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Believed France could recieve a republic of virtue through terror.
Porifor Diaz
Harsh ruler of Mexico who made impressive economic advances while the rich prosper and the Mexicans remain poor
Adam Smith
Wrote the Wealth of the Nations; Free market without government control where more goods =less money
Otto Von Bismarck
Builder of German unity, chancellor, put loyalty to the stae above the church and opposed socialists and the Catholic church.
Wanted an Italian Republic and sided with the Sardians to give Emmanuel rule of Sicily /Naples.
Thomas Hobbes
Wrote th eScoial Contract: To give up natural rights for an organized society. Powerful Government=ideal society
Karl Marx
Wealth and power should be equally shared and communism = struggles between emplyees and workers
Louis XIV
King of Frace who made the French army strong and poured lost of money into the military
Dennis Diderot
Wrote the encyclopedia to explain the ideas of government, religion to people
Victor Emannuelle II
King of Italy that led with Constitutional monarchy and 2 house legislature.
Miguel Hidalo
Father who dad famous speech in Delores that called Mexicans to fight for independence.
Jean Jacques Roussau
Believed that people in natural state were basically good and put faith in gerneral will
Simon Bolivar
Lead army into Venezueal attack on Spanish at Bogada
Czar Alexander II
Emancipation on Russia to set up Zemstovs
John Locke
Believed in natural rights of Life, Liberty, and Property. Wrote 2 Treasties and opposed absolute monarch.

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