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Music 12

Definitions and examples for Music 12


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A cappella
vocal music, especially choral, performed without instrumental accompaniment- Cantata no. 140 is NOT a cappella
Solo Concerto
a work written for one soloist with orchestra- Violin Concerto in D Major
Opera buffa
18th-C Italian opera based on comical plots
Recitative and Aria
Recitative is a part that sounds like speech and that allows the plot to move on, while in an Aria, time stands still and allows for emotion to be expressed- The Magic Flute or La Traviatta
Program Music
music that tells a story or evokes emotion. Types include Program symphony, Incidental music, concert overture, and symphonic poem- Afro-American Symphony
Lutheran Cantata
in bar form (AAB)- Cantata 140
Concerto Grosso
the combination of a concertino (2 violins and 1 cello) and the ripieno which consisted of 4 small sections included 2 violins, 1 viola, and basso continuo, usually a cello- Brandenburg Concerto
literally, "little concerto", containing two violins and a cello- Brandenburg Concerto
Neo-Classicism [in the 20th C]
reaction against Romanticism, rejected all that Romanticism stood for, looked back to Classical period- Symphony of Psalms
Opera seria
18th-C Italian opera based on "serious" or tragic plots
Blue Notes
the lowered third and seventh scale degrees in an otherwise diatonic major scale, and are inflections of the diatonic notes- Afro-American Symphony
a trend in music in which the folk songs, dances, and lore of a particular country provide the basis for works of art music that express national feeling or personality- Afro-American Symphony
the authorized texts for services within a particular religion- Symphony of Psalms
Lutheran Chorale
chorales written with texts from Psalms and Latin liturgical passages, meant to be performed individually, one for every Sunday and celebration in the Lutheran church calendar- Cantata no. 140
German comic opera- Magic Flute
works modeled on opera which told Biblical stories- Messiah
In an italian opera or chamber cantata of the 17th-18th C, an instrumental passage at the end of an aria or following each verse of a strophic aria- Violin Concerto in D Major does NOT have ritornello
a secret organization during the Enlightenment period with humanistic motives such as personal freedom and equality- Mozart was a freemason
Literally, "all" in Italian. Usual meanings are full orch or full string section- Violin Concerto in D Major
the larger group in the concerto grosso meant as filling, consisting of two violins, viola, and basso continuo.- Brandenburg Concerto
Bar form
consists of two sections call Stollen and Abgesang, respectively, and is represented as AAB- Cantata no. 140
(1) A movement in the visual arts in France during the second half of the 19th C. Impressionism emphasized suggestion rather than depiction and the play of light on a subject rather than its depiction. (2) In music, a set of style characteristics perceived as analogous to (1). Impressionistic harmony tends to be nontraditional and orchestration is transparent.- Prelude to "The Afternoon of a Faun

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