an allegorical work celebrating the moral values of Christianic chivalry. Book 3 is a rendition of the Iliad, plus Britomart and her adventure. Book 4 is Calidove versus the Blatant Beast. Book 1 is the Red Cross Knight led astray. For 10 points,
The Faerie Queen
This novel centers on the life of Jurgis Rudkus, a Lithuanian immigrant, who endures the horrible conditions of the Chicago stockyards. Its author said of the book, "I aimed at the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach." FTP,
The Jungle
She meets the son of Pandion, who has come from Delphi seeking a remedy for his infertility, which she offers to cure with drugs if he will take her in after her impending exile. For Creon, the father of her husband’s new woman, is pushing her out of C
One of this novel's main characters is loved by William Dobbin and George Osborne, who dies at Waterloo. The other lives at the height of fashion with the help of Lord Steyne and marries Rawdon Crawley. FTP, name this 1848 work, subtitled a Novel without
Vanity Fair: A Novel Without a Hero
The play ends with Eugene Dorn pulling Boris aside and telling him to get Irina out of the room, because her son has just committed suicide. A subplot involves Masha, the daughter of Sorin’s estate manager, who marries Medvedenko even though she is in
The Seagull
This play begins with two men addressing the tomb of Agamemnon. Soon, Electra discovers that her brother has returned home when she finds a lock of his hair on the tomb. Orestes and Pylades dress like travelers and are welcomed into the palace. They tell
Libation Bearers or Choephoroi
It is dedicated to Carl Solomon, whom the writer met while both were patients in the Columbia Psychiatric Institute. It begins, “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, / dragging themselves through the ne
After the protagonist of this play suffers a series of misadventures, including a dunking in the Thames, he winds up dressed in a costume adorned with stag's horns being teased and frightened by fairies and witches, who turn out to be his friends in disg
The Merry Wives of Windsor
"Concerning liberality and parsimony," "How to avoid contempt and hatred," "Why Alexanderâs successors were able to keep possession of Darius' kingdom after Alexanderâs death," "Mixed principalities," "Conce
The Prince
A subplot in this novel involves the Tellson and Company employee Jerry Cruncher, who doubles as a grave robber at night. His sinful activities reveal to him that Roger Cly, the man who falsely testifies against one of the main characters, is not dead. A
A Tale of Two Cities
In this play, a professor of phonetics takes on the task of transforming a Cockney flower girl from a guttersnipe into an elegant woman, and succeeds, but the two do not marry. He is Henry Higgins; she is Eliza Doolittle. FTP, name this George Bernard Sh
Ben intended to go to Alaska and ended up in Africa. Biff is a kleptomaniac. Happy is a womanizer. And the title character is losing himself more and more in past memories as his job disintegrates. FTP, identify this Arthur Miller play about Willy Loman.
Death of a Salesman
The son of a saddler, he claimed his father was a Scottish immigrant, though no evidence supporting this idea has been found. In 1744, he wrote his first book, a treatise on kinetic forces. Offered a chair as professor of poetry at the University of Berl
Immanuel Kant
Part II details a journey taken despite the objections of Mrs. Timorous and others. The journey is successful, mainly because of the guiding skills of Great-heart. The first part introduces such characters as Apollyon, who tries to crush the hero to deat
The Pilgrim's Progress
His stepfather, Mr. Murdstone, sends him to the school of Mr. Creakle. He later meets Steerforth, runs away to his greataunt, Betsey Trotwood, and is associated with the family of Mr. Micawber. For 10 points, name this character of Charles Dickens, or th
David Copperfield
It claims that imagination is ãnothing but decaying sense;ä and that knowledge comes from sense experience, while wisdom comes from reason. The book then describes the state as an artificial man, with officers as joints and punishments as nerves; its f
_Leviathan_ Or The Matter, Form, and Power of a Commonwealth, Ecclesiastical and Civil
He dies of coronary thrombosis a few days before his trial for murder but not before he commits to writing such famous witticisms as “You can always rely on a murderer for fancy prose.” The son of European hotel owners, his mother is killed by a ligh
Humbert Humbert (I guess either can be acceptible)
The title character falls in love with Aleksei Vronski, a handsome young officer, and abandons her child and husband to be with him. When she thinks Vronski has tired of her, she commits suicide by leaping under a train. FTP, what is this work by Leo Tol
Anna Karenina
Written in less than 80 pages, this work ends with the statement “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” “Outside of logic everything is accidental” is statement 6.3, while 4.021 states “a proposition is a picture of reality”.
