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world history unit 9


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bayeaux tapistry
record the history of the norman conquest
people outside the clergy who organize a religious order that carried out the policies of the pope
a church court that searches for suspected heretics and put them on trial
oldest literary work in a vernacular language work based on Danish legend, 1st written in 700's in Anglo-Saxon, tells story of he hero beowulf who chased and killed the monster Grendal before becoming King of his people
holy roman empire
in 962 otto I was crowned emperor of the romans by the pope; the land ruled by the ruler was called the holy roman empire. this was land once controlled my Charlemagne until his death.
a 500 year struggle to regain Spain from the muslims
____ law, expanded to have cases tried by royal courts not church courts & decisions were written down and applied to all england.
course of study - grammar (latain language & literature), rhetoric (composition & speech), arithmetic, geometry, logic (art of reasoning), astronomy & music
the division in German lands after the breakup of Charlemagne's Empire; they were lands ruled by dukes.
william normady in france defeated the Saxon king on this day in THE BATTLE OF HASTES and william became the king of ENGLAND
Roger Bacon 1214-1294
a great medieval scientist; english monk and philosopher, said thinkers were neglecting science; he predicted boats without oars, airplanes
to expel someone from the church
monks who did not live in monestaries but wondered among the people preaching, begging, and doing good works
____ jury, settled disputes.
power of pope to remove emperor from the throne
search for magic formulas that would turn lead into gold; alchemy eventually grew into modern chemistry
william of normady divided the land and took 1\6 for himself anf the rest he gave to FEUDAL LORDS called____
King Arthur of Camelot
knights of the round table - legend from "The Song of Roland" depicting legendary King Arthur, his court at Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table in which Arthur and his knights were shining examples of the medieval ideals of courage, faith & chivalry
epic poetry
old legends about heroic deeds or knights and warriors that have been told or sung were now written down in the vernacular
monarchy in which limits are set on a ruler's power-as in englend.
Thomas Acquines
13th century - a scolastic; member of dominican order of monks, said both reason and christian teachings came from God
domesday book
the first census and a record of property of english ppl for the purpose of taxation.
college of cardnals
in an effort to end political involvment in appointments of popes, a church council in the mid eleventh century made up of a group of leading clergymen responsible for selecting a pope
Henry II
richard I inherited the throne from his father ____ and spent lots of $$ on foreign journey's such as th crusades.
poet-musicians at the castles and courts in Europe; wrote short verses and songs about the pleasures of life and love; use the venacular
English legislature
absolute monarcy
government where monarchy/ruler has complete power-as in France.
no food produced in farming areas; caused by drought, over used soil; cold weather
Richard I
he was also called richard the Lionhearted
england was unified soon after the _____ conquest
gothic architecture
architecture with higher and more graceful buildings; high arch ceilings and tall windows, flying buttresses
divine comedy
dante's masterpiece describing a journey into hell pergatory and finally paradise; written in the vernacular italian
Henry I
william of normady's son, ruled 1100-1135, made a commonlegal system for all England with royal judges trying court cases rather than Church courts
____ jury, determined if enough evidence existed to charge someone with a crime.
Dante 1265-1321
greatest poet of the middle ages, from Florence, Italy; wrote love poems in the tradition of the troubadors
a viking, invaded England in early 800's, inroduceing the Anglo-Saxon Language.
Geoffrey Chaucher
english poet who wrote "The Canterbury Tales" in late 1300's; a long story in verse and a masterpiece of english literature telling of a group of pilgrims on their way to the cathedral at Canterbury and written in the vernacular
attempt to predict events on earth by looking at the movement of stars & planets
morality play
characters represented human virtues and vices such as good deeds or greed and acted out conflicts between good and evil, often in a comic way
romanesque architecture
architecture with rounded arch
holding beliefs that the church considers wrong
tower of london
built as a fortress by william the conqueror near the Thames River; today it houses collections of armor and the crown jewels of great britian; built in 1078
____ system, took shape under Henry II
medieval philosophers
domesday, scensis
william of normady collected taxes based on the ____ which was the record of the 1st english ____

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