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ACDEC Music Demicards II


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Rise of the ___ ____ helped establish the symphony
public concert
Finale of Haydn's string Q 64 #5 is in what form
Mozart found the string Q difficult because of these 2 technical aspects:
texture and harmony
To whom is B's Emperor Concerto dedicated?
Archduke Johann Joseph Rudolph
B's use of counterpoint was influenced by who?
B's frequent use of octaves in early work may be influence of ?
Muzio Clementi
Beethoven's Farewell sonata may have been influenced by whose Grande Sonata?
Jan Dussek
With which court opera director of Bonn did Beethoven study?
Christian Gottlob Neefe
Who did Mozart enlist to complete the Requiem
Franz Sussmayr
What led to the revival of Italian opera in Vienna in 1783?
Salieri's La Scuola de' gelosi
What 2 operas was M working on at same time as Requiem?
La Clemenza di Tito and Die Zauberflote
define symphony in Schubert's time
multi-movement, orchestral sonata
Salieri mostly instructed Schubert in ___
Who instructed Schubert in music in his early years?
Franz Theodor Florian (father) and Ignaz (brother)
What was Handel's last oratorio?
Bach became a chamber musician and organist for the Duke of ___
Which 2 small genres were used during the Romantic period to represent the progressive style
songs and character pieces for piano
Schubert's most popular string quartet?
Quartettsatz (Quartet Movement)
Which of Schubert's symphonies is called the "Great Symphony"
Which of Schubert's was called Unfinished Symphony
In what town did JS Bach sing in the church choir?
What was JC Bach's position in St. Michael's church?
When M went back to the Archbishop Colloredo after his mom died, what position was he granted?
Court Organist
At 17, Handel was appted organist at the ____ ____
Calvinist Cathedral
As a child, what instruments did Schubert learn to play?
piano and violin
Schubert was mainly known as a composer of
Schubert was a virtuoso performer T/F
Unfinished Symphony in what key
B minor
What teaching experience did Schubert have
Taught at father's school 17-19 yrs old
During 1818 and 1824 summers, to what family was Schubert a music instructor?
Schubert was a pupil of
A style in which the melody in each verse is the same is easily symmetrical T/F
Who asserted "Reason errs, feeling does not"
Who taught Bach to play the keyboard
his brother JC Bach
Schumann is relatively strict in his placement of themes T/F
Members of the Romantic era saw the sonata as a melodic or harmonic form
Lit historians say Age of Classicism should be called age of ____
___ ____'s symphonies are considered classical, but his art songs Romantic
Franz Schubert
In Son Imbrogliato, Uberto wonders whether what he feels is love or ___
What type of composition was La Serva Padrona?
Who composed Son Imbrogliato
Who was Hiller
German music critic and composer
T/F: Haydn's chamber music was different than his symphonies
What do Pamina and Tamino do after their reunion?
prepare for initiation trials to enter Sarastro's priesthood
Why does Tamino undergo a trial of fire and water?
to become a priest
In Mozart's _____, there are many moments when the characters do not know their own ambiguous emotions
Cosi Fan Tutte
Who did B initially dedicate his Eroica symphony to
What is a ripieno concerto
concerto where orchestra plays solo passages
Which German writer said a good string quartet should sound like a conversation among 4 people of equal intelligence?
How did the ES break down the continuity of the Baroque?
turned to the style of human speech, more discrete phrases in the melody
Between what 2 years did the mature phase of the classical era occurr
1780, 1827
Recapitulation usually ends in the ___
"father of the modern string quartet"?
2 ways a Mozart piano concerto combines formal function w/technical display
orchestral and solo expos diff, in closing, technical display has a formal function
Which piano concerto has an intimate mood, like chamber music?
What did the switch from major to minor represent in B's compositions?
triumph over adversity

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