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
The city of Black Hawk had not been kind to her family: her father had killed himself and she must ward off the advances of Wick Cutter. Her male counterpart and friend of Otto Fuchs and Jake Marpole has gone off to Harvard, but returns to Nebraska at th
My Antonia
One of its minor characters is the actress La Berma, based on Sarah Bernhardt. Some of its more bizarre characters are the sadistic lesbian Miss Vinteuil (van-TOY) and several other characters who get married but turn out to be homosexual, such as the Ma
Remembrance of Things Past or A la Recherche du temps perdu or In Search of Lost Time
Despite the pleadings of his aged mother, he wanders the world trafficking in slaves, rum, and religion. Abandoning his love Solveig, he marries and deserts the Troll King's daughter. Along the way he faces the Great Boyg, who wants to eat him, and the B
Peer Gynt
This novel contains two references to a character from Romeo and Juliet in the form of a prospective gift horse named Queen Mab. A trip to London reveals to one of the central characters that her love has been engaged to Sophia Grey, and other devastatin
Sense and Sensibility
The spurning of Madame Hohlakov proves to have tragic effects. Near the end, most are entertained by Ippolit Kirillovitch’s speech, while his opponent Fetyukovitch claims that Mitya has been attempting to repay Katerina Ivanovna and that the 3000 ruble
The Brothers Karamazov or Bratya Karamazovy
After the central character is wounded in a mortar attack, he is sent to a hospital in Milan for surgery. He returns to duty in Austria, but deserts and flees to Switzerland with his pregnant lover, who gives birth to a stillborn son in March 1918 and di
A Farewell to Arms
This poem begins with a long Latin epigraph concerning the multitude of “invisible creatures” that inhabit the world, and it is sometimes published with scholarly notes typed into the margins which seem designed to confuse rather than enlighten the r
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
At the end of this play the protagonist is sent to an asylum due to her belief in the imaginary friend Shep Huntleigh. Having driven her homosexual husband to suicide, she left Laurel, Mississippi, to live on a street named Elysian Fields with her sister
A Streetcar Named Desire
His brother Allie died of leukemia, his brother D.B. writes scripts for Hollywood, and his younger sister Phoebe attends elementary school in New York City, where he visits her when expelled from Pencey Prep. For ten points, this foe of all things phony
_HOLDEN CAULFIELD_ (prompt on "Catcher in the Rye")
The narrative in this work is in a spiral structure that repeats most of the book’s events several times from only slightly different perspectives. A repeated refrain alludes to François Villon’s Ballade des Dames du Temps Jadis (bah-LOD day DOM doo
Catch 22
In this novel the narrator’s insecurity is evident when he explains to Georgette the reason why he cannot have sex with her. Secondary characters include the wise Count Mippipopolous and the strong-willed American woman, Frances Clyne. The narrator is
Sun Also Rises, The (1926) [aka "Fiesta" as published in England]
The main character meets Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson, alienated intellectuals, and argues about freedom with Mustapha Mond, the World Controller. Set in the year 632 After Ford, it is the tale of a Savage, raised on an Indian reservation, who kills
Brave New World
An avid chess player and fan of the Times chess column, his table is always reserved for him at the Chestnut Tree Café with his chessboard in place and the paper already open to the column. Though he works occasionally in a sub-basement for a sub-commit
Winston Smith
Written in 1712, it was revised and expanded in 1714. In this poem, the author offers a view of English upper-class society which is both mocking while at the same time exuding a sense of admirability. In describing the theft of the central object, the a
The Rape of the Lock
Born into a wealthy Geneva family, he developed an early fascination with the scientists Albertus Magnus and Paracelsus. He was also obsessed with his adoptive sister Elizabeth Lavenza, but she was killed on their wedding night. The killer also murdered
Dr. Victor Frankenstein
The protagonist turns down a job working with his friend Fouque in the lumber business because he desires a noble title, which he is finally given so that he can marry Mathilde, who he has impregnated. Using his photographic memory, he quickly advances a
Red and the Black, The (1830) [Le Rouge et le noir]
Amos Ames, Louisa Ames, and Minnie; Josiah Borden, Emma Borden, and Everett Hills; Joe Silva, Ira Mackel, and Abner Small. These three groups assist gardener Seth Beckwith in playing the role of the chorus in subsequent parts. Adam Brant assumes the role
Mourning Becomes Electra
First performed in 1904, it has been performed internationally, including an New York performance in its original Russian. Its theme concerns the conflict of the old aristocracy and new bourgeois merchant class in turn of the century Russia. It character
The Cherry Orchard
The protagonist of this novel first appears as a 15-year-old in Kansas city, where he is embarrassed by his preaching parents Asa and Elvira. After his sister Esta runs away he works as a soda jerk, then as a bellboy at the Green-Davidson hotel. His affa
An American Tragedy
One of the earliest versions of this novel was to be called The Boy Who Killed His Mother; a later version, The Drunkard's Holiday. The story tells of a young psychiatrist and his marriage to a schizophrenic patient. In effecting her cure, he loses her t
Tender is the Night
The protagonist of this novella is inspired to travel by the sight of a man standing before a mortuary chapel, while symbolically important is his encounter with an old man who has joined a group of young clerks by donning a wig and false teeth. The prot
Death in Venice (1911) [Der Tod in Venedig]
The main character of this novel is last glimpsed with hundreds of young comrades in a barrage of shrapnel and gunfire. While visiting his cousin Joachim Ziemssen, the main character is influenced by Clavdia Chauchat, Leo Naptha, Settembrini, and Pepperk
Magic Mountain, The (1924) [Der Zauberberg]
This novel ends with the narrator resuming his thesis on the papers of Cass Mastern. Minor characters include the bodyguard Sugar-Boy O’Sheean, and the political opponent Sam MacMurfee. The main character asks the narrator to learn about Judge Irwin, w
All the King's Men
Written before 1941 when the author presented it to his third wife, Carlotta, it was published posthumously and tells of the harrowing domestic tragedy of the four members of the Tyrone family. FTP, identify this play, the winner of the 1957 Pulitzer Pri
Long Days Journey Into Night
Volumes 2 and 3 of this work serve as supplements to the first volume, which is divided into four books. Book 2 contains the author’s so-called “great extension” of his major premise to all phenomena, Book 3 contains his theories of art, and Book 4
The World as Will and Idea or The World as Will and Represtentation
t’s not Romeo and Juliet, but it features characters named Juliet and Escalus, and important roles played by a friar and a meddlesome Duke. In it, Claudio faces a death sentence for getting his fiancée pregnant, but the draconian Angelo agrees to let
Measure for Measure
As a child, he was nicknamed Ix because his father was the only survivor of the Collapsing Hrung Disaster and his given name was unpronounceable. He chose the name by which he is now known because he thought it would be "nicely inconspicuous."
Ford Prefect
She becomes an orphan at an early age, and lives for several years with her aunt, who despises her, until she is ten and sent to a school for orphans. After graduation and two years as a teacher there, she leaves the school to become a governess. She fal
Jane Eyre
The husband of the title character of this literary work is a scholar writing a book about the domestic handicrafts of Brabant in the Middle Ages. A recurring theme is the desire to "die beautifully", and is first seen when the protagonist uses
Hedda Gabler
Her first publication was a mystery play, _The Night of January Sixteenth_. The author of critical works such as _For the New Intellectual_ and _The Virtue of Selfishness_, she founded the journal _The Objectivist_ in 1962. FTP, name this novelist, best
Rand, Ayn [Alice or Alissa Rosenbaum]
The novel begins in 1801, after the narrator arrives at Thrushcross Grange. The housekeeper Ellen Dean tells the story, and the novel ends with Lockwood's visit to three headstones after he learns of the marriage of the heirs of Linton and Earnshaw. FTP,
Wuthering Heights
She “had that indefinable beauty that comes from happiness, enthusiasm, successa beauty that is nothing more or less than a harmony of temperament and circumstances,” not to mention marriage to a simple yet goodhearted doctor. For 10 points, name thi
Madame Bovary or Emma Bovary
This play is usually published with a letter to Arthur Bingham Walkley defending its author’s views. Humor is provided by Roebuck Ramsden and the secret marriage of Hector to Violet. Major foils for the protagonist are his friend Octavius and his chauf
Man and Superman
Mrs. Lemuel Struthers is something of a strumpet and is being courted by the nouveau-riche Julius Beaufort. Mrs. Manson Mingott is the morbidly obese matriarch of one of the oldest, most respected families. May Welland, her pretty, innocent, and vapid re
The Age of Innocence
The protagonist of this novel and Herbert Pocket are discovered by the police trying to help their friend escape London due to a tip provided by the criminal Compeyson, while at the same time the woman the protagonist loves marries Bentley Drummle. A key
Great Expectations
Barrelhouse is the owner of a saloon in Harlem. MacDuffy is the personnel manager at the Liberty Paint Factory. Ras the Exhorter is a black separatist. And Brother Jack is the leader of a religious group known as the Brotherhood. FTP, these characters al
Invisible Man
Near the end of this poem, the poet imagines an old farmer, described as a "hoary-headed swain", who replies to the questions the poet has posed. Earlier, the author claimed that many of the poor could have flourished outside their rural enviro
An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
In his earliest works he argued for as disassociation between psychology and philosophy in order to fully understand man. More specific doctrinal criticisms grew out of his studies with Heinrich Rickert and are expressed in such works as _Kant and the Pr
Martin Heidegger
Silent spectators in this work include the orator Lysias and Euthydemus. Polemarchus argues only in the first section and then disappears from the dialogue. Carried on in the house of Cephalus, the principle speakers are Glaucon and Adeimantus, though th
The Republic or Polis
It incorporates a 50-line fragment of another poem, called "The Fight at Finnsburg" which is sung by a minstrel at a feast. Known from only one eleventh-century manuscript, which was badly burned in a 1731 fire, causing many letters to crumble
This man is captured by Barbary pirates and made a slave; after a Moorish boy named Xury saves his life, he sells the boy for a good price to a Portuguese trader. He later builds a house, domesticates wild goats, and saves the life of a cannibal native w
Robinson Crusoe, The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of
He first appeared in 1887, died in 1893, but returned in 1903. He been busy ever since, usually in the company of a veteran army surgeon. Over the years, he has taken on the appearance of such diverse personalities as Charlton Heston, Peter Cushing, Jere
Sherlock Holmes
The author’s sibling probably did not become an actress in New York, or spend her waning days rocking in a chair by the window longing for more than she had, but she did elope to Montreal with a married man who had stolen money from his employers, thus
Sister Carrie
We learn about his failures in managing the family estate and in the court of an ambassador through descriptions in letters to his friend Wilhelm. A fan of Ossian’s poetry he is in love with the fiance of the more bourgeois Albert, and after a night of
Sorrows of Young Werther
Called “a squanderbird” by her husband, she rejects the assistance offered by Dr. Rank, who confesses his love for her, and receives a card signaling his death at the same time her crime is revealed. With the help of Christine Linde, she attempts to
Nora Helmer
In this work, the main character murders his daughter and an entire nunnery with poisoned porridge and dies by falling into a bubbling cauldron. Over the course of the drama, Barabas degenerates from a man of some dignity into a caricature of a greedy Je
Jew of Malta, The (1592) [The Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta]
The title of this play comes from the protagonist's description of the period between the happiness of childhood and the security of old age. Unable to marry her fiance before his death in World War I, the main character marries Sam Evans, has an affair
Strange Interlude
Important plot developments in this novel include the marriage of the female protagonist to Prince Gremin and the death of the poet Lensky in a duel with the title character. Initially, a St. Petersburg aristocrat fails to return the love of Tatyana; aft
Eugene Onegin or Yevgeny Onegin
After the main character of this novel is released from an Oklahoma jail, he runs into Muley Graves, who tells him about the plans of the townspeople. Tom then joins his family on the dusty trail to California, where all kinds of misfortunes befall the J
The Grapes of Wrath
This poem, composed of 700 verses, begins on a battlefield as the war between the Pandavas and the Karauvas is about to begin. Upon considering the cruelness of the upcoming war, Prince Arjuna decides to protest the battle, then is recalled back into act
Originally titled A Moment’s Ornament, its protagonist commits suicide by overdosing on pills. Earlier, she had run up gambling debts and found herself unable to marry Lawrence Selden, a nice man who lacked wealth, and Simon Rosedale, a rich Jew. FTP,
The House of Mirth
Its epigraph, revealing the title character has no family and has time to wander among men, is taken from Robert Burton. The second edition ends with “L’Envoy,” an elaborate apology for previous sections, including “The Angler,” “Traits of In
The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon, Gentleman
Dorine the maid helps keep Mariane from becoming the wife of this "hypocrite", who tries to seduce Elmire right before her husband Orgon's very eyes and is only exposed just as he kicks Orgon's entire family out of their own house. For 10 point
The hospital manager hides the patient’s tobacco, the judge ceases to hunt and feeds his drunk servants garlic, and the head of the school is advised to control his teachers. All of these precautions are advised by Anton Antonovich, whose daughter Mari
The Inspector General
Based on legends collected by O-bah-bahm-wawa-ge-zhe-go-qua (The Woman of the Sound Which the Stars Make Rushing Through the Sea) and compiled by her husband Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, it was first published in November 1855. Also drawing upon the Kalevala,
The Song of Hiawatha
The novel aroused much controversy when it was published and was attacked by Meredith Nicholson and by Carolyn Wells in a novel subtitled, The Tale of Warble Petticoat, 1921. The fictional town in this novel is probably based on the real town of Sauk Cen
Main Street
Although the central character of this novel is proposed to by Caspar Goodwood and Lord Warburton, she chooses to marry Gilbert Osmond, a dilletante who lives in Italy with his daughter Pansy. After her marriage, she discovers that Madame Merle, OsmondÕ
The Portrait of a Lady
Some of its final sections include "From Noon to Starry Night," "Songs of Parting," and two annexes entitled "Sands at Seventy" and "Goodbye My Fancy.⬝ It is generally read today in the ninth or "Deathbed Edition
Leaves of Grass
In this poem, first published in 1915, the main character whines of having his life measured out in coffee spoons. He goes on to proclaim that he is not Hamlet, but is only an attendant lord, and wishes that he were a pair of ragged claws scuttling acros
The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock
The second part of this work argues for the need of more men like Zoilus, Sir Richard Blackmore, and Reverend Luke Milbourn; and echoes John Dryden in praising Sir John Denham and Edmund Waller. It begins with the author’s explanations that like poets
An Essay on Criticism
The title character is Mellors, a simple but honest gardener, who is seduced by Connie, the bored, sexually-frustrated wife of a crippled, impotent war veteran. Written in 1928, shortly before the author's death, its realistic language and graphic portra
Lady Chatterley's Lover
Its plot was taken from the ‘Decameron.’ The count of Rousillon (roo-see-YOHNH) scorns his bride and leaves for the Florentine war, telling her that he won’t return or allow her to call him husband until she obtains the ring on his finger and produ
All's Well That Ends Well
The prologue to its “Second Part” opens with a quote from Damascene, and its concluding “Supplement,” unlike the rest of the work, was compiled by Fra Rainaldo da Piperno. This text’s unique format contains a minimum of two “Objections,” an
Summa Theologica
His fiancée worked for a “hideous Jew in the most amazing waistcoat ever beheld in this life.” He thought her an amazing Juliet, but when he rebuffed her she committed suicide. Later, the name he used in his dealings with her came back to haunt him
The Picture of Dorian Grey
Book XV discusses early man, Adam, Cain, and the patriarchs, and the nature of the giants in the earth at that time. The first seven books talk about the futility and obscenity associated with the worship of pagan gods, decry astrology, and praise Varro
The City of God
One of the earliest memories of this novel’s protagonist is the ongoing arguments between his father Simon and his aunt Dante Riordan over the merits of Charles Parnell. He becomes popular at school after being beaten by Father Dolan for breaking his g
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Under questioning by his father, one of this play’s characters realizes that his alcoholism is due to his attraction to his college friend Skipper. During the course of this play, Mae and Gooper try to secure the inheritance of Gooper’s father, who i
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
At the end of this novella the protagonist’s parents decide it is time to find a husband for his sister Grete. Earlier, he had lost his job as a clerk, been wounded in the back by apples thrown at him by his father when he tried to leave his room and j
The Metamorphosis
The title of this novel refers to a wound received when a fellow soldier strikes Henry Fleming's head with the butt of a gun. FTP, what is this Civil War novel written by Stephen Crane?
The Red Badge of Courage
The last two volumes ("The Lady of the Boat" and "The Bridge of Dreams") deal with the rivalry in love between the title character's supposed son and grandson. First translated into English by Arthur Waley, the title character is an i
The _Tale of Genji_
[Host: Pre-read to get the poetic meter right.] “His eyes had all the seeming of a demon that was dreaming/On the pallid bust of Pallas just above the chamber door./He came in bleak December to one who did remember/All too well the radiant maiden whom
The Raven
Its tenth section contains the creation hymn Nasadiya, which states contradictions such as “There was neither death nor immortality then. There was no distinguishing sign of night nor of day.” Arranged in ten books, it was used by the hotri or recite
The Rig-Veda
At the end of this play Don Parritt confesses to the anarchist Larry Slade that he had turned his own mother over the the police due to her affair with Larry before killing himself by jumping from the fire escape. The protagonist is arrested after reveal
The Iceman Cometh
In this poem, a guest is taken to the top of a steep staircase where he narrarator uncovers a painting by Fra Pandolf. The painting portrays a smiling woman whose smiles have been "stopped" by the narrator's order. Its subtitle, "Ferrara&q
My Last Duchess
In this play, the characters Addie, Cal, and Birdie provide a contrast to the central family. The plot concerns a deal between the Chicago financier William Marshall and Ben Hubbard to build a cotton mill. Needing funds, Ben and his sister Regina masterm
The Little Foxes
In the last two lines, a couplet, the speaker asserts that not even death can remove the beauty of the person to whom this poem is addressed. This work personifies the concept from the first line as the “eye of heaven” with its “gold complexion.”
Sonnet 18 (accept Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? early)
The second stanza of this poem describes the sun as “the glorious Lamp of Heaven,” and notes that the higher it gets, the “sooner will his Race be run.” The third quatrain holds that the best age is the first, “When Youth and Blood are warmer,â
To the Virgins, to make much of Time
This poem ends each of its 4 stanzas with the same invocation, though the last line becomes a positive statement with the insertion of the word “enjoy”. The speaker compares himself to a “committed linnet”, or finch, and celebrates the title char
To Althea, from Prison
At the end of this poem, the poet observes that the “sweetest songs ... tell of saddest thought”, and asks to overflow with “harmonious madness”. Earlier, the poet loses sight of the title animal, but can still hear its “shrill delight”, prom
To a Skylark
Based on a story taken from Diodorus Siculus, the second to last line echoes a description of Julius Caesar'scollosal magnificence in Shakespeare. First published in Leigh Hunt's _Examiner_ in 1818, a year after it was composed, the acquaintance marvels
Written in loose rhymed couplets and divided into four books totaling 4000 lines, it is considered an allegory of a poet seeking perfection and expresses the Romantic notion that perfect love may indeed be possible and not just an unattainable ideal. The
The theme of the poem is a voyage which ends with its beginning, and important passages are the crossing of the Alps in book 6 and the ascent of Mount Snowdon at the beginning of the final book. It ends with the poet at home in the Vale of Grasmere. FTP,
The Prelude
Various literary works describe this person in a dialogue with Alexis, taking the waters at Tunbridge, weeping, and paying her obsequies to the memory of the poet's cousin Mrs. Bowes Barnes. In another work the poet observes that "though sea and lan
He offered a bed of roses, a cap of flowers, a kirtle of myrtle, a woolen gown, "fair-lined slippers for the cold," and "A belt of straw and ivy buds / with coral clasps and amber studs" in order to move her to live with him and be hi
The Passionate Shephard to His Love
It had been begun in 1793 during a walking tour of southern England with the author's friend William Calvert; but it was not completed until June 1798 during a four-day ramble to the Wye River Valley. According to most accounts, the site to which the tit
Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey
“Sightless, unless/The eyes reappear/As the perpetual star/Multifoliate rose/Of death's twilight kingdom/The hope only/Of prickly men./Here we go round the prickly pear/Prickly pear prickly pear/Here we go round the prickly pear/At five o'clock in the
The Hollow Men
It describes the young soldiers as "Bent double, like olf beggars under sacks" and "drunk with fatigue." One doesn't fit his mask on in time, and as the poet sees him "guttering, choking, drowning" the others toss him in a w
Dulce Et Decorum Est
The title to this group of poems was actually suggested by an earlier poem by the author entitled “Catrina to Camoens.” There are numerous references to Greek literature in them, such as the reminiscence of the pastoral poet Theocritus in the opening
Sonnets from the Portugese
The fourth stanza ponders the nature of the titular creature, attempting to imagine “In what furnace was thy brain?” The previous stanza asks what shoulder and art “Could twist the sinews” of the title creature’s heart, also pondering “What d
The Tyger
It opens with the invocation 'Nunc lento sonitu dicunt, Morieres.' This devotion seeks to make 'recourse to my God, who is our only security.' It also famously advises, 'Ask not for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.' FTP, name this work by John Do
Meditation 17
Written in prose except for the opening “Argument” and the “Song of Liberty,” it is composed of “Memorable Fancies” in one of which the narrator dines with Isaiah and Ezekiel. Aphorisms such as “Exuberance is Beauty” and “Where man is n
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
It was not too late for him to seek a newer world with his friends, those souls that toiled and wrought and fought with him, and ever with a frolic welcome took the thunder and the sunshine. He had learned that it little profited an idle king to mete and
Written in heroic couplets, this poem is addressed to and was inspired by Henry St. John, Lord Bolingbroke. It is divided into four epistles dealing with man's relation to the universe, himself, society, and happiness. Like Milton's _Paradise Lost_ it ai
An Essay on Man
The first part was written in Somerset in 1798, while the second was written in the Lake District in 1800. First published in 1816 along with The Pains of Sleep, this poem discusses how the title character retreats to the wood late one night to meet “h
The characters of this dramatic poem include the Abbot of St. Maurice, the Witch of the Alps, Manuel, and Herman. The title character is wracked with remorse for committing incest with his sister Astarte, who has committed suicide. By rejecting an agreem
“Fear Death? To feel the fog in my throat/ The mist in my face,/ When the snows begin and the blasts denote/ I am nearing the place...” These lines begin a poem written in 1864 which was written soon after its author’s wife’s death. The poem expr
The title of this poem was probably taken from a work by Bion. Written in 55 Spenserian stanzas, it laments the death of the title character, but ends by placing him among the Immortals, declaring that, while "We decay/ Like corpses in a charnel,&qu
The interlude is a sermon to an invisible congregation. Much of the imagery is based on Frazer's The Golden Bough. The villians are four tempters in Part One and four knights in Part Two. FTP identify the play by T.S. Eliot that deals with the assassinat
Murder in the Cathedral
The epilogue of this poetic work concerns the marriage of the author’s friend Edward Luckington. Containing the two famous “yew-tree” poems, it is organized structurally around three Christian lyrics strategically placed within it, and uses images
In Memoriam, A.H.H.
This collection was written in 1892 after the author’s bank failed while he was honeymooning in America. It includes the poems “Tommy”, “Fuzzy Wuzzy”, “Danny Deever”, “If”, and “Mandalay”. For 10 points, identify this book of verse
Barrack Room Ballads
The speaker comments how he and his lover are “cloysterd in these living walls of Jet”, and goes on to state that the death of the title character would mean “sacrilege, three sinnes in killing three.” The speaker begins by stating how little tha
The Flea
Born in 1757, he was educated at home prior to being apprenticed to the engraver James Basire. In the early 1780s, he exhibited his first art work, married Catherine Boucher and published his first poems. This book, Poetical Sketches, was quickly withdra
William Blake
He was taught Latin and Greek from a priest at 8 and was said to have been whipped for satirizing a master at Twyford School. Contracting TB and asthma at an early age, he was unable to dress without assistance and needed to wear a stiffened canvas bodic
Alexander Pope
He married Thomas Mann's eldest daughter Erika in order to grant her British citizenship. Interestingly, he would emigrate to the US by 1939, where he wrote the works for which he is now famous, including The Double Man, Nones, and About the House. For 1
WH Auden
His important poems on early Celtic and Norse themes included "The Bard," "The Fatal Sisters," and "The Descent of Odin." The author of "The Progress of Poesy," his most famous poem helped establish the "grave
Thomas Gray
Educated under Richard Busby, and later educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, he wrote Religio Laici, and The Hind and the Panther, as well as the blank-verse play All For Love. For 10 points, name this 17th century British writer, who also wrote The M
John Dryden
In 1809, he took a seat in the House of Lords, two years after the publication of his first work, Hours of Idleness. Author of The Bride of Abydos, Lara, Marino Faliero, and The Siege of Corinth, he died at the battle of Missalonghi, after which his body
George Gordon Lord Byron
He won a poetry contest at age 19 with the poem The Force that through the Grass Fuse Drives the Flower, from his first major collection Eighteen Poems. Though known for his poetry, he also published such prose works as Quite Early One Morning and Advent
Dylan Thomas
At the age of 21, in order to gain the attention of a woman he loved, this man joined the army under the name of Silas Comberbache, but his brothers rescued him and returned him to college, where he began to write. He founded a newspaper, The Watchman, w
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
This author of the play “Lithuania” is chiefly valued today for works like the poem “The Old Vicarage, Grandchester”, his Tahiti poems, including “Tiara Tahiti”, and his final fragment, “I strayed about the deck”. Known for his remarkable
Rupert Brooke
Early works by this author include a translation of Prometheus Bound, an account of The Battle of Marathon as well as an Essay on Mind in verse. An early critic was William Thackeray who rejected one submission as containing “an account of unlawful pas
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The title character of this novel is sent by Stein and Company to work at a distant trading post, where he hopes to escape the shame of his conduct on the Patna. On Patusan he falls in love with his predecessor Cornelius’ step-daughter Jewel and befrie
Lord Jim
At the end of the novel, the title character’s daughter marries Aaron Winthrop, who is happy to allow the title character to live with them. After the opium addict Molly Farren dies in the snow, 16 years pass, and the skeleton of Dunstan Cass is found
Silas Marner
Near the end of the novel, Father Time, the title character’s son, kills the title character’s other children and then hangs himself. Afterwards, the protagonist goes back to his first wife, Arabella, and Phillotson and Sue Bridehead reunite. FTP, id
Jude the Obscure
“The Rally,” “The Consequence,” and “Fulfillment” are names of some of the Phases in this novel. While working at the Talbothays Dairy with Marian, Izz Huett, and Retty Priddle, the protagonist falls for a parson’s son, who weds her but soo
Tess of the D'Urbervilles
At the center of this novel is a portrait ten years in the making that is finished at the story’s end. Mrs. McNab restores the house of the central characters, who are frequented by the opium-using poet Augustus Carmichael. The marriage of Paul Rayley
To the Lighthouse
As the novel comes to an end, William Bradshaw and his wife are late-- one of their patients who'd been obsessed with reading Shakepeare and had visitations from his dead comrade, Evans, had jumped out of a window. Meanwhile, Millicent Bruton had taken t
Mrs. Dalloway
Originally called Paul Morel, it follows the story of Gertrude and Walter Morel and their children Annie, Paul, William, and Arthur. Gertrude begins to love the children more than her husband, and her sons devote their souls to her. William commits suici
Sons and Lovers
The main character has a love affair with Mildred, a waitress. After years of struggle as a medical student, he marries, gives up his aspirations, and becomes a country doctor. The hero is a club-footed orphan named Philip Carey. FTP, name this partially
Of Human Bondage
The first volume begins in the 1880s when a solicitor buys land at Robin Hill to build a house for his family. His wife Irene falls in love with the architect, Bosinney, but returns to her husband after Bosinney is run over and killed, only to have an af
The Forsyte Saga
A suicide letter written by the maid Rosanna Spearman is an important plot development in this novel, at the end of which the adventurer Mr. Murthwaite reveals the final resting place of the title object, which had been brought to England by John Herncas
The Moonstone
This novel was published in the U.S. under the title The Labyrinthine Ways. The main character is contrasted with criminals when his picture in the police station is put up next to that of a bank robber. The main character avoids the Red Shirts by travel
The Power and the Glory
It tells of life at 27 rue de Fleurus, which became a hub of artistic discussion in the early 1900s. Featuring real-life encounters of its author and its narrator with artists from Picasso to Hemingway, this 1932 work was its author’s first critical an
The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas
Born in Newgate, and living a life of continued variety for threescore years, she was a whore for 12 years, a wife five times (once to her brother), 12 years a thief, spent eight years in Virginia as a transported felon, and finally grew rich, lived hone
Moll Flanders
His last will and testament stated "that Elizabeth‑Jane Farfrae be not told of my death, or made to grieve on account of me, and that I be not bury'd in consecrated ground.... and that no man remember me." For ten points, give the name of thi
Michael Henchard (or the Mayor of Casterbridge)
The characters in this tale live and talk like humans but have charming individual animal personalities. A tender portrait of the English countryside, it tells of the life on the river bank experienced by Water Rate, Mole, and Mr. Toad. FTP, name this ch
The Wind in the Willows
They include The Last Battle, The Magician's Nephew, The Horse and His Boy, The Silver Chair, The Voyage of the ‘Dawn Treader’, Prince Caspian, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. FTP, give the title of this children's series by C.S. Lewis.
The Chronicles of Narnia
It begins with letters to the editor from himself and from John Puff, following a dedication to Miss Fanny written by the psedonymous Conny Keyber. The text that follows is sent from Parson Oliver to Parson Tickletext, and describes the title character's
Shamela or An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews
His skill as a carpenter gives him good marriage prospects, but he unwisely rejects Mary Burge to pursue a pretty, superficial girl that loves only Arthur Donnithorne. For 10 points, name this unlucky George Eliot title character that marries Dinah Morri
Adam Bede
It borrows heavily from the style of Marivaux, though its subtitle claims it was “Written in Imitation of the Manner of Cervantes.” The title character and his love are set upon by thieves but rescued by the Parson Abraham Adams, whose name also form
The History and Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his friend, Mr. Abraham Adams, written in Imitation of the Manner of Cervantes
He has a problem with a horse while travelling to Dingley Della and unintentionally makes his landlady, Mrs. Bardell, think that he desires to marry her, resulting in a breach of promise lawsuit. His servant, Samuel Weller, accompanies him to jail, while
Samuel Pickwick [The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club]
A notable incident during this novel is a knife fight between two men in the Piazza Signoria, which leads to the central couple kissing for the first time. The Miss Alans are two spinster sisters and Miss Lavish is a showy writer. These women along with
A Room With a View
This novel tells of the old Breton monk Mael, who lands on an island and in his semiblindness fails to see that the inhabitants that he baptizes are not men. This raises a furor in heaven, where it is decided that they must be turned into humans even tho
Penguin Island or L'Ile des Pingouins
Susan, Rhoda, Jinnie, Neville, Bernard, and Louis alternate speaking interior monologues. As children, all six live in the same house by the seashore and take lessons from the same governess. In a final monologue, Bernard looks back over his life and the
The Waves
At the end of this novel, the protagonist is attacked by a parrot while at the Night of Joy bar watching the act of Harlett O’Hara, and leaves with Myrna Minkoff for New York just before an ambulance from Charity Hospital comes to institutionalize him.
A Confederacy of Dunces
He owns over twenty patents, including a system for smelting iron ore. He has two children by his ex-wife Mimi Jorgensen, a house in the Catskills, and an accountant named Herbert Macauley. His real name is Clyde Wynant, and he is accused of murdering hi
The Thin Man
Born on July 4, 1776, he first gained a reputation for being seasick while at anchor at Spithead. He soon transferred to the Indefatiguable, serving under Sir Edmund Pellew as a midshipman. His first command as a captain was the Atropos, which served as
Horatio Hornblower
DH Lawrence spoke of him as 'sitting in a corner, sucking his pacifier long after his age' and Virginia Woolf described him as 'limp and damp and milder than the breath of a cow'. For 10 points, name this British author who collaborated with Benjamin Bri
Edward Morgan Forster
As a boy, this correspondent was handsome, intelligent, and charming, but restless and solitary; this crack shot was expelled from Eton when his fondness for girls, gambling and automobiles conflicted too conspicuously with school restrictions. In a Port
Ian Lancaster Fleming
A painter like his father, his training was in law. However, this friend of Charles Dickens is best remembered as a writer. No Name and Armadale are two of his works that exploit mystery identities to create a Sensation Novel. Perhaps his greatest charac
Wilkie Collins
This author's first novel, Jocelyn, was published under the pseudonym John Sinjohn, while the first book to appear under his own name was The Island Pharisees. A successful dramatist who examined controversial social issues in plays like Loyalties, Justi
John Galsworthy
Originally an atheist, he converted to Christianity under the influence of a fellow member of the Inklings. A noted authority on British courtly literature and a critically acclaimed novelist with books like Til We Have Faces and Perelandra, he became a
Clive Staples Lewis
This man could not receive an education because his family was poor, but overcame it, becoming an office boy in a law firm, a county reporter, and finally a reporter of debates in Parliament. He serialized many of his stories in his own periodicals, such
Charles Dickens
Born in 1840 near Dorchester, England, this son of a stonemason grew up with loves for both music and literature. He was forced to apprentice as an architect due to lack of money for schooling. While in this position, he continually wrote, turning out De
Thomas Hardy
Her first works of fiction appeared in _Blackwood's_ and were published later as _Scenes of Clerical Life_. Born Mary Ann Evans, other works include the historical novel _Romola_ and the novels _Felix Holt_ and _Daniel Deronda_. FTP, name this Victorian
George Eliot
The Licensing Act of 1737 was aimed particularly at this authorÕs politically satirical plays. Turning from the theater to novels, he parodied RichardsonÕs novel _Pamela_ in his _Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews_ and _Joseph Andrews_. FTP,
Henry Fielding
Born in Ukraine, he joined the British merchant navy and sailed to many parts of the world, during which time he became a British subject. He portrayed individuals suffering from isolation and moral disintegration in novels such as _Altmayer's Folly_, _C
Joseph Conrad
He began as an ardent Zionist, which he wrote about in Arrow in the Blue. He then became a Communist and was sentenced to death while covering the Spanish Civil War, which he wrote about in Spanish Testament. His loss of faith in Communism is the basis f
Arthur Koestler
This English novelist wrote about the survival of society in _Mankind in the Making_ and _Men Like Gods_, but he is more famous for his science fiction like _The First Man in the Moon_ and _The Island of Dr. Moreau_. FTP, who is this author of _The Invis
Herbert George Wells
P.G. Wodehouse said that this playwright "succeeded in shocking Broadway so that the sidewalks were filled with blushing ticket-speculators," and at one point only Shaw had more plays running at the same time in London. He is best remembered, h
William Somerset Maugham
Sir Edward Mauley is the title character of his novel The Black Dwarf and he told the story of the escape from prison and flight to England of Mary Queen of Scotts in his The Abbott. For 10 points, identify this resident of Abbotsford who in the early 19
Sir Walter Scott
From 1960 to 1964 he worked as editor of the New American Library, a period during which he wrote his first novel, _Welcome to Hard Times_. His later books include _Big as Life_, _Loon Lake_, and _The Book of Daniel_, which is based on the Rosenberg affa
Edgar Lawrence Doctorow
Her only novel, published under the name Pierre Andrezel, describes in allegorical terms the plight of her native country during the German occupation in World War II. Her first book of stories, Seven Gothic Tales, dealt with the world of the supernatura
Isak Dinesen
"The Rout of the White Hussars," "At the Pit's Mouth," " A Second Rate Woman," "Namgay Doola," "The Incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney," "Wee Willie Winkie," "The Phantom Rickshaw," "
Rudyard Kipling
Born John Wilson in 1917, this English novelist lived in Malaya from 1954-9 which was the setting for a trilogy, Time for a tiger. For 10 points,name this author of Man of Nazareth, Earthly Powers, and A Clockwork Orange.
Anthony Burgess
Born in 1907 in London, she moved to Paris at an early age. After being schooled in France, she returned to England where she began to write, mainly period romances and novels set in the West Country. FTP, identify this author whose most famous work is R
Daphne du Maurier
He met Esther Johnson, to whom he wrote the "Journal to Stella," but it is uncertain if he ever married her. In 1729, he published his ironical "A Modest Proposal," suggesting that poor people should raise their children to be eaten.
Jonathon Swift
Born in Edinburgh but brought up in England, he spent his working life in the Bank of England, eventually becoming Secretary, but found the work uncongenial and took early retirement. He was a contributor to _The Yellow Book_ in the 1890's and works such
Kennethe Graham
Born in London and educated at Oxford, his autobiography A Little Learning was published 2 years before his death in 1964. Earlier he had served as a commando in the Mediterranean during WWII, an event which would inspire novels such as Put Out More Flag
Evelyn Waugh
Sir Henry Maine once remarked that he didn't know of a single law reform that couldn't be traced to this man's influence. Born in London in 1748, he was trained for the law, but devoted his life to correcting faults in the social, legal, and political sy
Jeremy Bentham
This man's Memoirs of His Life and Writings, commonly called the Autobiography, first appeared in a highly bowdlerized version published by Lord Sheffield, and is one of the more acclaimed English-language works of its kind. In his youth he was engaged t
Edward Gibbon
His first work was in mathematics, and his The Analyst suggested that mathematical assumptions were more incomprehensible than Christian dogma. The first part of his Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge was published in 1710, but the sec
George Berkeley
In this novel, the priest Calenus is witness to the murder of the female protagonist's brother Apaecides by the sinister Egyptian Arbaces, who had also tricked the blind slave girl Nydia into poisoning Glaucus. Glaucus is wrongly accused of Apaecides' mu
The Last Day of Pompeii
Recent years have seen a renewed interest in this philosopher's moral theory, especially among certain feminist ethicists who are attracted to his idea that ethics is mainly about sentiments and interpersonal relations rather than about abstract rules an
David Hume
Early on he wrote An Essay on the Influence of a Low Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock, which argued against high tariffs on grain imports. It was with this publication that he was established as a major proponent of what would become the concept of
David Ricardo
In 1767 he published Dorando, an allegory of the Douglas inheritance case, and two years later married his cousin, Margaret Montgomerie, after many philanderings. He was so impressed by General Paoli that he wrote An Account of Corsica, and his later wor
James Boswell
Its first book is a polemic against the doctrine of innate principles and ideas. Its second book deals with ideas, and the third with words. The culmination of this work lies in its fourth book, which states that knowledge is “short and scanty,” and
Essay Concerning Human Understanding
The first was written to criticize Robert Filmer's Patriarcha which justified the divine right of kings as a result of the descent from Adam. The second outlines the true origin of government out of a happy state of nature; governments whose primary aim
Two Treatises on Government
It attacked the 1643 order that no book should be printed unless approved and licensed by the authorities, by arguing that licensing had previously been practiced by the Papacy and Inquisition, that reading and diversity of opinion were necessary for the
This character had his origins in Plautus' Miles (MEE les) Gloriosus and the capitano of the commedia dell'arte. He holds forth at the Boar's Head Inn with a rascally crew that includes Bardolph, Nym, and Pistol, and Prince Hal's companion Poins. FTP nam
Sir John Falstaff
Samuel Taylor Coleridge declared its plot, along with those of Oedipus Rex and Tom Jones, to be one of the three most perfect in existence. Because of plague, Master Lovewit has left the city. His butler Jeremy, known as Face to his underworld friends, i
The Alchemist
Peachum, a receiver of stolen goods, is a partner of Lockit, the warden of Newgate prison in London. Peachum’s daughter, Polly, falls madly in love with an ill-repute client of Peachum, the highywayman Captain Macheath. When Macheath is sent to Newgate
Beggar's Opera
In the Shakespearean play Richard Ill is Duke of this area before he goes on his killing spree aimed at attaining the throne. In "King Lear", the earl of this area shelters Lear from the storm but ends up suffering the same fate as Lear in that
In this comedy, Charles's brother Joseph, supposedly more respectable, is shown to be a conniving schemer who courts Lady Teazle, the young wife of a wealthy old nobleman. Sir Oliver, their uncle, disguises himself to discover which of his nephews shall
The School for Scandal
The title character's family endures many trials- including the loss of most of their money, the seduction of one daughter, Olivia by Squire Thornhill, the destruction of their home by fire, and the title character's incarceration- before all is put righ
The Vicar of Wakefield
Mrs. Erlynne had left her family to run off with a man who in turn abandoned her. Therefore, she does not want her daughter to make a similar mistake. Unfortunately, because of the attention her daughter's husband has given to her, the daughter decides t
Lady Windermere's Fan
At the end of the play, Vivie rejects both of her suitors and decides to continue to do actuarial work with her friend Honoria. Written in 1893, the Examiner of Plays would not allow it to be acted, and its first public performance did not come until 192
Mrs. Warren's Profession
The second and third parts are collectively known as The Whole Contention between the two Famous Houses, Lancaster and York. In the second, a power struggle turns around the ineffective English king, as the Duke of York emerges as a contender for the thr
Henry VI
Nicola is an old servant of the family who is fond of the servant girl Louka, who ends up marrying a man who prefers chocolates to ammunition. Catherine is the energetic matriarch of the family, and the heroine Raina has romantic misconceptions of war th
Arms and the Man
He coined the term "sardoodledom" to describe plays with formulaic plots and no intelligent ideas, and disparaged the works of Shakespeare. Some of his minor works include Three Plays for Puritans, The Philanderer, and Candida. FTP identify thi
George Bernard Shaw
After an early play, _White Desert_, this American playwright collaborated with Laurence Stallings on works like _The Buccaneer_
and _First Flight_. His historical dramas include _Barefoot in Athens_, a play about Socrates, and _Anne of the Thousand
Maxwell Anderson
This author of the plays The Glorious First of June and Cape St. Vincent was one of the greatest orators in England during his 32 years as a Whig in Parliament, but he did not achieve great political success because of his reputation as an unreliable int
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
His father, Eugene Straussler, was a physician whose company sent him to Singapore, where he was killed during WWII. Assuming his stepfather’s surname, he went on to write his first play, A Walk on the Water, which was televised in 1963, and among his
Tom Stoppard
Scholars have called it the play from hell: its plot is preposterous, its characters flat, its moralizing stale, and its authorship disputed. For all that, however, it was a tremendous hit when it opened in 1608. It is now believed that the first nine sc
Pericles, Prince of Tyre

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